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motorola v300


Jan 5, 2004 by patshrewsbury

I got 3 of these phones before Christmas. This is by far the best phone I've ever seen or used. The service from T-Mobile has been near flawless, a major improvement over AT&T. Everyone that sees this phone loves it. The only problem is they a hard to get a hold of due to overwhelming demand. I highly recommend this phone!

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GR8 Phone


Dec 20, 2003 by moish

In the last year I have gone through several phones.

I started with the Nokia 9290, I then went to the Pocket-PC Phone, then the Treo-270. Since I didn't like any of the smart-phones I decided to try the regular phones. First I got the Nokia-3650, then the Ericson-T610 next came the Nokia-6610 and finally the Samsung-E715.

The best phone up until now was the E715, I only had two issues with it.
1) No speaker phone
2) If I had a three day beard growth the hair would get snaged on the edge of the screen/frame (ouch!).

Now I got the Motorola-V300 and all I can say is wow, the camera is good (who needs the flash/flashlight) the speaker phone is good, MP3 ring tones are amazing, and best of all the screen is just fantastic, its larger then the E715, shaper, and perfect for T-Zones.

I think my quest is over, at least for now anyway, and to all who are on a quest like I was, all I can say is don't spend more money on other phones, get this one, you wont regret it.

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tired of waiting for the v600 get the v300


Dec 17, 2003 by tbyrdsc93

wow... thats all i have to say when i first saw this phone i wasnt stunned by its looks because i was blinded by the v600s beauty but once the v300 became available it soon grew on me i had to make a tuff choice between this phone and the e715 after playing around with both i think im glad i made my choice the camera on v300 is great so long as there is enough light simple lighting from a street light at night should be enough to get a good picture i love the mp3 ringtones they sound really awesome for people wondering how to download them just upload an mp3 to the Internet and type the url on the phone warning tho it will take some time to download and will use alot of you data plan unless you have unlimited tzones of course i was shocked to find that it had built in AIM and not browser dependent like my t722i the screen... its simply beautiful sound quality from the speakerphone is great i havnt really done any test with reception but so far so good

great display
awesome camera
whopping 5 megs of storage
mp3 ringtones

umm.. i guess the camera has no flash like the e715 and although you can set pictures caller ids the front display cant show the pictures

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Feb 11, 2004 by Biznessman

This phone has had nothing but problems. Basically all software problems to be precise. I see this phone returned on a daily basis because of this. I'm actually shocked that no one here has said anything negative about this phone. Granted all the features on this thing are awesome and its a good looking phone with some great capabilities but once again Motorola comes up short. Every bit of software on this handset has had problems. Granted you can get one that works fine but all I can say to that is good luck. Overall its just a big risk buying this thing because of the multitude of software issues its been having. Your one years manufacturers warranty will cover those problems but its not worth the hassle that it causes. Don't buy this phone wait; for Motorola's next attempt. Go with the Samsung E-715 or the Nokia 3650 if you want a camera phone and are looking for T-Mobile.

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Nov 26, 2003 by niceguy

The word for this handset is "REDEMPTION!" Motorola cleaning up their act a little by launching this phone. Moto's previous recent handsets (t720, t722, c300 series, and v66 have been less than fair because of them cutting costs and hiring snot nosed punks as engineers and buying garbage chips and other stuff. Reception is good. Battery is an amazing improvement and the camera is better than most that are out there. The ringers are a lot louder comparing it to the 720/722 and they actually sound very good. This one hangs with the samsung e715 from tmobile. My biggest complaint still is that moto kept the same nasty charging/data port as all the other motos with the 3 prong connection. You know, the one that will make the phone say "unable to charge" frequently. This is what drove the rating down. If you can deal with this you should go get it. Excellent value. $100 after rebate. [...]

Ed. note: removed commercial content

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Motorola V300 Tmobile


Dec 12, 2003 by twave

I upgraded this phone from a Nokia 3390, also known as the gold brick. Overall I couldn't be happier with this phone. The screen is clear and sharp. The front hyperblue screen on front is great. Good powersave features. The photos are standard webcam style, but really not bad. The battery life is good. Recharging is kinda slow on a dead battery, might consider purchasing second battery. Also the earpiece that came with it? It's really big, unless you are a big person it's going to feel pretty cramped in your ear. The sound quality of the earpiece is bordering mediocre but it works, sometimes the people you are talking to on the headset have a hard time hearing you. However the call quality using no headset is fantastic, people I have called said that I sounded a lot clearer with no background noise. The ringtones are standard and sound just "ok". Just to compare, my friend got a Samsung E105 and that sounds 10 times better, but doesn't have a camera so there you go. The software is pretty standard, no nonsense style. You can take ooodles of pictures with the 5megabyte memory.
Overall this is a high quality Motorola phone and it looks like them boys is back in the game!

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Jun 10, 2004 by mazinga

I have had both v300 and the e715. I really enjoyed the v300 but had issues using the data side of the device. The camera took decent pictures until you would try to send them- when they would become distorted and very blurry. T-mobile shipped me three v300's and the problem still persisted. Also, text messages would lock up the device and not send.
I now have a Samsung e715 and everything works very well. The v300 is a solid phone for voice service but the data services aspect of the device is seriously flawed. I strongly recommend the e715 over the v300 for users who need excellent data service in conjunction with voice. While it is true the v300 is a tri-band phone and the e715 a dual-band, I have not had any issues with the e715 in relation to voice service.

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Able to Change faceplate color for V300


Feb 17, 2004 by bsf

Bought phone a little over one month ago from T-Mobile. Was told I had to live with the blue cover which I did not think looked very professional. Was able to purchase from ebay and easily install matching silver faceplate and battery cover. The phone looks much more mainstream in silver. Other funky colors are available too.

I have been happy with the phone. Noticed when checking email on T-Zones gives menu on screen to go back to inbox which other phones did not allow for.

Compared to the Nokia 6610; the V300 is not quite as good on reception but close. Battery time is slightly less as well. I barely get through the day where with the Nokia the battery would easily last all day. I do use 3000-4000 minutes per month so I am a heavy user.

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not durable but good phone


Jan 10, 2011 by narn3049

the phone top ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYs FELT like it would break off when it was flipped open, but it was a good phone otherwise and i liked it when i owned it. i dropped it and texted on it tons until the top came off and until then it worked excellently. if you buy one that has a stronger flip, then i would get it.

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Jun 29, 2010 by Kellinda

I just purchased this cell phone v300 Samsung model used for like $15.00 dollars. I love it. It is a 2005 year model. That is fine with me. Everything works. It isn't too light weight or too heavy. Really just the right weight. I love a bargain. I love the phone.

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