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Great Phone


Apr 6, 2005 by hensonh

This is the best phone that cingular has out right now. Its packed with features, a great camera, and is very user friendly; (if you have experience with a PC).

Great Design
Large Display
User Friendly Features
Great Pictures
A lot of Memory (over 500 hi res. pics.)
10 Min. of video
Great software:
Games with great graphics
Microsoft Office Mobile
Cool image editing software
Great battery life for a PDA
(be sure to let the battery go completely dead, and then recharge at least 3 times for optimal battery life)
The signal strength is amazing! (I live in Arkansas, and this phone has never had under 4 bars anywhere. All the other phones that I've had have never had as many bars in some places that this phone has had.)

Small keypad
(but you get used to it after a while)
IMPORTANT: if you send more than 20 and receive more than 20 SMS's a day, be sure and delete them, and set the call log to delete all log information after one day, or the phone will start to lock up when receiving a call or making one. That also makes the phone process more quickly.

All in all this is a great phone, i went through three different phones, the Motorola V551, LG 1400, and the LG 1200, until i got to this one, and by far this is the best phone cingular has to offer.

Great Phone...few bugs to be worked out.


Dec 13, 2004 by HighLife

I picked up this phone to replace my 3620. Right away, themes made me happy I spent the money. I cant even begin to tell you how much I love this phone. Compared to a 3620, its like 4 of they put together. I have about 30 different apps so far. I also use the Nokia stereo headset, BT headset and the sound is great.


Overall size is nice
Best screen I have seen on a phone
Buttons have a nice solid feel to it
Stereo MP3 playback
Uses BT, IR, or DKU-2 cable, not just stuck with BT/IR.
RF is awesome, calls sound good even when I have a low signal (1-2 bars).
Ringer is nice and loud (start up tone, OMG can wake up your whole family)
Themes....OMG THEMES!

Bottem buttons are small , *, # buttons.
Battery life is so-so. I use it a fair amount and Im charging every 48 hours. Sometimes everynight.
Bugs with sound. Will be doing something and just lose all keystroke sounds. Its kinda annoying really. I like being able to hear the buttons being pushed, in case im hitting a button when its on my side.
WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH (aka WSOD) This is Nokia's version of the Blue screen of death (BSOD). Its the nice screen you get thats all white on top and the little pretty blue NOKIA on the bottem. That happened to me a few times while trying to use IR Remote. It would WSOD as soon as i would activate the buttons. I replaced it with a new one and 2nd unit did the samething.
No Nokia OEM changable faceplate..come on nokia....wtf you should make em for EVERY phone.
No outlook sync is awful...would put away the PDA if it did that.
Phone is kinda pricey, 200$ after 50$ mail in rebate..more then a 6230 which is probaly the best selling phone from ATT/Cingular now.

Excellent phone.


Oct 2, 2004 by ExactlyMyPoint

For whatever phone you decide to buy, you must determine what features are important to you. To me, they are reception, PDA features and sound quality, in that order.

First of all, the reception is outstanding. In my home with my Siemens S46 I would get 1 bar at best. Essentially useless. With the Nokia, I have no problem. Every time I talk with someone, I ask them about sound quality. People think I am on a land line.

The PDA is very good. Finding a name is quick and simple. Downloading from Outlook is fast and easy. You can connect to your computer just about anyway you choose; Bluetooth (who thought that name up anyways?), infrared or a USB cable.

Sound quality is also very good. The speaker phone is more than adequate unless you are in a noisy environment.

Now for the dark side. Not the phone, but the software. The software does seem to have some bugs. A bug in the calendar/To Do list section downloads all of your tasks regardless of whether they were already checked off or beyond the date limits set. I ended up downloading over 5000 tasks. I now have my download set to only transfer the contacts and calendar items. I can live with that.

The camera. I put the camera in the dark side because I use it a lot to take pictures of everyone. I can’t tell you how many pictures I have of people’s hand in front of their faces. There is a delay between when you click the button and when the picture is captured. On the good side, after you take your pictures, you can very easily upload the pictures via any of the above mentioned connection types. Nice

In summary


Great reception
Very good PDA
Very good sound quality
Excellent display
Large assortment of features and customizations
Expandable memory
Very easy to use/Intuitive GUI
Excellent connectivity


PDA does not allow mapping to Outlook
Bugs in To Do list downloads
Camera delay
Buttons a bit small
A bit on the large size

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aug 17, 2004 by mwo2616

Just got this phone today, and it rocks! I had a Motorola V600, and my 6620 blows that phone off the map! Bluetooth, lots of memory, excellent video capture and playback, what more could you ask from a phone. Hey Motorola, you could learn a few things from Nokia!

An Awesome Buy...


Nov 18, 2004 by thenewcingular_chris

The Nokia 6620...most think it is oddly shaped and overall weird. I honestly felt that way before I bought one, but now I absolutely LOVE it!!!

This phone has every feature imaginable: you can record video clips up to ten minutes, take VGA resolution pictures (other phones have this feature, but the 6620's pictures are much more vibrant and clear, more like a true 640x480 digital camera). You can play full MP3s, download and watch videos, watch TV using mMode - yes; real streaming television, such as MSNBC, ABCNews, Fox Sports, etc. over the EDGE network. MP3 Ringtones? Not a problem. Also, you can send all your files wirelessly through MMS, Email, Bluetooth or Infrared. On top of all this, it includes smart software so you can view files attached in emails supporting Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. And even still - the phone has 12MB of embedded flash memory, and it comes with a 32MB MMC card! The fun never ends! Between the two, you can shoot over 900 images in the highest resolution, or record well over 20 minutes of video; and if you decide you need more, you can purchase Nokia MMC cards up to 128MB, or aftermarket MMC cards for even more memory, up to 1GB!

Everything listed above, plus:
Reception: I am a former V600 owner, and there is definitely a significant difference. This is MUCH better.

For all the features packed inside, it isn't too heavy at all.

Battery life, but I shouldn't expect it to be too great when shooting videos and watching streaming TV over the internet every 5 minutes. Typical life with strictly phone usage is between 3-5 hours of talk time.

Strange shape, but it doesn't take long at all to get used to.

Overall, Nokia of all manufacturers is raising the bar on equipment.

I hear people often complain of Nokia's lack of ability to make a good smart phone. I agree the 3600/3650/3620 looked like a foot and was a sorry excuse for a smart phone, but this phone cuts the cake.

Excellent Product


Oct 13, 2004 by rdaly830

I have had various mobile phones and devices in the past (including the MPx200) and I feel that this phone is the best all around product I have ever owned. I especially love the infrared sycnronization with my laptop.


-High Speed Data transfer via EDGE.
-Great screen size and clarity.
-Seamless syncronization with Outlook
-Excellent overall presentation by Nokia.
-The extra software included can prove very useful.


-No email syncronization with Outlook
-Not as much software available for Symbian OS as there is for Windows Mobile.

Other that these two issues I would highly recommend this phone to anyone who does not want to carry both a PDA and a wireless phone.

This is a Must have Phone


Sep 21, 2004 by tran

I used to work for a cellular service provider and it is the first phone I have felt compelled to write a review in its favor. This phone is packed with so much that it could be intimidating at first. But, many things will become intuitive after a little time. The software package is a must have for any professional. Throw away the PDA, it will just become a useless item collecting dust or weighing you down. After trying the software such as Quickword, Quicksheet, and Quickpoint; I fell in love. With built in Bluetooth you can beam that Word document to the phone and if you need to have a hard copy when you get to where you are going you can use Bluetooth, Ira, or even the USB Sync cord that comes with it (Unlike the 6600 provided by T-mobile). The trial option for the software allows you to decide where you want to spend the money and believe me you'll probably end up buying it all. But, it allows the budget minded to get into a heck of a good product. Right now, it does not sync with Apple but you can still send files via Bluetooth. I talked to a Nokia Software guy and he said the reason for the problem is that Isync does not recognize the header. Isync will work with the 6600.

-Series 60 platform with open source Symbian or Java. So, you will be able to get the latest software like making improvements to the camera.
-Good reception even at One Bar.
-Good battery life used as a phone.
-Will be useful for years to come because of features.
-Size is relatively compact with all the features. Will fit in front pocket of baggy jeans.
-Screen large enough to be functional when using the software.
-Able to use video as long as you have enough memory (ten minutes with the 32mega card provided)
-Able to increase memory with MMC card.

-Volume controls not easily available. You have wait until receiving a call to raise or lower volume not discussed in the manual.
-Battery life will greatly be shorten if you use the application software.

nokia 6620....everything you want!


May 7, 2005 by hodgie

the only reason it dosen't get a five is because most of the apps are all "trial" only, you know, same how microsoft does with a pc. anyway, expandable memory on a phone is awesome, i took out the 32mb card that came with the phone and replaced it with a topram 1gb card, about 80 bucks off ebay, but it was waaay worth it. i have the realplayer maxed out at 99 songs, downloaded for free from livewire and synched to the mmc. i also have movies etc, downloaded off the internet and converted to 3gp format to play on the phone with the easy drag n drop software from nokia http://us.f604.mail.yahoo.com/ym/login?.rand=bokvn9f2odk26 takes a second to download and you can convert ANYTHING to 3gp and toss it on the mmc. pretty bad ass. i still haven't found a converter to change mp3 to sp-midi, which is the nokia ringtone format, but its only a matter of time. forget paying for ringtones when i find that software! i have the mobitv too, its pretty decent, not great, but a definite conversation piece. this phone is basically a portable dvd/tv/mp3/video/camera/phone all in one. it does none of them as good as a stand alone unit would, but cmon, its all of the above in a unit that fits in your pocket! i have the wireless adapter from belkin that lets me tune my radio in the car to 88.7 fm and play the mp3's on my phone thru the car stereo, like the xm satellite adapter. its a sweet phone, and im happy i bought it. it does so much i still haven't even used all the features yet, and ive had it 2 weeks.

Great Phone - Should Cost Less


Jun 29, 2005 by bradspace

This is a really great phone. For those of you who use Nokias, you know the positives in the form of signal strength, volume, user menus and speaker phones. This is consistant with this phone as well. The Bluetooth works seamlessly, although it takes a few steps to sync with your PC using the free Nokia provided software. The size is definitely something to consider, especially if you like to drop your phone into your pocket and go. I use a Krussel case with belt clip, and that works for me. Battery like is surprisingly good for a phone with these features, so long as you're mindful of your Bluetooth. I can usually go 2-3 days with limited BT usage, 1-2 with more. MP3 ringtones are nice but not important to me. For a VGA camera, it takes exceptionally nice photos. In most cases outperforming my SE s710a. The PDA functionality is adequate so long as you aren't using it as your primary PDA device. Overall, I give it a 4.5 - with a better screen, it would be a solid 5.


Size (for some people)
Screen not as crisp as it could be
Some functions missing that I would like to see.

I would think that the price should have come down some by now, but Cingular is still selling it at $249.99 w/2yr. contract. You can find them on Ebay for less. You won't be sorry with this purchase, and if you haven't used a Nokia in a while, give this one a try.

Great Phone


Dec 2, 2004 by sk8er_tor

A great phone! The operating system is stable and the features are abundant. I love this phone.

Nice looking phone
MMC memory
MP3 Player
Good picture quality on cam
Clear and huge LCD screen
Joystick works great
Fun to use
Great impression on others
LOADED with features

Speaker phone not loud enough in car (on highway going 100 km/h)
Can't find a nice looking case for it

Highly recommended.

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