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May 7, 2006 by joejack08

This phone is very unreliable. I have had to try to get it repaired numerous times.

-The battery life is about 2 hours when using the phone for about 30 minutes.
-Picture quality is horrible. Very blurred and no good zoom.
-Many features do not work correctly.
-Phone freezes on some screens. -Requires disconnecting from battery.
-Phone becomes extremely hot while in use. I have had red burn marks on my face after use.


Tradin' it in.


Aug 1, 2005 by bmtlite

I received this phone as a present. It worked well at first, but as it kept going my phone started to disappoint me.

-the easy navigation system
-radio (although you need the special attachment)

-battery life
The phone had a horrible battery life. I would charge it, and then use it for a couple hours. After 4-5 hours, I would have to recharge it.
-dropped calls
Bad selection
unclear, no zoom, always fuzzy
While I was talking, or even talking while charging, the phone would become overly hot

Personally, I would not recommend buying this phone. It has done little to impress me.

Love it!


Dec 2, 2004 by rgwisk

I've had the 6225 for a short time now and I love it, one of the best I've had (and yes, I'll admit, I'm a cell phone junkie too). Reception and call quality are great! The camera and graphics are perfect for the "average user". Turning off the GPS feature (leaving on 911 only) has greatly saved battery life, I can go a couple days without charging. I highly recommend this phone.

Not bad at all.......


May 4, 2004 by jaggrey

A few notes....(mini review)

1. This phone is incredibly small!
2. Doesn't appear to support QCP/voice ringers. I get a "MIME Type Not Supported" error when trying to download one.
3. Each person cannot have their own downloaded ringer; it MUST be from the built-in ringers. Really sucks.
4. It appears to be alot clearer than the 5500 earpiece-wise.
5. Battery life seemds decent so far, but I'm glad I ordered an additional. So far I've completely discharged it in the 5 hours when I 1st activated it and yesterday (a full day).
6. Ringers again - they sound like they're barely 16-chord.
7. Screen is kinda small for use on Vision, but it's pretty good.
8. I can still view the screen even in direct sunlight.
9. Ringers again - they're pretty loud...even downloaded ones! With almost every other phone I have to put it on high, but this one it's on whatever the default is (I think 4) but I'll prolly turn it down some more, which leads me to...
11. PC SYNC is wonderful! All of my contacts beamed over from my laptop in less than a minute!
12. A little inconvinience...battery and signal strength are only visible when you're at the main screen. If you're doing anything else like playing a game or even on Vision, you can't monitor these items.
13. Kinda strange.... one day the phone was just sitting and "Sprint service unavailable" kept coming on the screen and a checkbox with a green check inside, but the phone still had about 4 signal bars. It could still make and receive calls as well.... hmm....
14. Today the phone wouldn't launch vision....after a power cycle it was fine.
15. If you receive a text message while doing something else, the tone will go off but you can't see the message unless you exit from what you were doing.

I ended up returning this phone primarily because of the poor battery life and Vision isn't that great on it. It frequently times out and won't work until a power-cycle is performed.

Nokia and Sprint PCS = Winning Combination


Apr 23, 2004 by msrandall

As I start my review it would only be fair to say I am a phone junkie. In the last year Ive had 5 cellphones, from the Samsung a600 to the Sanyo vm4500. I loved them all but with the Sanyo vm4500 having the muffled sound I needed something more. Thats where the Nokia 6225 comes in ......

Screen- Okay coming from a Sanyo vm4500 with 65k the Nokia screen is not as crisp and amazing but it does the job.

Features- This phone has everything except Sprint's new Ready Link service. It has a camera {no flash},radio, vision capabilities, Infrared port and speakerphone...So this phone has all the necessary features.

Reception- This one is a solid performer when it comes to clear connections. I have dropped only one call and that was in a very very weak area. By the way this phones has an internal antenna.

Customization- Well thats easy it is a Nokia so you know you can find the accessories from the local mall to the flea market...I love to coordinate!!!!

Build- This phone is very small and reminds me of my Nokia 8290 but a little bigger. It is very light and compact. The feel is solid and if dropped you dont have to worry about scratches just buy another faceplate.

Battery Life- Well if I can find a con to this phone ...this is it. The battery on this phone doesnt last me the whole day. I do have a charger but hey this is a review so I hope Nokia releases an extended battery for this phone.

Overall- This phone is easy one of my favorites. I like the features, the ability to customize and lastly the reception. As a phone junkie I would recommend this phone to a teenager to a techie.....It has something for everyone....As a new activation on a 2 year it is $79.99 as an upgrade it is $229.99.

One Of The Best I've Ever Had


Oct 5, 2005 by Static Image

Since I'm a former Sprint PCS customer, I've had far too many cell phones. But throug this, I've grown to accept the fact that I could at least learn about them more.

This phone, I must say, is a fantastic little phone. Through the 32 different phones I've owned, this actually turns out to be my favorite. It's simple as can be, but still does a whole lot. The camera isn't bad, considering it's size. The reception is wonderfull. The keypad is perfect for navigating through by touch, as the concave in the numerical area is planed out well, and the menu, talk, end, and other buttons are placed in an easy to understand position. That coupled with Nokia's very easy to memorize menu system made the operation of this phone simple and a pleasure.
Not to mention, I think it just looks nice.

The cons aren't as serious as they may sound, I want to clear the air of this right away.
But the cons are as follows, in order.

1.- Battery life was laughable. After one solid conversation, it was time to charge the battery again, and since Nokia never made an extended life battery ( that I'm aware of ), it became a real pain.

2.- After aforementioned long conversation, you might be thinking wise if you were to let the phone cool off for a couple minutes, as it would get rather hot, actually causing a burning feeling at times, and a nice sweaty screen.

3.- The power button usually called for tiny hands, which I don't have. I'd actually somewhat remove the top part of the faceplate for easier access to the button to push.

4.- The ring could stand to be a bit louder.

But as I said, those really aren't terrible. It's tough as nails, has great sound quality, outstanding reception, a surprisingly good speakerphone, camera, and display. Oh yeah-
The volume button on the side of the phone could just not be in a better position.

All in all, an outstanding phone.

Great phone... mostly


May 7, 2004 by lmw626

This is my first Nokia and the first phone that I have taken the time to review.

I have to agree this is a great phone in almost every respect buyers should be aware the battery life is no where near the 10 day digital standby that both Nokia and Sprint PCS claim. I'm getting an average of 3-4 days.

I ordered the phone during the first week of March through tele-sales, received it April 9th. I immediately locked it on digital service and within the first week I didn't even use it at all except to enter phone book numbers. That week the battery completely drained twice. Since there were no reviews out at the time, I assumed it was defective and got Sprint to first replace the battery, with the same results, and then finally got them to send me a replacement phone. I've had it two days and have already determined the new one is exactly the same.

Another issue is that the battery display is very deceptive. It seems to drop only to the halfway mark then stops. The battery continues to drain but the display still shows half-charge. Then without warning it's dead.

I'm not a cell phone "power-user" who is in the habit of charging my phone every night but it looks like I'm going to have to start with this Nokia.

If not for the poor battery life/display, I would give this phone 5 stars.

Overall Great Nokia


May 4, 2004 by danay1979

I've owned the 6225 for about 5 days now. The 6225 has the features that most people want in a cell phone eg. camera, speaker phone. I've always been a Nokia Fan and this is probably the Best Nokia I've owned yet. Reception on this phone is very good. I would compare to the reception to the Sanyo's if not better. I have never dropped a call. Feature wise very easy to use. It can be easily customized. Button layout is user friendly which means less misdials. The only real con to this phone is the battery life, which is why I didn't give the phone a full 5 stars. I usually charge the phone every night so it's not a big deal. The phone is fairly priced considering the options you get. At first the earpiece volume sounded pretty quiet, but after using the phone more the volume sounded better. I must have needed to break the phone in. Anyone looking for a great bargain on a camera phone with speaker phone without a flip should seriously consider the 6225.

I love it


Nov 10, 2007 by lil girls babe

i love this phone. i am 14 and i understand this phone better than my parents and some of the people who have review it.

1 Great reception even at girl scout camp at shingobee timbers and trust me you wouldnt get reception there even with any new phone, my parents have the latest phones and they dont work up there.. this one works even in the awful storms.
2 the internet reception is good
3 never dropped a call
4 hear the other person perfectly, even on low when the busses are leaving
5 the ringers are loud and a high vibrator
6 small and fits in my pocket
7 is about 4 years old works almost perfecly
has been through the washing machine 2x
the sink 3x
dropped from the 2 story building
dropped from my hands
left in the rain, snow, lake
(yea i was kinda irresponsible with it)
8 the battery is amazing (compared to what its been through
9 battery life was about 1.5 days with talking (originally)
10 after all its been through talk for 4 hours
11 txt for 6
12 go online about 2
(some people have been saying that it keeps you logged online at all times, well you have to go to menu then #4, which is LOG OFF INTERNET... ok that is mainly what i wanted to say about the net thing)
14 VERY durable


1 picture quality (not why i got it)
2 doesnt have video recording, (wasnt available at the time so stop whining about that)
3 voice recording not so great (was the "new" thing then)
4 only stores about 216 messages
5 radio needs earpiece (most do)

okay i mainly came her because i need a new phone.... i dont want to get rid of this one but it has been through so much and we just dont think it can last another year. we were just going to buy a new battery but low and behold it is disscontinued. :'(
so i know this is prolly agains the "Terms and Conditions" for me to put this in here but, if anyone has any really good suggestions on a small sanyo phone, please help me decide. i want something cheap, small, sanyo. plz!

Not Too Shabby


Nov 1, 2006 by evilkidswithfeet

i started up with sprint and december of 2004, it was my first time having a cell phone. the reason that i choose this particular phone was becasue when i signed up it was 100% free for me. now i like free just as much as the next person so i took it. considering i have had it for the past 2 years im really supprised that it has held up as well as it has, you see i am kinda hard on things when it comes to electronics. there are somethings that i really do like about this phone and some things that i really dont.

although it is small it is really quite durable
it has a camera although the quality isnt swell
the sound is good, nice and loud
very user friendly

it seems to heat up in a hury
talk time without being plugged into the wall isnt very good, but when on stand by it can go for a good few days.
camera quality is very "eh" at best

but if your looking for a phone that is reliable and wont crap out on you i would most deff. go with this one

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