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This phone has it all...


Mar 18, 2005 by CelluNerd

This is one amazing phone. If you need a phone with lots of features, this is your phone. I bought this phone used without contract for $245. I think that is a GREAT deal after realizing all the things this phone can do. Here's a summary:


Huge, bright, crisp display

Fits nicely into larger hands

Easy button navigation

bluetooth and infrared work like a charm and it supports multiple profiles ie handset, file transfer etc...

it has a nice quality camera (not has nice as the 7610's megapixel camera, but still shoots very nice quality)

good video quality

decent amount of memory (plus upgradable to 1 gig)

easy profile switching

themes themes and more themes

data capable (also can get a data cable to connect to and from your computer to transfer files etc.)

i love the fact that nokia offers you the pc nokia suite for free, using this and the data cable makes uploading games, apps and themes to your phone a snap, plus there are so many websites that offer themes, ringtones and games for free!

web browser can view full webpages with the pre-installed opera browswer

has a nice gallery feature to view, store, and manage pictures, sounds and videos

nice ringtones pre-installed

loud speakerphone

lound ringers too

also, there are literally tons of games and applications available for this phone. i find myself downloading new games and applications every day. I have over 50 games store onto my memory card (i bought a 64mb card off of ebay)


I'll have to admit the menus were difficult to navigate through at first, but once you become familiar, they're quite nice (this really shouldnt be a con, but i put in this category for simple people)

buttons are kinda small for larger hands

dust can collect under the screen (but outer casing can be removed with care)

caller id pictures are kinda small when being displayed while someone is calling (but this can be easily fixed with a software called, Full screen caller

A Great Phone


Oct 6, 2004 by Caiman1900

This phone is cool. I have had it for a couple days now and it get much better reception than my Moto V600 and any other phone I have had with ATT. I was able to easily set up my email from mac.com and the Internet is very fast because of EDGE. I used Real player to watch TV and am going to play with the other cool looking programs for this phone. The call volume is great, full volume is to loud unlike some other phones that you cant hear.

The only downside it that it is a little bit slippery, but I can get used to it.

6620, where have you been all my life?


Sep 18, 2004 by chick_who_knows_stuff

I have been waiting for this phone since Feb! Its everything I wanted in a phone. One of the great features is that I can go to an event take photos and go to a nearby drug store to print 'em up via blue tooth!

Whats not to love?
You do have to fully check out the phone before you leave the store to make sure all the features of the phone work. Nokia makes a great product but sometimes the first run phones don't have all the qwirks worked out. My phone will freeze up if I have a particular game running grrr, and I have to remove the battery to restart it.

I truly enjoy the still and video camera features and the mp3 feature as well. I was able to pick up the nokia stereo headset on clearance at an AT&T wireless store.

The best part of the 6620 is the Nokia standard of personalization, MY phone, MY way!

I Love it, Love it, Love it!

Best phone I've ever used - Check it before leaving the store though


Aug 19, 2004 by nbostic

After dealing with the village idiots that work at my local AT&T stores and being lied to repeatedly, I finally got this phone that I've been waiting patiently for. I love the OS, the sound quality is great, it has just about every feature I can want and Nokia used semi-normal buttons on it too.

Round 1
The first phone I got, any time I would turn on the infrared, it would restart, rendering the IR useless, so I exchanged it.

Round 2
The second one the IR worked fine on, but it felt far cheaper than the first. The faceplate, battery door and lens surround felt loose. Plus, somehow all of the trial versions of the software on the MMC card were expired without me having tried a one. Buttons and joystick weren't clicking and feeling solid, so I exchanged it.

Round 3
IR works, everything feels solid, trial versions worked, all is well in the world. I'm enjoying watching my Olympic highlights on the phone, being able to check several email accounts and get attachments, which are easy to open, view and edit in the iGo software. Syncing via bluetooth or included USB cable is handy and easy.

(Finally) Solid design
Many connectivity options
High Speed Data
Expandability (software & storage)
Best integration of PDA, phone and camera I've ever seen

Had to try a few times to get it right
Hard to find cases locally for it (check ebay, tons of accessories)

Try out the phone thoroughly before leaving the store with it. 2/3 have been very solid with nothing loose and everything working properly. Check the MMC apps if you plan on trying them out.

This one will last me for some time to come. Thanks Nokia!

This phone is awesome!


Aug 13, 2004 by microchip13

Got this phone about 3 days ago and have fell in love with it, the screen is amazing. Size wise it's not too big not to small but perfect. Sound quality is great, and I get great reception in Colorado, even with one bar I can hear the other person clearly. The ablility to record video rocks and the pictures it takes aren't that bad. Get it, you'll be impressed.

Great sound quality
mp3 ringtones
expandable memory
great RF

Speaker phone is weak
It could be a little slimmer.
doesn't work with iSync.

Nokia 6620 - not bad, not bad at all.


Aug 12, 2004 by allsiteinc

I've been waiting for the 6620 for a while now; almost bought an unlocked 6600 off of ebay, but the att rep kept telling me the phone was coming, so I waited. I would say it's just about worth the wait.

Phone was a little larger than I expected, and the keys are slightly difficult to use if you have big hands like I do. Display is awesome, and the joystick navigation has finally been done correctly (you can use it almost exclusively to navigate around the phone.) Typically good Nokia construction. Phone feels solid.

Comes with a 32 mb memory card
MP3 player works well
Sync software that actually works right

MP3 or streaming video will absolutely KILL your battery life. I used to recharge every 2-3 days. Every day now.

No headset for MP3. You get an earbud, but you'll have to buy the stereo headset from nokia to enjoy music

Buttons a little cumbersome if you have large hands.

Best in the country


Jan 1, 2005 by sisco

I currently work for a wireless carrier and the nokia is hands down the best phone we carry. I've had many phones like the sanyo vm4500, motorola V-551 and V-600 and this phones has them all beat. with real tones a 10 minute camcorder a decent camera great screen size and a 32 mb memory card what more do you need???

Pros: bluetooth
mp3 player
video recorder
shows full web pages
joy stick
32 mb memory

cons: occasonaly the screen freezes up other than that its all good!!!

I love it: I love it: I love it:


Sep 7, 2004 by splash

I have been waiting for the Motorola MPX220, with windows. Forget about it. This is the best phone ever. I can now sell my Sanyo 4500, and my PDA. I was worried that when I synced Microsft Outlook, with this phone that it would not get all the numbers. It does, all of the details and notes. It gets all of my to-do lists, and outlook notes, etc. I was unable to sync using the software that came with the phone "phone suite", I had to go to Nokia.com, and download latest version, that works fine.

PROS: Super fast internet, for a phone. Large readable screen, expandable memory, easy to operate, sturdy, great PDA funtions combined with phone options. To many to name.

CONS: Speakerphone weak, needs to be louder. Picture ID, is funny, you need a magnifying glass to see picture. The sync plug, does not go in phone easily, feels like you are forcing in the wrong plug, be careful. A little bulky, but smaller than all PDA phones.

Great Phone!


Feb 8, 2005 by bigzee21

This is an awesome phone! I do everything with this phone - from watching T.V. to listening to MP3's, to recording up to 10 minutes of video, to chatting on the Internet. This phone can do it all! The camera resolution on it is great when used for snapshots and emails. The only thing about it is that it's kind of big. For anyone who is looking for a phone that can do-it-all, and has good reception, this phone is the one to go with. I love my phone!



Sep 6, 2004 by GOODRIDDNZ

PROS: Everything! except 2 things


1- VERY slippery phone - no grip at all-I bought an aftermarket rubberized cover plate and no problem now.

2- The keypad is somewhat recessed and alittle difficult for big hands.

Other than above this phone KICKS ASS!!!

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