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Audiovox CDM-9950 / Toshiba VM4050


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Awesome for Text Messaging Fans...


Sep 23, 2004 by toesarenumb

I love this phone. I switched to sprint this month and at first got the Sanyo 8200. I was very unhappy. I text message a lot and that's my main concern with phones. Anyway, I exchanged for this phone and it it so much better for that and others. I'll list Pros & cons below:

*Awesome color screen, best I've seen, it's huge.
*Good selection of ringers
*Video & camera option
*#1 feature in my opinion, you can turn off the POP up for incoming text message, so if someone is using your phone or you are in applications, web, games, text, it doesn't keep appearing on the screen.
*Small, thin phone, yet not SO tiny that you can't use it in one hand for say text and dialing.
*Raised buttons you can feel when typing

*As with any phone I'd like to see more customizing options for users, like moving menus around etc.
*Lock features would be nice, to lock individual applications, like text messaging, so someone can't just pick up and read my messages. An old phone I had did that and it was nice.
*Not many things I would say are a true "con" and I really do like this phone.
Feel free to email if you have specific questions, I know how hard it can be to find the perfect phone, and this one comes close.

Great Phone


Feb 5, 2004 by studj23


The screen on this phone is huge!! Also the quality of the backgrounds and pictures are so good. The pictures are all so incredibly sharp. I wish my tv had as sharp of a picture as this phone does.

The speed of the phone is fast too. When searching for a phone number, it comes right up without a pause.

The sound is good.


The buttons aren't bightly lit up. (minor detail)

The battery cover is of cheap plastic which i am not a fan of.

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WoW! Toshiba screen's are awesome


May 7, 2004 by azndano

First thing I have to say about this phone is WOAH! This phone is truly amazing. This screen will absolutely blow your mind away. At first glance, its just looks like a good screen. But the second its put side by side, it becomes the most obsolete screen on a cell you'll ever see (at least for a while). This phone have great reception and ear piece quality. Some say it's cheap feeling, but its SERIOUSLY, it's not as bad as some make it sound. Here's a pro/con list for you own decision.

SCREEN - absolutely amazing. you may think a few extra thousand colors won't make a difference, but trust me, they do.
VIDEOCAMERA - its pretty neat and one of the best out there. The pictures are fine, but video is more mediocre. You can see the pixels in the video.
SPEAKERPHONE - Half-duplex, but still cool.
FLASH - the flash is used for the camera and the camcorder, but the neat thing is that while in camera mode, you can set the flash for "always on" and you have yourself a mini, bright flashlight on your cell phone

BATTERY COVER - the battery and the battery cover are not one piece like Samsung's. Its sort of like a Nokia; slide of the plastic and there's the battery.
EXTERNAL SCREEN - not the best in the world, but good enough for looking at time and caller ID
FLIP NOT CLOSING APPLICATIONS - the main thing I don't like about this phone. when go into any menu, setting game, or camera, you cannot simply close the flip to exit to the standby screen. If you do, the external screen says
"OPERATION", meaning when you are finished with something, you must push the end key. sounds stupid, but gets on your nerves at times.

all and all, this phone is still worth buying. It's the best of the best if you don't need PDA functions or Ready-Link.

Excellent Phone - Better Than VM4500


Feb 16, 2004 by MotorolaFan

I had the Sanyo VM4500 for about a week, I was not impressed at all with the PTT especially since it is not a new technology on the market. Nextel has been using it for years so I decided to save $50.00 and go with the Toshiba/Audiovox instead.

Display is the best that I have seen on any phone to date.
Has ALL the same bells and whistles as the Sanyo only WITH A FEW MORE!!
Like the option to change Sub LCD and Main LCD
Speaker phone works about as good as any other that I have used.
Camera takes excellent pictures!

Only thing keeping it from getting a Perfect 5 is the battery door which we all have noticed but is well worth dealing with. Maybe they will make an extended battery that will be the door and battery together.

What more can I say, excellent phone. I am glad that I tried both first. Made decision a lot easier.


Great Phone!!!


Feb 15, 2004 by jpoptearz

Large Screen
Great Reception
Fast Internet access
Cool custom functions such as menus, custom menus, and etc

Front LCD is cheap
Cheap battery cover [minor]
The down key and the back key are to close to each other. [minor]

Over all I love the phone, many people claim this phone was poorly designed and has poor reception and etc. I think this phone is great. Theres alot of controversy on which phone is better this one and the sayno 4500. If one was to compare each phone has there own lil functions people prefer, This phone has a better screen, while the sayno has ready link. In my case I didn't need that function because not that many people I know have sprint. This phone looks plain and the sanyo look great. Going on the Internet in my area is faster than the sayno phone. My friend has the sayno so we did some test runs. From me looking at it the color on the screen look to bulky of pixels when compared to the Toshiba phone. And of course depending on the area you live in and the plan you get each phone will work differently. In my case since over here is free roaming and etc, the reception is wonderful!! I haven't received a drop call and break ups on my side for now. My friend that lives in the same area with the same phone but no free roaming has bad quality. That free roaming makes a difference, and it's only 5 dollars extra. From what I know, it bites off all the peoples towers such as verizon, ATT, and etc. Maybe since I'm not extra picky on how a phone is made, I consider this phone well built. Alot of people claim it's like a toy. Once you open up that screen and go on the Internet, your like on a mini computer. I think this phone is great to have and everyone should try it. Over all the best camera phone out there for the time being. Not of course until the mega pixels come out and etc. A must have phone.

Best phone on the market


Apr 1, 2004 by ortsac

The Toshiba is the best phone of the year. I keep seeing people compare it to the sanyo 5500, which is also a great phone. But here we have a great speakerphone excellent camera video camera could be a bit sharper, but what do you need sharpness for when you only have 15 seconds. once the upgrade comes out with longer video clip's then sure you'll need a camera with better stabilization. as for now y'all could hold your hands steady for 15 second or lay off the coffee.
As for the reception nothing wrong with it. Plenty of memory so far and the battery life is incredible. I was on line for 5 hours the other day and the batt only dropped 1/3 of a charge.
The color quality is UN matched by any thing on the market.

Don't sleep on this phone. it's GRRRRRRRREEEEEEEAAAAAT!!!!

This Phone Rocks!


Mar 27, 2004 by Bizarro Stormy

I love this phone! I have been a loyal Samsung user for years, and this i my first time deviating, and I'm so glad I did! The screen is AMAZING and the customizable menu's are awesome. My only complaint is caller groups. I can't find any way to do caller groups with this phone. Other than that, the reception's great, the voice quality is great, the speaker is great. Also the TTY feature is fun to play with.

Not bad, but not what I was looking for


Mar 14, 2004 by anthromatt

1)Obviously the screen...fantastic
2)Call clarity
3)Menu/setting customization
5)Openwave web browser

1)feel...very slick feeling plastic...nearly dropped the phone twice in 3 days.
2)Browser cache size limit...probably Sprint's fault
3)external LCD not great, hard to read outside
4)Not the bet looking phone out there
5)speakerphone is weak, cannot be used while phone is closed.
6)video quality is very poor and picture quality could be better
7)lack of control on video and camera settings (when compared with Sanyo 5300 or 5500).
8) Very few apps or games for this phone, though that may change.

Overall it is a very nice phone and I would never not recommend it to anyone. My own experiences were that after I got over the amazing screen quality though, that I found myself wondering what made the phone so special. Aside from the screen, it was not dramatically better than my wife's Sanyo 5500 in any respect. The Toshiba has a slightly clearer earpiece, but I was very disappointed with the weak speakerphone. I was also somewhat disappointed with the very poor quality of the video camera. Video clips were pixelated and very jerky, while my wife's Sanyo at least produced smooth, if somewhat grainy, video.

In the end I decided to exchange the phone for the 5500 because i could not justify keeping the phone because of the screen alone...epsecially since 95% of the time the phone is either closed or up against my face...two situations when seeing the screen is not possible. If you are a heavy Vision user consider the Toshiba...browsing is nice on this phone...just make sure you have good eyes or a magnifying glass to read the tiny fonts.

Great Phone


Mar 10, 2004 by roboace2001

All I can say is Wow! This phone is fab. In the past 6 months I have gone through three different phones (2 Samsung A620's and a Sanyo 8100) and this one is by far the best I have seen so far. The screen is the main focus on the phone. Its like looking at a computer screen, so real and life like. The only downside to this phone is the ringer speaker, but that can be over looked because this phone is so great. the down falls of the Samsung A620 and the Sanyo 8100 have been greatly improved apon. I love the speaker phone option on this phone and all my friends always want to play with it. This phone is great and i love to keep playing with it. All my friends can go screw themselves with their Sanyo's and Samsungs because this phone ROCKS!



Feb 25, 2004 by jgallandt

Love the phone, but the memory cashe' is way below expectations. I got the camera for the images, but the low memory allowed for that is way below par. everything else I love.

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