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Can it get any better?


Mar 10, 2005 by Liam20

I just bought this phone 2 weeks ago for Aliant Mobility in Atlantic Canada and it is probably the best phone I have ever seen/used. Working in Wireless customer care I am impressed by it in many ways!

1) beautiful LCD display(s)
2) the camera has a very large memory
3) Overall large memory capacity
4) excellent reception/compatiblity
5) light weight and attractive clamshell
6) User-friendly interface

1) could use a speakerphone (just a small suggestion)
2) lack of games onboard, but then again its a cell phone.

Other than those two, I think I found love... in a phone!

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Jul 3, 2004 by cws123

This really is (for the end user) a perfect phone. At 3.35 oz., the phone displays a brilliant 65K TFT screen. Different than the 670 on Verizon, this phone offers more camera features as well as 32 chord polyphony, rather than a lousy 16 chord.

It's nice to see that they incorporated a 10X digital zoom as well as a variety of multi-shot features. The white balance is a nice touch. And so on. These features add the finishing touches for a phone that has just about everything the average consumer would want.

There are a few drawbacks if you are a technical person like me. No bluetooth or IR. No speakerphone. And why? Because companies cannot put everything in one phone -- it's their job to entice the consumer to want to buy something else -- they are trying to increase market share value.

I'm certainly happy this phone works off the 800 amps side. For all Samsung fans out there, be patient for the 770 or the 730 to come out. These phones utilize the popular Samsung designs as well as increased features.

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Impressive little clam.


Apr 24, 2004 by fanfare

As with all the Samsungs I've ever toyed around with or owned, this one is thoughtfully engineered, with a nice substantial feel to it. And the size is just about perfect: small enough to comfortably fit into a shirt pocket (and to disappear into a closed palm), but just the right size to still operate easily. Bravo, Samsung.

Pros: Compact size.
Good ergonomics.
Bright and clear screens.
Uncluttered menus (unlike the Sanyos).
Fairly comprehensive list of features.
Voice memo! Should be standard on all.

Cons: I'm sick to death of Sprint Silver.

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Great Phone!


Mar 28, 2005 by mstropoli1

This is a great phone, definitely one of the best I've had. It's way better than my previous phone, Sanyo 8100.

-great picture quality
-great videos
-nice & small
-great ring tones

-no speaker phone, but it's loud enough that a speaker phone isn't really needed.
-silver, and the face plate is not interchangeable, but again, not really needed.

If anyone knows exactly why this phone was discontinued by Sprint, please post. I asked the store and they told me it wasn't, so the website must be mistaken, but regardless.

GREAT PHONE! I definitely recommend it.


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Solid Performer


May 12, 2004 by wintersky95

I've had it for a week and this is what I've found so far:


1. Great size and solid design, i.e. no creaking or cheap platic feel. Key pad is of quality design, easy to use and has nice sturdy well backlit keys. (Blue backlight)
2. Decent battery life for size, will need to charge every day if your a power user but it's a good battery.
3. Good call reception. I got more signal strength in my apartment on the vm4500 but the call sound quality was worse. Very clear and no drops as of yet.
4.Voice activation works very well and I didn't need to train it to my voice at all.
5. Camera quality is better than VGA 1000 and VM4500 in my opinion, my pictures look sharper with better detail. It takes much better indoor pictures than anything else on Sprint that I've seen. Still VGA though, no MP as of yet. Video doesn't seem to have as many fps as the vm but for it's size it's a fun feature. Plus you can use your video's as caller id or the screen saver.
6. Very easy to use and reliable Samsung menu system, if you like sammy's this should be no exception.
7. Vision browser at times goes a little faster than my vm4500 did but about the same speeds. I like this phone because when you close the flip it turns off the browser, on the sanyo's the browser stays on and eats up battery if you forget to exit out. When you do close the flip, the next time you start the browser it will return you to the page you were last at so that's convenient. Pictures I am finding upload very fast on this phone, of course depends on your local network but i am very satisfied.
8. Ringtones sound good, but not quite as full sounding as the vm4500. I've used voice ringtones and they do work on this model.


1. Still heats up like a potato when surfing the web.
2. Screen could be a bit brighter or have brightness controls.
3.The Sprint logo and time occupy too much of the screen.

Hope this helps!!!

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Awesome phone so far............


Mar 20, 2006 by southwestm81

I've had this phone for a month, so this is a preliminary review. I'm using it on the MTS Mobility CDMA digital/1X network in Winnipeg, MB, CA.

-Excellent display and resolution. The colours are crisp, vibrant and bright.

-Visually appealing, with regards to both the display and the physical look of the phone. Compact, yet feels good in the hand, solid and the keys are easy to navigate (unless you have really large hands).

-Brilliant blue backlighting on the keypad (waaay better than green)

-Call quality (network and hardware dependant) is very good. Callers on my end sound crisp and clear, no compliants on the other end. Reception is great, I have yet to find a place where I don't get reception (in my basement I get full bars).

-Camera (VGA) is very good, takes very good photos (it being a cell phone). Fun frames a nice novelty, 10X zoom! 3 resolutions (High gets 38 photos, Med gets 121, low gets 180).

-Camcorder is good ( again, for it being a cell phone, can use as screen savers or plays when assigned to a specific number in your phone book).

-User interface very good, inuitive, runs smoothly, many customizable features.

-texting is a breeze

-Web browser is pretty good, resonable speeds.

-Ear piece volume is very good

-Ringer volume is pretty good, though not having an external speaker for the ringer like the A650 or A670 makes it much harder to hear when it goes off. The ringer volume IS an improvment over the A660/VI-660. Needs to be cracked up almost max to be audiable in places with a lot of noise.

-video is choppy when in motion, can only take 15 second clips, better quality when you hold still while filming.

-on par with Samsungs rated talk time of 3.2 hours (digital) when used for strictly talking and texting.
-however, camcorder really drains battery, camera is not as hard on battery with moderate use
-recommend extended battery (OEM ones are easily available for cheap on eBay)

Satisfied overall! Watch for an update!

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Great Buy!


May 20, 2005 by EscalationQueen

I absolutely love this phone! It's small enough that you can put it in you pocket and forget about where it is, but opens up to be a great size. The external call display is great because it's large and in COLOUR! I love the way that I can customize what goes on the screen, but you can only put pics that you've taken on it not ones that you've downloaded. It has a TON of space. I have 75 pictures on mine and I still have room for more.

There's a couple of things that I don't like about it though. Mostly the fact that to reset your timers for your air time, you have to reset the whole phone which also resets your ringers and things. So it's either fix all your settings to how you like them every month or come up with another way of keeping track of you minutes.

I also had a problem with mine freezing. Especially when I tried to do a contraction in a text message (can't, don't, it's, etc) but warranty exchange fixed that in a hurry. Another thing that bothers me is the fact that when you get a text message it automatically scrolls to the bottom of the message. If your not a fast reader this can get pretty annoying, pretty fast. I used to be able to adjust that on the A500 but not on this one.

This really is a great phone though. I've recommended it to many of my friends.

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excelent phone


Dec 13, 2004 by sambousak

excellent phone. service is outstanding. my previous phone was a Motorola v60v which was terrible. this new samsung picks up amazing service, very lightweight, has many useful features and is nice looking. don't be fooled by other sprint phones, this will do you best.

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Very Solid Phone !!!


Jul 14, 2004 by Rwdiscount

If you are looking for a great small flip phone look no further.

1. Less than 4 oz
2. Great earpiece,both volume and clarity
3. Good battery life, over 3 hours
4. Great reception.
5. Excellent build quality

In my opinion these are the most important thinks in determining a good cell phone.

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Good phone


Apr 22, 2004 by kansasdoll20

awesome phone, great reception- makes great calls- lost the color in the screen-looks crisp and clear. Had the a620- and they are very similar, but i think this one tops the other by a few notches.Size is awesome because it is so purse friendly, I'm sure that doesn't mean much to the guys, but girls this phone is great for your little purses.

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