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Excellent phone !!


Oct 20, 2005 by domer

This is my third flip phone and I am very satisfied with it. Before this phone I had a Siemens CF62 (piece o' crap) and a Motorola V400 (another piece o' crap). The V400 has numerous issues with the software and the biggest problem was that the ear piece and Mic. stopped working from time to time. The CF62 turned off by itself in cold weather!!

But the V300 has no problem whatsoever. It's a nicely built phone with all the featured you need in a high end phone.

I don't understand why so many people complained about low ring volume. The phone has numerous high quality ring tones to choose from and the volume is good enough for me to hear it from the basement when my phone is upstairs in the other corner of the house.

The ear piece volume is awesome. I can listen clearly even when the ear piece volume is 4 of 7 while I am driving.

The camera works just great and if you use your camera phone just to capture rare moments, 5Mb of memory is not so bad.


1. Aesthetics, looks gorgeous
2. Well built, no squeaky noise
3. The display is the brightest of all phones I have used
4. Includes all useful features such as
-call timer
-alarm clock (lets you set numerous alarms)
-date book
5.Excellent VGA camera with 3X optical zoom, you can actually take decent pics of your computer monitor to set as wallpaper
6. Picture caller ID
7. 35 Polyphonic ring tones
8. External display is bright and does not go blank when you open the clamshell.


1. If you change service provider or unlock the phone, the web browser does not work.

I think that someone with a little bit more knowledge of the software installed, could fix this glitch quite easily.

2. Lacks the video recorder, unlike V400, eventhough the end user memory is same in both phones.

3. Call swap feature is either missing or hard to use.

Summary: Higly recommended phone. It's definitley a good value for money.

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Excellent Phone


Mar 23, 2004 by ballhawk3

This is the best phone i've ever have. And I have about 5 other phones (Samsung X105, R225, E105, Motorola V66, Sony Eric T610). This by far the best phone i've had so far. Plus the fact I work for t-mobile and I used all the phones, this one, I had to have. The reception, believe it or not is great, I thought it would be bad, due to the fact that all the stuff that was on it, but it probably has the best receptions out of all the phones I have or used. I didn't think the speaker phone would be loud, but it is and it works great. The color screen on it is amazing, and the camera is great too, might not be the best one out there but it has a really nice high resolution. The MP3 ringtones just kick ass, and I love how theres a 5meg memory on the phone, although I do wish it wish it was more than a 24cord polyphonic ringtones. Although it software might be a little buggy, and the phone itself isn't that loud (like most motorola's) and it seems I run down the battery pretty fast(dunno if its cause i'm constantly on the phone) but its a great phone and I'm definately happy with it. And I don't mind that it doens't have bluetooth (not that I use it), but bluetooth phones seem to be slower, buggy as hell (phones always freeze) and you have to go through so many damn menu's! Get this phone! You'll love it!

PROS: Hi-Res Color Screen, Nice Speakerphone, Mp3 Ringtones, Great Phonebook, Great reception! Built-in AIM (can't live without it)

CONS: Battery Life (not sure if its cause i'm constantly on it or if there is something wrong with it) Sometimes phone is buggy and the headset isn't really loud.

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Great Phone


Jul 22, 2004 by Ace2525

Overall this phone is solid. the WAP browser through t-mobile is great....u can access any site that is in WAP format, i used this to download MP3 ringtones (it can hold like 20 mp3 songs at 30 seconds each), polyphonic ringtones, backrounds, and games. The camera is a nice feature although it is lacking a flash therefore u cant take pictures in the dark. Speakerphone is great, once the call is connected u hit speakerphone and close the phone. excellent sound quality.the only flaw i saw on the phone from the first 3 months of use is that is seems to be slow at times...otherwise the battery life seems fine as long as u dont use the camera and listen to music too much.text messaging capabilities are great, no problems there.


-wap access
-battery life
-size and bright screen


-At times seems slow
-motorola seems to have alot of bugs in there phones but with tmobile, any problems with ur phone within the yearly contract, u can call up and they will send u a brand new phone free of charge

overall i recommend this phone to anyone interested in T-Mobile....it has more features then the samsung e715 and looks better then the new siemens and nokia

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Great Phone


Dec 26, 2003 by astravitz

It could be a five if they somehow build a flash in the next version. Also, I find the phone book to be a little confusing when you store multiple people, but it does offer two views.

This phone is overall, near perfect. It have a great size, battery life, and functions. I used the T-Zones which was decent, but if you're used to a DSL line at home you will find it slow. However, being able to access internet type information and hook up multiple emails is very cool technology.

The screen resolution is fantastic, I haven't seen a better looking screen. I have above average hands and have no problem with the pressing of any button the phone. I'm so impressed with the Motorola, staggered keypad design, I wouldn't be surprised if they have trademarked it. The Games are very cool, but difficult to control on complex games (graphics are amazing).

Voice recognition on dialing is excellent, it was 100% accurate compared to my LG (Lucky Goldstar) phone which always go confused. The 5 mb of storage for pictures is great, and the ability to email pictures is fantastic. In fact, I was extremely impressed with all of the messaging functionality, it seems very advanced and had every conceivable option.

I give this phone a strong recommendation, people said that two way speaker was also very clear (unlike most other speaker phones I tried).

Get it and enjoy!

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Motorola moving on up


Feb 21, 2004 by squirt142

Coming fresh off of the 722i, and I can easily recommend this phone over the previous motorola phone:

disappointments: there is no blinking flash. while not a big deal, its not as easy to tell if you have a signal while driving. also, one touch dialing is either missing, or hard to figure out. speed dialing means hitting 2# call instead of just holding down 2. again, not big, but its something. no flash can make some pictures real dark and terrible looking. whats worse is that sometimes the phone actually freezes up when you take a bad picture. the next version definitely needs an OPTIONAL flash. As far as T-Zones goes, headlines scroll much slower. Loading T-Zones, webpages, and turning off T-Zones is still slow, but is quicker than the 722i could handle things. The alarm clock is still somewhat of a hassle to find and set. also, because of the speaker phone, i dont think you can simply put people on hold anymore. also, external display no longer shows the date.

cheers to: the cosmetics. while some people may not like the color, the feel is nice. also, if you are one who slides their phone on the table and sometimes the phone keeps sliding until it falls off, no more worries. the design keeps the phone from sliding anywhere. the screen is also very clear and vibrante. decent games are available, and one can breeze through the icons quickly, unlike on the 722i. T-Zones also loads up quicker than on the 722i. speakerphone is great - loud and people can easily hear you even when the phone isnt right next to your mouth. im hoping the next version will have a speaker so nice you can put the phone in your pocket and have a normal conversation. nice bright extenal display shows the time and who is calling.

i like the phone and highly recommend it. however, look at both this and the samsung 715 before you decide which is right for you.

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V300 Review


Nov 11, 2003 by apw100

I have just replaced my Samsung V205 with a new Motorola V300 and I am very happy. I will do a basic overview...

Screen: A sharp,high-res, 65k color screen. A big improvement over the T722. The external display gets the job done, but not much else.

Camera: Very good! VGA(640x480) resolution and accurate color make for some very nice photos. 5 megapixel quality? Hardly, but about as good as it gets for an integrated camera phone.

Speaker phone: A solid, clear speaker. Its loud, but not Nextel loud.

Ringtones: Polyphonics are average. I havnt tried using an MP3 yet.

Cosmetics: I'm on the fence about this. I prefer the more classy look of V600, but the V300 is far from ugly. Some people might not like the cobalt blue, graphite textured faceplate. Unfortunatly, its NOT removeable.

Size: Its a bit on the thick side. About as bulky as my old Samsung V205.

Battery: Surprisingly, the battery power is pretty good! Of course the camera and speakerphone will drain it faster.

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Piece' O Crap


Apr 2, 2005 by Dman51

Not at all a good phone
its a small knock off of the v551 or v600
not nearky as many features cameras horrible small screen plain and wheres the video?!?!!?!?

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great phone


Dec 30, 2004 by kk4014

this phone is everything i wanted. downloadable ringtones, wallpapers, AOL built in, speakerphone and more. i even got this phone for free since t-mobile had a buy 1 get 1 free with family plan. the only thing i dont like is that its not a video phone but ill get over it. overall its a great phone.

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Excellent phone!


Aug 2, 2004 by gregg007

I am very happy with the Motorola V300. The phone has an outstanding display on the inside, very sharp, clear and bright. The outside display is a very cool looking blue and is very easy to read.

I love the fact that I can customize the menu system to the way I like it. I can assign almost any funtion to any button, this is nice. I had no problem navigating the menu system and the interface was simple. No crashes or reboots.

I had no problem with the funky keypad, buttons were easy to hit but the letters on them are very small and are hard to see sometimes. I really like the exterior texture, very easy to hold and phone doesn't slide around. Phone feels very solid and well made, is a bit heavy though, I would prefer it under 4 oz's.

The only thing I really dislike is the way the speaker phone is used. You can only turn it on AFTER the call has been connected. This is very annoying, you have to tell the person to hold on then activate the speaker phone. You should be able to activate it before dialing or just after dialing. Once working the speakerphone works very well.

Call reception was very good, earpiece volume could be a little louder though. Voice dialing worked well.

Pros: Outstanding display, cool looks, customizable interface, call quality

Cons: A bit heavy, speaker phone poorly implemented

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V300 Very Impressive


Mar 9, 2004 by maxspeed

I LOVE this phone. My only complaint is battery life but I am used to Nokias 7-8 days standby time. My V300 lasts about 5 days but as with all my previous phones I'm getting a base charger and 2nd battery so the battery becomes less of an issue.

The screen is very sharp. The speaker-phone is one of the best I have heard and very useful. The camera has electronic zoom and contrast adjustments which make the camera very functional.

The T-zones load MUCH faster on this phone than on my previous Nokias 3595 and 3650 and has more screen space to display lines of text.

I was prompted to write this review after reading several negative reviews. I don't know what they are talking about? This phone is awesome, cool and currently on nationwide backorder.

I've also added an antenna booster and a retractable 3" antenna which really seems to help in low signal areas. I downloaded the "Palm Tree Sunset" wallpaper and the "Ozzie 'Crazy Train'" ringer. As soon as my fire-engine red with silver/blue flames faceplate arrives I will own the most awesome phone on the planet!

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