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Very kool


Oct 14, 2004 by jd627

This phone is pretty kool i like it a lot it is my 7th phone and i am 14. i like it alot. Now let me tell you some pros/cons....

Cons: Screen resolution could be better, It doesnt support the music ringtones from sprint, doesnt support high graphic games, and vision is kinda small but its ok.

pros: camera, ringer profiles, camera, small:), interchangable faceplates, radio, to do list always coming in handy for me.

and i think those are the highlights of the phone.
Oh just in case u were woundering my phone b4 this was a sanyo 8100 and i like that one alot two but it was time for a change.

Great PCS Phone


Sep 24, 2004 by pmcafee

This is a great little phone for Sprint. I have Sprint PCS service in Long Island, NY. Reception is one of the best I've seen on a Sprint phone next to their Sanyo models. Battery life is mediocre (2 days standby) but nothing to worry about as long as you keep it charged up. It has all the features one could possibly want or need in a cell phone: SMS, camera, color screen, etc... Earpiece quality is on par with other Nokias of it's class. It's very easy to hear. The speakerphone is excellent and clear. The FM radio is pretty cool too. It also takes a standard 2.5mm headset which is a nice bonus. Overall, I would recommend this phone to anyone from beginners to experienced cell phone users.

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Great Phone for talking and hearing, who knew


Sep 5, 2004 by oogman

PROs: The phone is small but to small, so it fits in you pockets nicely. I love the rings, these you can hear, I have downloaded songs before, and most sound like crap and you can't hear them when there is a lot of noise. Nokia new what they were doing when they built this phone. the hiss noise is not noise it is music to my ears. I know that the call has not dropped and I am not talking to my self for 15 min. It is not noise it assurance. It is not irritating or bothersome it just let you know your talking to someone. The sound is crystal clear. The reception is the best I have had yet. I have owned 4 PCS phone and I am sold on nokia. The speakerphone sound is awesome I have owned two other phones with speakerphone this one sounds the best. If you want a phone that works and sounds great this is the phone for you. I like the profile custom settings for pager, normal, meeting, silent and outdoor. You can customize the rings in each category ex. Voice mail, text msg, calls for each profile. You can change the faceplates; keypad colors etc. no antenna to deal with. The reception is superb

CONs. The speed dial does not show the name until after you hit the call button. I hope this is fixable. There is more menu option you have to go threw than other phones I have had. (Learning curve) be sure to read the manual, lot of tips (ooooh, cool) I haven't had an issue with the battery.

A gem...


Jul 29, 2004 by mikec

I have to say, I am impressed, especially in regards to things that I wouldn't expect. Also, I am not a big Nokia fan, but this phone changed me.

This is a solid phone; I have dropped many times and it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.

The speakerphone is great. Very loud.

The voice-activated dialing is awesome. Implemented very well. Easy to add tags, and never has made a mistake. I was surprised how good it is.

The IR (infrared) is excellent. Beaming contact info from Palms and PocketPCs directly into phone is nice!

The cons that people have pointed that are issues are the battery and the "hiss" in the earpiece. Well, here is the deal:

The battery life is reasonable for the size of the phone (it is very small and pocketable; no external antenna to poke you)
If you use a car charger, or plug in each night/or every other night, you will not have an issue. I have an extra battery (very inexpensive), and it solves any power issues.

The "hiss" is no big deal; all phones have it, it's just that the earpiece is so sensitive (read: good), you hear it. Bascially white noise. I like it, because I can tell whether the call is live or not, which is very, very useful. Also, if you have had GSM phones, you won't notice becuase the same noise is there.
Don't knock Nokia for making a good earprice; shows you how poor other one are.

So that is the scoop; if you want a small, very functional phone with a lot of features (and that isn't a flip phone), this is your phone.

Great phone for the price you pay for


Jul 4, 2004 by cbayona123

the camera on this phone can hold up to 60 pictures, which is great while other phones hold up to 30, except the nokia 3600-3650 which can hold 1000 pictures....the battery life would be short if you use the camera a whole lot...so far the nokia 6225 has the highest resolution which is 640x480 camera out of all the nokia phones except one that has a 1156x980 resoulution...but over all this is a great phone....plus the other nokia has Gegapixels while this one has megapixels....HOW CHEAP...well its a good phone

Poor battery life is the deal breaker


Apr 29, 2004 by GrandWazoo

Overall, a feature-packed phone, but the battery life is horrible! I haven't been able to get a full day's use out of the phone since I purchased a week ago. So, no use going through other pros and cons -- I have to take this phone back to Sprint and try something else.

my review of the nokia 6225


Apr 26, 2004 by urboy101

i really like this phone.
i like all of the features.

the only cons...
the earpiece incoming audio sound a hollow and scratchy, there is a slight "hissing" sound.

also, in trying to send my pics using an online uploader or getting ringtones from a third party site (not sprint), there seems to be a compatibility issue here. i can get the pics to my phone but it's not letting me set them for photo caller id. and the ringtones i've downloaded when trying to play them the phone says "unable to open file".

NOKIA and CDMA = Awesome


May 26, 2004 by skyplonk

This is one of the best phones that I have used in a while. I have had other Nokia CDMA, Kyocera, and Samsung and personally I must say that this handset *almost* takes the cake.

Reception, Call Quality are VERY good, with easy use of Text Messaging and MMS.

The only disappointing factor on this handset, why only a 4K color screen? 64K colors would have topped this phone off.

Would recommend it!

6225 Camera Has No PC Connectivity


Jun 18, 2004 by Dad

I like this a lot but the battery life is one of two problems.
I am now slightly Dissapointed that the Nokia Suite software does not connect the Camera and allow you to copy or upload the pictures straight to the pc via a data cable.
So it seems the ole pay more for the picture pack scam is on.

When the camera is FULL it only holds about 25 or so pics. You can NOT copy them to the phones memory. which has 2.5megs

So your picture id's will be limited Unless u convert pictures from the pc to the phone memory.
I must pay to E-mail my pics to my home pc then convert the pics to the phone memory.

DKU-5 Data cable was $26.90 online plus shipping.

Extended Life Battery ?


May 26, 2004 by kram

I don't know much about cell phone batterys
but this link offers a extended life Battery for the 6225 any opinons on if this battery will give longer life please post


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