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Samsung a680 is amazing!


Sep 19, 2004 by Xme

Samsung a680 is the best phone i have ever used. It's got everything you'd ever need.
From clear camera, to 15 sec videos with amazing sound. Lots of space for downloads and Voice Signal Technology. You can just say the name of anyone in your phonebook and it will dial, as well as saying a number, and anybody can do it to your phone. The SMS is fast and easy, thank you samsung for doing that. Wireless Web is extreming fast and the animation is cool.

All i think it need is a speakerphone which isn't that useful. Maybe bluetooth if i needed.

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good phone from samsung


Sep 12, 2004 by hydroplane

I've had this phone for a few weeks and so far I've really enjoyed it.

-good call quality (the only place I have poor reception is in my room.. go figure)
-two screens, both are very nice and easy to see.
-good camera
-most everything about the phone is good I don't really have many bad things to say about it...

-volume for ring tones is a bit quite
-vibrate only on highest volume setting

I've only had one dropped call and that was in my room where I get bad reception. The phone has been wonderful for me and is a nice upgrade from the Nokia 3360 which I had while I had service from AT&T.

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Great little videophone


Aug 17, 2004 by Omagus

In an effort to keep up with the Jones' (or Sanyos), Samsung released this little baby. It looked great upon initial release, but I was somewhat skeptical of it because, well, it's a Samsung. However, this phone has held up remarkably well.

First of all, if you want the smallest possible video phone, this is it. Like most Samsungs, it's very well designed. And whatever the company's been doing recently with their battery life, they need to keep doing. Samsung batteries have come a long way since the days of the N400 and A500. The video screen saver is a really neat trick.

My biggest gripe with the A680 is that it seems like it was almost a lame duck phone. There hasn't been enough time to enjoy it and Samsung has already released the A700 which looks like it's ready to take Samsung to a whole new level.


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Great Phone All Around


Jun 15, 2004 by Willie_Esco23

Ok Let me start out by saying I had alot of getting used to when I got this phone. I had to trade in my VM4500 for this phone. So I had to get used to the screen size and phone size,and also the lack of speaker phone. Pros about this phone are call clarity,reception,internet(vision) speed. I have only dropped 1 call with this phone in 6 weeks. I would recommend this phone to any new sprint user or user trading in a phone from the VM4500.
The only cons about this phone to me is battery life. Batery life varies on wether u use the camera or just talk. I know the camera drains all cell phone batteries. But even when I used the camera with my 4500 alot and talked alot also. And the battery still lasted my 80 percent of the day. And my other gripe is the text message interface nice and polished as it is . It takes way too long for the letter indicator to move on to the next character. It takes like 3-4 secs to move on unless you press the #/space key everytime. But other than that the phone is a winner. I have been able to use this phone in some places I coiuld not ise my previous sanyo's. Digital/Anaolog Roam work great almost seamless to switch. And this phones ability to hold on to a call in great barely any dropped calls at all, only 1 since I had it.

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From Sanyo to Samsung!


Jun 9, 2004 by plevy27

For the last two years I have used the Sanyo 6200. The phone served me great and I LOVED the small size. But that phone is lost...so I had to buy a new phone.

I choose the Samsung 680 mostly because it was the smallest decent phone Sprint currently offers.

I have owned it for two days, and so far it works great. The user interface is very friendly and all the bells and whistles are fun. I was using a two year old phone, therefore the color screen is very exciting.

I didn't buy this phone for the camera features, and have yet to play with it.

I am a little concerned with the sound quality. I don't think I can hear conversations as well as I used to with my Sanyo -- voices sound a little choppier. I also hear weird subtle beeps and slight hissing sounds during a conversation.

The other main draw back is...yes, this phone gets warm. If you are super sensitive to heat on your check...don't get this phone.

I'm going to give this phone a few more days to make sure the sound quality/reception isn't a problem before I commit to it.

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Super Phone


May 8, 2004 by spinnaker

Sofar this phone is great. Size is ideal to keep in pocket and the Samsung menu system is very easy to use.

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Expensive turd


Feb 1, 2005 by rocket78

I am in my 4th year as a sprint customer and this is my third phone. Compared to the first two this is an utter piece of garbage.
Sure it looks pretty and feels solid. But functionally it gets pathetic reception everywhere and nagging little bugs like turning itself off, even on a full battery. And dropping calls even with a full signal. When placing calls I often hear nothing while my phone says the call is connected. When I see the people I tried to call they say "whats up with you calling and saying nothing." So the call goes through, but I never hear the ring on the other end. No static, just silence. I've only had the phone 6 months and it has not been dropped or anything. What a piece of junk. When trying to get it evalutaed, the genisues at Customer Service sent me to a Service Center that was only IN THE PROCESS OF BECOMING a service center. Thank's a lot guys. The Hitachi P300 I had prior shines like a gem compared to this. I had crystal clear calls always and never any dropped calls that weren't caused by me. I couldn't keep that phone because they stopped selling it and accessories less than a year after I bought it and I needed a new battery.
I will never buy another Samsung phone after this experience, and I'm probably ditching Sprint because of this garbage phone and their failureto help me.

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SAMSUNG VM-A680 is Trash


May 13, 2005 by tosfad

The Samsung VM-A680 by Sprint is one of the most ridiculous phones on the planet. Here's Why:

- It dosen't ring anymore, it only vibrates
-IT FREEZES!!! WTF is that!!!
-IT shuts off by itself.
-It drops calls by itself.
-It gets flamin hot when you take it off the charger.
-Its turns off when you use the internet for a certain period of time.
-The camera is not very clear.
-THe Video is a piece of crap.
-Barely Any memory on the darn thing!!

So if you're planning on getting one of these, think again. You're wasting your time and money. I'm so glad its been discontinued.

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horrible in the long run


Sep 27, 2005 by malasaziafurfur

Great phone when i first got it. Great signal, great battery life, gets kinda hot when on the phone for a while, small size.

Now the cons:
No bluetooth, no sim card (sucks), noticed slight change in the quality of the speaker, so the conversation sounds robotic. also the ringer broke only after 6 months.

I suggest getting a nokia instead, you will be happier in the long run.

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