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My phone...


Jul 21, 2006 by wakethewicked2

Well so Ive had this phone for going on 2 years next month.. i pretty much think this is a pretty sweet little phone..ive always had nokias and i could only wish sprint had a cooler,upgrade...as for my 6225 its a cool little phone.. the camera looks crappy on the phone but if you upload them to the computer,their nice pics. overall this is my second 6225,,... my first..well lets say i admire the strength these things can take... my old one was used to bouncing off walls and still worked! i got another one cos i eventually broke some stuff..as for my new one its good. my only complaints with it is as the others..the battery life! Ive seriously gone through 5 batteries and you all know nokias batteries aren't cheap,and 2 chargers... and mine is about to go now lol. its sad i have to carry 2 batteries around at all times,for the fact they die right away. My other complaint is not being able to add a downloaded ringer to a specific person...it makes no sense to have 46 downloaded ringers and be able to use 6 or 7 max. its a good phone for what i use it,alot and its gonna be hard when i eventually gotta part with it...thanks guys..

Award Winning Phone


Jul 19, 2006 by PrestonDisk5

I have had this phone for about a month and it is great. I have gotten this phone from a discount at a sprint store. Here is a list of Pros and Cons.

1. Camera
2. Color Screen
3. Cool Look
4. Good Sound Quality
5. Infrared

1.Poor Battery Life

If you charge the battery every night the bad battery life is not a problem.
This is a great phone with a strong signal for Sprint PCS in Western Maryland.

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wish I never got this one


Jul 25, 2005 by sandi

the battery goes dead everyday. the pictures are of poor quality and hard to see. holding the phone while trying to take the picture without shaking is almost impossible. Paying the additional price is a big waste of money.

Nokia 6225 is a Reliable Phone


Apr 23, 2005 by sixsevennupe

I have been a "Nokia man" ever since I started using cell phones. The Nokia 6225 is an extremely reliable phone.

-good reception (very few dropped calls)
-menu is easy to use and navigate
-nice size color screen
-great battery life..I recharge it after two days of use
-camera is ok (I know there are a lot better camera phones on the market, but I bought the phone for other qualities other than camera

I am sorry that Sprint decided to discontinue selling this particular model. The carrier I work for now, doesn't offer a wide selection of Nokias (just the 6015)...but the Nokia 6225 would be a welcome addition to their line up.

Good, but could be better.


Feb 17, 2005 by Frozen TJ

I had had this phone for a couple months now. Over all it has been a great phone. I have little to no problems with the phone. Some providers have made it so you can not take the pics off the phone to PC. My provider did not do this. I think it is dumb to make so you have to use there service. I am with ACS here in Alaska.

Pro for Me:
Reception - The reception on this phone is the best I have had. I have yet to drop a call.
Data - IR and Data cable ready.

Con for Me:
Feel - The only reason I did not give this phone a 5.0 is that the case is loose. It feels a little cheap. The battery cover is loose and makes noise when held.
Speaker Phone - Work's but not very loud. Could have been better.
Camera - Works well but could be better. Not the best pics. But it is a phone..
Sound - There is a hiss when you are on a call. It is not to bad but it is there.

In the end if you just need a phone that gets the job done when it comes to making calls, you will be happy with it.



Feb 4, 2005 by mrhockey123

I bought the phone and returned it after 2 days.

The primary reason for returning the phone was awful battery life. I gave it the 12 hour first charge, and it died in less than a day - that's awful!

Another thing is the sound is not very good. You get "snow" all the time. On top of that, there is a buzzing sound especially if you are talking with somebody who has a deep voice. I believe this is due to the faceplates vibrating because of the sound waves from the actual speaker.

Pros (and there aren't many)
-IR. I was able to transfer contacts from my PDA to the cell phone.
-Radio. Never tried it, but its a good idea.
-ringers. loud, and you can have vibrate.
-doesn't heat up. Even after charging, it never heated up. Even when i was charging it the 2nd time (after it died,) and talking at the same time, it was cool to the touch.

Cons: (and there are lots)
-awful battery life
-scratchy sound quality with lots of noise
-dropped calls. People say this phone has good reception but I dropped calls.
-if the phone is off and charging, the charge indicator is impossible to see
-the web browser does not let you out!

THis fone rox


Jan 31, 2005 by HamsterOfDoom

I love this phone! I wish the camera was a little better, but the pics don't look great because of the max # of colors on this phone. The pictures look great though if you email them to someone (or yourself) My parents both have Samsung A 620's and I like this phone way better. Its very solid, I've dropped it many times, and it works just as well as the day I bought it. Which brings up another great part, I got this thing free, ya free and it was only 10$ a month to add it to my parents existing plan! It has all the features you could want, speaker phone, web, camera, caller id, custom wallpaper, radio...etc I love the web especially on this phone, it seems faster than on my parents A620's and I use it alot more than I thought I would. I'm 15 I'm not talking on it every waking moment, so i don't think the battery life is much of an issue, as long as you charge it at night it should last more than enough time.
Oh, and one other thing it comes with a charger that completely charges in about an hour and a half!!



Jan 4, 2005 by Natalia

Stylish, compact, loaded with features; FM radio, Camera, speakerphone, java, etc.

Battery Life OF COURSE. It's no biggie if you charge every night like I do. And there should be a mirror next to the camera lens

The camera resolution ain't the best but it' s good when you e-mail the pix to yourself or whoever. But to see how well the image will turn out just zoom in.
Oh yeah! The camera has zoom! Reception is good too, come on, it's a nokia afterall! You can even use the infrared for reception. The Picture ID is cool but useless cuz you usu. look at the name b4 the picture anyway. Love the organizer and alarms. For those b-day's you 4get so easily.

And I have the phone on MetroPCS.

pretty good phone


Dec 10, 2004 by chemical85

I am the proud new owner of the nokia 6225 and got it because i was tired of flip phones and gave the nokia a chance.
good comments - very small and lightweight, all features are great for it to be such a small phone. I love it.

not so good comments- the dial pad numbers would be very small for people with large and thick fingers, I'm happy. i even tried changing the dial-pad and the moment my first phone call came in; the person on the other side could not even understand me because my voice was coming out all muffled so don't even try buying another dial-pad.
it is true that once you are one the phone for a while, the battery charge goes quickly and gives you a quick beep before it goes out, i mean within seconds

besides that, i love my new phone, pretty cool looking and elegant style and would be happy to recommend this phone to anyone...

Better than what I thought.


Nov 28, 2004 by MsDebbs

I'm happy with it! Anyone know where I can get GOOD free ring tones for this phone with Metro Pcs service?

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