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Anything but this phone........


Apr 10, 2006 by terdfurguson2001

I have gone threw 2 or 3 of these phones, and a friend of mine had the same phone and he went threw 3, until tmobile just give him the razor. The functions on the phone work fine and dandy, but after a lil bit the ear piece messes up and you can hardly here, or even gets to the point were you cant hear the other person. For a number of times i have had to carry on the conversations on speaker phone option. I hope its just this phone model because I want the Pebl but its a Motorola too, and I dont want to run into the same crap. Its a pain to send my phone off to get replace with a; most likely referbished phone, and end up with the EXACT same problem. This was my first with a Motorola phone, in the past i have always had Nokias and never had a problem. I give it a 1 star because it has games and an alarm clock, but the purpose of having a phone, to make calls, it doesnt even get a rateing. I just cant wait until my tax money comes in because the minute it does im getting another phone. I WOULD NOT RECOMEND this phone to anyone. Between two people we have gone threw about 5 or 6 phones, thats just rediculous

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Good Phone


Mar 24, 2006 by CarsCell

Great phone when I first got it nearly a year ago. I liked the blue face plate, but didn't love it. Sometimes it even looked purple to me, which isn't one of my favorite colors. My first flip phone, so it was certainly new to me.


-Good, colorful screen.
-Useful/fun programs (i.e. demos/downloadable games, calculator, calendar, etc.)
-Good reception (most of the time, T-Mobile)
-Cool downloadable content (i.e. music clip ringtones)


-Difficult to hear the other person you're talking to (always had to put it on speaker)
-When I put it on speaker phone, the person on the other line had a hard time hearing me sometimes
-In certain lighting, the phone looked purple...

Overall, good flip phone.

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Big Ups and Downs


Feb 28, 2006 by Boblodge

I've had this phone for almost a year, and everyday it's been both extremely useful, yet frustrating too.
The volume of the ear piece, speaker phone and rings are great, but if you always carry your phone in your pocket, like I do, then the buttons on the outside of the phone get pushed all the time, putting me in Silent mode (when I'm expecting a call, of course!), or making loud chirps when I'm in class. You can lock out this feature, but then you're always having to input a code to change from loud to silent. Samsungs are much better in that you just hold down the # key to change ring modes.
This phone gets great signals everywhere, but it often connects partially. The other party picks up and nobody hears each other, but the phone says "connected", so you get used to having to hang up and redial a lot. It adds to your minutes too.
The camera feature is great for making phone wallpaper and even sending to my T-Mobile Web album, but the phone's processor is so slow you do a lot of waiting for it to catch up to your keystrokes while going through the menus.
I'll be replacing this phone soon with guess what? another Motorola! To me the loud speaker phone on Motorolas makes up for all the shortcomings, since I hate wearing earplugs and do most of my talking in the car.

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Dec 12, 2005 by 05civse

I had this phone for two years with no big problems. In the last 2 or 3 months i had it it started to freeze once a week when i tried to do to many things at once or to fast. It was indistructable, dropped many times, and taken apart more than i can remember. The only thing that killed it was falling into a pan of lacquer thinner (completely submerged).

Awesome programming
Very user friendly
All around awesome phone

i have none besides pocket lint getting into the bottom where the charger plugs into blocking the terminals from making a connection (this is solved by picking at it or rubbing your shirt on it)

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great but Not all


Nov 18, 2005 by whatswart88

well i have this phone for prepiad use's and i was using aol messger and i guess there were hinden fee some where in the TEXT! that i must haven't seen it took 2 cents to log on and to send a messge and 10Cent to log off thats a bunch of crap!! if u ask me and i had 99cents left in the account and they said i had 8 text messges in the day i said what yep they said u had 8 text i said that can't be so becuse i sent a messge up messge to my album for my pic's to be stored at and it did not send! so i lost 25 cent after sending that! i reallied that and that didn't hurt my feeling at all but the thing is that my phone eat my mins over something stupied that i sign in to well perpiad ppl wacth out about the fee's! well i had great fun with this phone and it's good and all so yea!

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OK phone..


Oct 30, 2005 by CLLeggore3

I had the Motorola V300 for about a year, and i was pretty durable, and worked great.

The speaker at the top made crackling noises...and i read online that begins to happen.
I now have a Nokia 3220, but am probably going to be getting the Motorola V330 soon, its just like the V300, but it has Bluetooth..

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Oct 4, 2005 by icainc

I used this phone with T-Mobile service for roughly 2 years. Despite several cons, I grew quite attached to it.


- Fairly small for a camera phone.

- Cover LCD displays time and caller ID in a cool blue font.

- Outer blue rubber looks and feels smooth and provides extra protection.

- Speaker phone comes in handy while driving or waiting on hold. No one I spoke to complained while I was using this feature.

- Megatones sound awesome on this phone! Best Ghostbuster's ringtone EVER!!

- Menu is easy to learn and navigate.

- Inner LCD has an adjustable brightness level so it's easy to see.

- Was able to make a call in the back of a bar as well as on some random road in BFE, Oklahoma.


- Number buttons are too small and difficult to push. Don't know why Motorola didn't make them bigger seeing how there is plenty of unused space between them.

- Average battery life. I had to get in the habit of recharging it every other night.

- Camera takes awful pictures.

- Weak vibration function and soft ringer compared to other phones.

- Overall, the reception could've been better, but isn't that the case with every phone and service? My biggest complaint, and this could've been T-Mobile's fault not the phone's, was that no conversation lasted longer than 20 minutes before the call was dropped.

After two years, this phone is still in excellent working condition (even dropped it a few times). I would most likely still be using it if I hadn't switched carriers.

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To blue


Sep 18, 2005 by SiDeKiCk 2

The v300 is a ok phone. Why? I use to have the v300 but then i returned back to them and got another phone. The phone almost deleted my phonebook/contacts and trust me i have alot of people. As a bussiness man I have lots of people and places i need to stay in contact with. It all got erased but luckily i had my entire phonebook saved on the SIM card so that I don't need to transfer numbers every phone i get. The ringer is really soft or hard to hear which a common problem with lots of motorola cell phones. The keypad design is hard to hard to use they. Some of the keys are really wide and some are big. The worst part of the phone is the camera quality. It is really bad. But they have upgraded the v300 and made a new the v330. Which is just like the v300 but the ringer is a little louder the keys are the same length the camera has better quality which is alot better then the v330 and they even decided to add a video camera to it. You can't store a lot of video but it's pretty good. The phone also picks up better reception then the v300. They tried to keep the design the same of v300 and the v330. The front of both phones are the blue are the same shape and the same size. Although i would have to stay that the v330 doesn't sound a lot different then v300 but it is alot different if you compare the quality and upgraded features of the phone. In the end motorola took action and tried to upgrade the v300 and they did a darn good job but let's stick to the topic of discussion and that's the v300 and i would have to say it's not really a good phone or motorola's best phones.

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not impressive


Sep 17, 2005 by romeohbk

this phone was obviously an attempt to gain ground in the market against nokia...i've had mine two years (only because i was locked into a contract with it) and i'm dumping it fast now(thats why i'm hear)...the camera is fine as long as you carry a q-tip to clean the lens off and don't plan on enlarging it any bigger than the screen size...the reception is horrible when standing next to someone with a different phone on the same network...i have to shit my phone off/restart in order to get service sometimes...been in for warranty 3 times to fix the speaker which still loses volume in the earpiece at random...sometimes you have to push the keys 2 or 3 times to get them to work...the cool factor was there...that'll teach me for getting a "cutting edge phone"...there was a reason they stopped making this phone so quickly after it came out...

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Aug 24, 2005 by Tmobilegangster

This phone is da bomb.com. they don't make it anymore so good luck trying to get my way sweet phone. losers. hahahahhahahhaha.

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