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I think im in love...


Mar 28, 2005 by wirelessadvocate18

I sell sprint, t-mobile, and verizon wireless for a living, so I handle many different phones each and every day.

I was with ATT for a while and had some Sony-Ericsson phone that i was not too thrilled with and when i switched to cingular they gave me a Nokia 3395 (durable but cheap) and then a Nokia 3595 (durable but no features). Then i switched again.

I finally made up my mind and settled on Sprint. I had heard many good things about them so i was feeling pretty confident in my decision. I had my credit run, turned out ok, and had to choose a phone. There were some of those "free with sign-up" phones... ya know... the ones that probably wont work after you leave the sprint store... and then there were some really expensive PDA phones that i had NO use for. I saw the Samsung A660 and liked it, although it had no external caller ID or camera. Then the wireless dude showed me the Samsung VMA680, and i think i just about died and went to heaven. This phone was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. I love compact phones. It had a nice external caller ID, a wonderful camera, and built in flash/zoom. I was sold. I didnt pay much attention to the price, because I wanted it and I had to have it.

I have had this phone since november of 2004 and it has given me VERY little to complain about.

-EXTREMELY durable (for a flip phone)
-external caller id
-super user friendly
-camera (high quality at 640x480) with flash and 10x digital zoom
-camera functionality and settings are unbelievable
-customizable EVERYTHING
-bright display (when i wake up in the middle of the night, i use it as a flashlight... awesome)
-large memory for such a small phone
-face plates/covers are vinyl stickers rather than plastic pieces that break easily
-crystal clear calls (sprint service helps)

-no speakerphone (who REALLY needs that anyways??)


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May 26, 2004 by PDXMatt

1 - 10. 10 being the best.

Design: 10 The phone is drop dead sex. The buttons are laid out well, and have a nice feel to them. Much better than the current Sanyo with the flush keys. the mirror external screen is cool, but rather useless. Fits very well into the 5th pocket on my jeans.

Reception: 9 I live in an area with saturated coverage so reception is fine. When I leave the city and go into a fringe area the phone finds a signal and holds it well.

Screen: 7 Beautiful, sharp colour screen with 65k colours. Could be bigger, but since the phone is so small. Can't have everything I guess.

Earpiece: 9 As usual Samsung delivers on sound quality.

On board ringers: 7 I have never been a fan of Samsungs ringtones, but these are okay. A couple of nice business sounding tones which I prefer.

Camera: 8 Not bad at all for a camera phone. I still think the a600 takes better pics.

Video: 6 This is odd because the video seems to jerk alot when a video is taken in low light, but seems much smoother when the lighting level is up. *shrug* It's a novelty. Very cool that you can use the videos as a screensaver or picture ID.

User Interface: 9 It's hard to beat the simple, well laid out UI of the Samsungs.

Overall: 8 I can't say for sure how long I will be keeping this phone, but I suspect it could be for awhile. It's gorgeous, and it does everything well with little fuss.

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The New Hot [stuff] from Samsung!!


Apr 28, 2004 by Rheezzy

I'm loving this phone. It's TINY, smaller than the VI660, and adds an external LCD and Vid/Cam. The SMS is GREAT!! I love the fact that you can receive and send text messages WHILE in conversation. Awesome feature!! The screens are bright and crystal clear and the ear piece sounds perfect too. If you want a small, compact flip phone, it's the best offering from Sprint and Samsung to date.

Ed. note: title language cleaned up

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Love The Phone


Jan 5, 2005 by bellinalberta

Out of all the phones that I have seen and used, I think that this is one of the best ones out there. The camcorder and camera is very easy to use. Anyone could add a picture to a caller ID phone with no problem. If anyone is looking for a great phone well here it is.
Easy to use, very good picture there is nothing bad I can say about this phone.

Samsung has done it! The BEST phone that they have ever made. Make sure to look at this one when you buy a cell.

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The Best Damn Phone EVER!!


Jul 28, 2004 by AznAmy04

I have had so many cell phones.. but none comparing to this one. It has very good memory for ring tones, screen savers, etc. Wonderful camera / zoom features. Picture caller ID and Animated Screen savers are awesome.


1. The Size is unbelievably awesome! (I would have it in my pocket and be searching for it, everywhere. That's how compact is it)

2. Very sleek

3. Reception is great, and the antenna actually helps when its up (Unlike the other Samsung I used to have)

4. TEXT MESSAGING: You don't have to go on the internet to access text message which makes it so easy to use. I love it!


1. The battery doesn't last so long

2. It gets a little hot when the keypad is lit up for too long.

3. It's that Sprint Silver that everyone's sick of

But overall... this phone is the shizzle and I literally have played with it for hours. Check out www.3gforfree.com on your phone to get free games and ringtones. It's awesome. No Strings Attached.

IF you're going with Sprint... I highly recommend this phone.
And if you're not going with Sprint.. I recommend you do... and get this phone. Sprint Rox my world. WOOT WOOT

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Samsung Has Another Winner


Jun 18, 2004 by Man_of_God

Let me start of by saying that I have used Sprint services for more that 7 years. In those years I have used many types of cell phones. I have owned ericsson, sony, and exclusively samsung phones for the past 6 years. Samsung puts out quality products. I just upgraded to the VM680 or A680 from an A500 after having it for 13 months. I have owned an A400, 8500 and 3500.
1. Display - Awesome colors on main display and decent color on outer display
2. Voice Dial - Samsung has been using this on several models but this is my first time not having to program my spoken names to a number
3. Alarms - Setting alarms for M-F, Sat and Sun, Daily, or Once is perfect
4. Memory - 2M for downloaded ringers, 2M for downloaded screensavers, 2M for applications, 2M for games = excellent
5. Camera - excellent for a cell phone, the key to clear shots is plenty of natural sunlight. Videos are okay, but remember this is a cell phone first.
6. Size - Small and yet ergonomically correct for keypad. Blue buttons
7. Reception - Better than my A500 and great in most areas around the city
8. Battery Life - Great since I charge the phone every night. Camera use does use more of the battery than talking.
9. Menus - Samsung familiar, but even more user friendly
10. Mirror - Two way mirror on the external LCD is just cool.

1. Vibrate - Would be useful to use vibrate on each ring level and not just silent and loudest setting
2. Speaker Phone - Would be nice to incorporate one into this phone
3. Noise - There is some electronic sounds that can be heard in the earpiece when the phone is in use. There are very faint but I can still here then from time to time.
4. PPT - There is no Push To Talk feature

Overall, I would give this phone a 4.8 I love the phone. This is just my opinion, but I would at least check out this phone if PPT is not in the plans for you.

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Pretty nice :-)


May 2, 2004 by lostunderthemoon

I just got this phone on Friday. So far it is great. The sound quality is good. It has a bright flash. I think the most awesome thing is the camera though. It will zoom 10 times in high, medium, or low quality! I used to have the sanyo 5500 and when you would answer it there was a delay before people could hear you. This one sounds great. The only thing I liked about the 5500 better was that it seams like the video was less choppy than on the A680. The menus and phone book are more user friendly than the sanyo's too. The mirror is really cool too!

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Best Phone I ever owned


Apr 29, 2004 by Tony_Divine

This is an excellent phone. It has many great features that i like, I have always had Samsung phones so ive been a fan of samsung phones since my first phone the sgh-3500 then i upgraded to the samsung sgh-8500 then to the sgh-a460 then the sph-a500 and finally my sgh-a680. This phone has a good quality camera and the 65k color external screen makes for a great viewfinder for self portraits. the polyphonic reingtones are as good as the a500 and the reception is great even when im in downtown chicago. the only thing its missing is having your downloaded screensavers show up on the external screen. but overall i love everything about this phone. So i will remain an avid Samsung fan.

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Apr 28, 2004 by TweetyGurl

I just got the phone on sunday and its been great...small its wat makes it good..the only thing is that i can't find free sites to download ringers or graphics for this phone can any one help with that?...but other than that its great...it gots a mirror.. :-) wish makes it better....

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Worth the Wait


Apr 22, 2004 by enynite

This phone is great. I have been waiting a long time and it was well worth the wait. I have always been a fan of samsung's phones. This one lives up to thier name. The video is not of superior quality but if you think you'll be able to replace a digital camcorder with a phone, you've got bigger problems. Video screen savers are very cool. The awesome blue light keys are back. I must say this one will be a KEEPER!!!

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