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Sep 30, 2008 by jhidalgo80

This phone is basically the Razr in a different shell.

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This was my first Camera Phone!


Aug 22, 2008 by Julius

PROS: Very atrractive to the teenage and twenty-something generation. You can use the speakerphone with the phone shut, the phone had almost an unlimited amount of space on it. This phone for its generation was one worth having. It had that sleek design, and the cool tones-some of which you would've thought you was at the club once you've heard some of them. It took good pictures.

CONS: Seeing that this phone came from T-Mobile, I found out that the phone was free online after the first few months I had it. I was swearing like a sailor BIG TIME when I found that out. I worked off the waterfront, and I couldn't keep a call for anything. This phone wasn't very durable, and after having other problems with the phone, I decided to go back to Verizon after a two-year absence from them, and haven't looked back ever since.

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More Than Satisfied


Sep 6, 2006 by sapnalona

Both of my parents own these phones and they love it. When I saw it, I wanted one too, but of course my contract wasn't over yet.

Straight to the point:

-Loud ringer, speaker, and phone volume.

-Clear call on both sides.

-Good reception better than my samsung d415.

-Easy text messaging.

-Camera good quality, not the best, but decent enough. Remember it's not a digital camera.

So far, it has been a year and these phones are still working good!

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Good, but not longlasting


Aug 19, 2006 by jgisbo007

This phone was awesome for 2 years. After that, I couldn't hear out of it any more. I had to use speaker phone. This problem happened alot with other phones with the same or a variation of the model. I got it for free though so I can't complain, but it's a gamble.

- Good camera
- durable
- personalization and settings very extensive
- good speaker and sound

- skin peels off easily
- the hearing thing

Overall, I'd say this phone isn't worth any more than $50.

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Ok..for a bit


Aug 5, 2006 by Shakaree

I had the Motorola v300 through T-Mobile. Overall in the beginning it performed very well for about 2-3 months then it broke down. It wouldn't hold a signal anymore, calls included echo and static, phone wasn't in general performing anymore. Camera became degraded over time becoming fuzzy and the pictures were coming out very pix-elated. Overall it is a below average phone after it gets used for a little bit.

Good design
Camera Good (In the beginning)

Poor reception
Camera (after 2 months of use)
Call quality
No Bluetooth

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Jul 15, 2006 by keri578

Absolutely LOVED this phone when I first got my hands on it.. a friend of mine gave me hers because my phone at the time had issues. Anyways, it was already two years old and still worked perfectly.. despite the beat up outside and such. Then I ordered my own off ebay that was 5 months old and have had equal amounts of pros and cons.


RINGTONES!! Very clear and hi-fi ringers are a must for this phone.. definitely worth the two bucks for the tones.

Bright, colorful, large screen

Easy to read and the setup is easy to understand

Good camera and my storage space was never ending


don't twist the antenna. I'd twist it absent-mindedly and now the antenna falls out constantly and I've even lost it a few times. Then when you ask for a new one, the new one falls out too because you stripped the antenna hole from twisting it too much.

The ear piece. I had it for maybe a month and the whole sound went out completely and I have to put it on speaker phone in order to hear the other person.

When switching ringers it makes obnoxious bleeps on every ringer.. which is bad when your a high school student and its in your back pocket during class and you lean the wrong way in your seat. BLEEP! BLEEP! Phone gets confiscated.

Semi-bulky.. I got used to it though

Overall its a sweet phone.. but I'm not the only one who has had troubles with the ear piece so thats definitely something to watch out for. I went into T-Mobile to see if there was anything they could do and they snubbed me for buying it through ebay and not them. figures.

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Great basic phone


Jun 7, 2006 by jtee_nfl

This phone is great for the basic owner who just wants to talk and have just alittle fun with it......You can put mp3 ringtones on it with a data cable and phonetools....Plus it compresses the mp3 files when you tranfer them to your phone so I was able to put up to 27 mp3 ringtones of about 45 seconds long on it....the camera also has great quality.....the only thing more I could ask for i a newer version of this phone is more internal memory, memory card capable, and video recording.......other than that this phone id great......

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Another Flimsy Moto


May 22, 2006 by ghettoboi109

Okay Ive had this phone for four months now. And I have nothing but trouble with it.

Pros: Warm inviting Color screen(So nice indeed), Speakephone, decent camera, MP3 Ringtones, Quick Web browsing, fun key layout.

Cons: Screen does not came on for minutes at a time, the earpiece doesn't work. Sometimes speakerphone connects before or after the call is connected.

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Fell Apart...i liked it at first


May 20, 2006 by cuzitwasgood

i was excited to get it...like new from ebay.
i dont want you to buy this phone. it fell apart!

everyone on here says its great...i wish i could post a pic of my moto v300.
first, my anntenna fell off...so i bought a new one...then that one fell off. it shuts off at random times and you lose whatever you were doing when you turn it back on. it stopped charging completely...i have to prop it just right to get the charger to work. then, the ear piece stopped working and would only work if i took the faceplate off. then all the insides are showing and falling off.

all the extras are good...all the stuff that doesnt really matter.
the camera is decent, for an older model.
the ringtones are the best.
the screen is big and inviting.
the best reception.

ive had this phone less than a year and it was like new when i got it. i wouldnt recomend a motorola. they have dysfujnctional earpieces.

its not worth the hassle.

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This phone is crap


Apr 11, 2006 by dyloc

I Used to have a Nokia 3220 and it was great but it had a bad run in with the washing machine so i got this phone

Big screen
Easy to use
Lots of Ringtones

The camera sucks (bad pic quality and the picture shows up later than when you take the pic)
No Video camera
Big.... sticks out even in loose pockets
bad reception (calls are choppy and quiet also has dropped calls before)
awkward keypad with small buttons

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