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Does it all well


Nov 17, 2004 by cooper

I've had more fun with this than any gadget I've bought in a while. Syncs well with Outlook for PIM information, web surfing is great, photo resolution is well matched to the display which looks great. I heard some complaints about email but I use it with Yahoo email account which you can access easily through wap browser. Just bought headphones to try it out as mp3 player. Also video clips are nice, obviously it's not a camcorder but they are more than a novelty. Phone works fine, stronger signal than the last few I've had. Only drawback is battery life, with heavy use, you can drain it within a day or 2. With the web surfing, email, photos, portability and calendar/contact info this thing really fulfills the promise that PDAs have never been quite able to meet for me. And it even makes phone calls.



Oct 30, 2004 by NAWRAS

This phone has to be the best phone ever made by any company. It has everything a person can want.
List of som of the things!!!!!!
-Camera up to 1000 PICTURES!
-Video recorder up to 10 MINUTES of recording with audio!!!!
-Mp3 player!
-Infrared Modem to generate a laptop!
-Converter for math problems
-Voice recording
-Personalize your menu
-Note book
-Voice command
-Photo print program (can print any picture on your phone to any local printer that has Infrared.)


This phone is a little expensive but you definatly get what you pay for.
From a 1-5 i would giv it a 10 but they wouldnt let me get that high

best phone ever


Jan 11, 2005 by jenniferpelucca

I work with wireless phones, and I have never had or seen a better phone than this one.

Great Features, Poor Software Quality


Apr 15, 2005 by smittysez

I have used the Nokia 6620 for 10 months.

I have also been extremely disappointed by the AT&T/Cingular support and merger. While I love GSM, I loath Cingular.

Very good design, as expected form Nokia.

- The joystick .. Love it!!

- Nice big screen. Great for messages, email and complex phonebook entries.

- Great Phonebook!! Allow all data types I never needed: phones, addresses, email, notes, birthday, whatever. Lets you edit labels. Lts you indicate defaults for phone, SMS, email, etc.

- Great Ring versatility: whatever you can imagine, WAV, MP3; by number, by group, by profile, whatever.

- Copy/paste with the joystick & email allows for easy data management without a keyboard.

- Camera was VERY EASY to use on this phone.

- I fell in love with Bluetooth with my 6620. I will not by another phone without Bluetooth

While the deign was good, the software was poor..

- Voice command is VERY buggy. I need a 1.5 second delay in front of every command, both recording and recalling voice commands. Also, the voice recognition was EXTREMELY poor, the worst I have experience from Nokia. Only worked 1/5 of the time.

- User interface had random lags.

- If the signal dropped while establishing a call, the phone would lock up and require a cold start.

- Phone locks up, for many reasons. Sometimes in the middle of a call, leaving your caller connected to the network waiting for you. Battery had to be removed and phone cold started, sometimes multiple timers per day.

- Battery life was poor. Battery efficiency got worse as time went on. After 10 months, the phone could not make it though the day without being charged, even with a NEW Nokia battery.

- Every other Nokia I ever used had a stopwatch application. This is noticeably missing in the 6620.

- Hard to find good application software.

- The stock ear bud is pathetic. If you get a 6620, get a Bluetooth earpiece.

- Hard to find a good case

Great Phone with one Exception


May 10, 2005 by ronclevenger

I would echo the general comments of those who have reviewed this phone before me. It has terrific reception and features with one exception - voice dialing.

First problem - only one voice tag per name. Thus, you have to decide whether to affix a voice tag to Bob's home, office or mobile phone. If you choose Bob's home for the voice tag, you're out of luck if you want to voice dial his work or cell.

Second problem - actually the first problem is rather irrelevant since voice dialing works poorly if at all. After carefully recording various voice tags, I'm able to successfully voice dial about 5% of the time. I've given up on using this feature.

Three and counting


Aug 12, 2004 by lost

I had high hopes for this phone. The features, design, and performance of this phone are promising on paper, but the real world is quite different.

I am on my third unit now...it has only been out with AT&T for about a week. The first had a bent plug and dented front cover, the second would not hold a charge for longer than a day, and the third is now deciding on its own when to turn it self off or lock up. This one is going back too...I am trying to decide whether I get a V600 or T637 instead.

I really wish this phone had worked because I really do like the features and design.


Nice screen
Sync with Lotus Notes
Usable calendar and to-do list
Phone book is easy to use


Short battery life
Larger size

Not At All Impresive


Oct 22, 2004 by spyware4259

Ive had this phone for about 3months now and.............

Phone has a great picture taking abilities the camcorder option is sufficiant also.

The Rf on this phone is a disaster I live in Nyc and Im always losing the signal maybe its the ATT carrier that I have but whoever said this phones rf is good could not have been more wrong.

Poor software... worst Contacts app since the Moto V600!


Aug 24, 2004 by lionsfan

Stay away from this phone if you have a lot of Contacts to load. The Contact application is about the worst I've every had on any cell phone I've owned or used (it's about as bad as the Moto V600).

Here's what's wrong. First, I've tried 3 methods to load contacts: 1.) on Mac OS X, browsing the device and dropping VCards from the Address Book onto the phone, 2.) creating contacts through the Edit Contact app in the Nokia PC Suite, 3.) using the PC Suite to sync with Outlook Express. In all cases, various contact details did not transfer. In case one, there's no excuse since it's a standard VCard 2.1 format being used and it works well on the Nokia 6820.

Second, only one voice tag per contact. This won't work if you have multiple phone numbers for each person. If you want a separate voice tag for Joe's home, work, and mobile numbers, you need 3 separate contact entries!!!

Third, the Nokia Phone Editor v4.6 that comes with the phone doesn't support the phone! Nokia tech supp verified this is not a problem with my phone.

My phone doesn't appear to be able to copy numbers to the SIM unless I create them by hand on the phone. It works fine in the Nokia 6820 and SE Z600... so it's not the SIM... probably a problem with my phone.

On top of that, this phone (as well as all Nokia bluetooth phones) only allow one bluetooth connection at a time!!! This is a pain if you use a bluetooth headset but want to send/receive messages via bluetooth, or if you want to connect to a laptop/handheld/desktop. To get it to work, you have to disconnect the headset each time.

Finally, the 6620 and 6820 spontaneously drop bluetooth connections with my Jabra BT250 headset. No problem with the Z600. I'd keep my Z600, but the reception is very poor compared to the Nokias.

In all, I don't recommend this phone despite the fact it is pack full of features. Those features are meaningless if the basic functionality sucks.

Loves The Phone... Few Bugs


Feb 12, 2005 by BlackLogic6620

I've been using Nokia's Since Day one and I tried to use motorolla once and Hated it (v180). This model nokia is simply great but has some minor Flaws....


-Large Clear screen

-Symbian Series 60

-Bluetooth (watch for Viruses)

-one of the BEST vga Camera's even though Nokia's pretty new to the camera game

-Nice Battery Life

-Speaker Phone and Mp3 Ringtones


-Hard or impossible to send Emails

-Hard to find software

-No Flash for Camera

-Customizable but not totally with locked carrier version

If possible get the Unlocked version



Feb 18, 2005 by reese187

i dont like this phone o think that the phone is able to do too much

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