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the best thing of samsung


Nov 29, 2006 by anelroa

finally I arrive I telephone that it hoped of samsung, small, good design, camara and video, good resolution of screen. despues to have samsung e620 that was so heavy and great, tube alibio when obtaining this other very few telefonos with these characteristics in sprint.

lo unico that is not of my affability is that the videos last 15 seconds. camara is very good, the nonpueo video to say the same thing lacks speaker phone but it is not important to be so small.

camara and video, screen 65k, good life of bateria, good force of the signal

against: the material of I telephone is very simple.

Great phone until it's a year old!!


Sep 19, 2006 by riverbrat21

I had this phone a year ago, for a year. I just though I'd come on here to read the reviews to see if anyone else had the same problems...and guess what, they did. I loved this phone when it was new. I love the size, the mirror in the front was actually my most favorite part of the phone cuz it was cute. This phone holds a lot of pictures...way way more than my newer samsung A880...anyway 2 weeks shy of being 1 years old the sound went out on it!! I was sitting there watching one of my videos and could hear it crackle then no sound at all!! I couldn't believe it! So my ringer stopped working...you could still make and receive calls and hear and talk just fine but no ringer(it does vibrate) or sound for the videos!! I was soo mad, called sprint and fought with them for hours and days! They said I could take the phone to a nearby service center ( which is 3 hours away from where I live) and they would try to fix it as long as there was no noticeable damage to the phone...because then it would be considered my fault for the phones problem! Needless to say I have a few typical scratches on the back of the phone and figured they would try to say I dropped it and broke the sound somehow so I didn't even bother driving that far to take it in...anyway I think they ended up giving me a little bit more of a discount on a new phone. There obviously is some type of a bug in the phone that comes about after a year. So enjoy the phone while you have the ringer and sound because it'll be gone before you know it!!

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Love in a phone


Jan 6, 2006 by sharonissuperpoo

I love this phone. I had an a500 but upgraded to an LG125. since then I've been through 3 phones until i found this a680.The design of the phone is amazing. The external caller id is great (I love the mirror feature.
good camera
It has a camcorder
really easy UI
picture caller id
good ringtone selection
the internet
has 2 way SMS texting

non that I can think of, better battery life I guess, but when your on the internet all day on your phone, it does drain the battery!!! :)


Reliable phone


Jan 1, 2006 by kelcgoss

I have owned the A680 for over a year now and only have minor complaints. This phone is very attractive and compact in size. The camera works well and I also like the camcorder feature, which I have not yet found a use for but enjoy it just the same. For all of the features this phone boasts, the battery life is pretty good. I charge my phone twice a week with normal usage. I especially like how easy it is to navigate and the one touch speed dial option. I find the reception to be pretty good since Samsung is known more for pretty phones instead of functional ones. I had the opportunity to upgrade to the Sanyo MM8300 and after a few days of using it went right back to my old phone. I don't know if it was because I became used to my old phone features or simply didn't like the bulk of the Sanyo--maybe both. Like I mentioned earlier, there are few problems I have with the phone. I would prefer if it included a speakerphone. Overall, I find this to be a wonderful phone and I absolutely love it!

Its been a solid phone


Aug 21, 2005 by airbats801

I've had this phone for almost a year now. I love the way it looks, and its small size. The features at the time were pretty nice also. Double color screens, and being able to have a background on the outside screen was nice, as was having a movie for a screensaver.

This phone is a pcket phone, and it sits nicely in my pockets, and that was ht emost important thing. The phone held up excellent for most of ths year, until this last month where my ringer slowly stopped working. and eventually only the vibrator would work. I figure this has something to do witht he phone getting to hot and the slder for the ringer speaker melting. Sprint is replacing my phone as we speak. I opted to just get another 1680 instead of the sanyo 8300 they wanted to give me. Reason being the size, and other than the ringer, I had no complaints about the phone.

The call quality has been good. This is my first cell phone, but I am always driving or on the move somewhere, and have had very few dropped calls.

The phone has never automatically turned off while in use, but does get a bit hot if you talk for extended periods of time.

The only other quirk about the phone would be the voice dial, which I love. Sometimes it will not dial the number, but bring up the phone book details of that number.

I have a psychic bond with this phone...


Nov 28, 2004 by lament

This phone is fantastic! The reception is simply phenomenal! I live in a trailer in a rural area, and previously had to go outside to use ANY cell phone. But with this little beauty, I can lay in bed and talk, NO problem! Also, by using the Focus uploader at sprintusers.com, I can upload any midi to be used as a ring tone, and correctly sized pictures can be uploaded as wallpapers, picture id's, etc! (Before you upload a midi to your phone, use some kind of software to chop the midi down to under a minute, or it will take up too much space.) HIGHLY customizable, great alarm clock, and the menus are so intuitive to learn that it is almost SPOOKY! Camera has a flash and a zoom, and if I email the pictures to myself they don't look half bad even on my computer. (Keeping in mind it is a camera PHONE, though, so don't expect too much.)

Pros are numerous, so I'll just list cons, because there are so few.

1.This is the only real issue I have with this phone! The whole vibrate/ring thing needs to be worked out. I would like to be able to have my phone vibrate at any ringer volume, not just loudest or silent. Also, there should be a vibrate option for txt msgs, picture mail, voicemail etc (currently only vibrates for messages in silent mode.)

2.Battery life leaves a little to be desired. My expectations for this aren't too high, because I know that any phone with this many features is going to eat up battery. If I use it for limited calling, a few text messages, NO frills, it will last about a day and a half.

3.TINY nitpick: when you upload a picture to the phone it can be used as a screen saver, caller id, whatever (which is GREAT!) BUT.... if you use an uploaded picture as a caller id, it will not show on the external lcd. Same goes for video clips taken with the phone. You can set them as a caller id, but when that person calls the external lcd will just show this generic animation. You have to open it to see the video/pic.

Good Phone


Oct 24, 2004 by mrsnuts

Ive had this phone for about two months. The only other phone Ive had is a Virgin Mobile AudioVox, and quite obviously this phone is a large improvement. Most of my feedback is positive.

-Pictures come out very clear
-Calls are very clear, finds and keeps signal and connection, havent had a call dropped yet
-Camcorder is a very fun feature, doesnt take the highest quality video ever, but its fun to use
-Durable. Ive dropped it a couple times on accident and its held together nicely
-Antenna actually does something to help the signal strength, it provides me with two extra bars in my chemistry lab
-Tools are great, voice memo, schedular, and alarm clock are all very handy
-Picture Caller ID. This feature ROCKS!!
-Keypad is easy to use and lights up well, text messaging is fast and easy
-Web Browsing is an awesome feature.. can get scores for local games while out of town and whatnot
-Thats not it, but thats enough PROs!

-No speakerphone! :(
-Gets a little warm if youre talking for a while
-Battery seems to die fairly quick for me, but maybe thats because I use it too much, a car charger is necessarry

Overall its a great phone and worth every cent I paid. I would reccomend it to anyone.

Samsung VM-A680


Jun 29, 2004 by francojoel

This is a great phone. This might be the best phone Samsung has ever come out with for Sprint users. I have had some problems with this phone regarding the sound while playing games and listening to my ring tones. I have had an software update, and a PRL update and nothing seems to fix my problem. Beofore i got my software upadate XC27 I had XC15 and the sound went off and on and sometimes there just wasnt any sound. Then I got the new XC27 update and the sound did not work at all, not even any crackling noises. I went to the Sprint Store and they are giving me a new phone. If any of you are having these types of problems take your phone to the spriont store and get a new one if possible. I didnt pay $330 for this phone to be having these types of problems.

One Word---> SOLID


Apr 22, 2004 by tooterbugg

This phone is missing a few features offered on other Sprint PCS phones (speaker phone + Ready Link). It does however have feature base that will make most owners happy. For the past few days I have been deciding between the Samsung A680 and the Sanyo 8200. I decided on the Samsung for a these reasons:

1) I made outgoing calls on both phones and the ear piece in the Samsung was much more clear
2) The internal LCD was more "crisp" and "clear" looking
3) The outer LCD allows for pictures to be displayed and it is not covered with as many symbols and writing like the Sanyo
4) smaller size of Samsung

This phone has numerous features and performs them very well.

Great Phone..........Poor resolution screen.


Jul 1, 2005 by harrisk5721

I generally love all samsung products. The Company makes top quality products all around. This is no exception. Overall the phone is very nice. It takes great pictures. It gets good reception. It is small and very stylish.
it has a cute animated menu with bugs and birds and other animals.

If you are looking for a high resolution camera phone this is not for you.
It has a 65,000 resolution screen. You will see all the little pixles on the screen.
I recommend the toshiba 4050 or the sanyo 5600 for high resolution pictures and applications.
This phone has no speaker phone option.
The phone is not a multimedia phone, therefore you won't be able to watch mobi TV or download AAC Ringers or screen savers.
It is a little out of date.

Very nice phone but not for tech heads like me.

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