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Good picture quality Poor construction


Feb 21, 2004 by diggemtroy

As to the picture quality it is the best that I have seen. The phone has an awesome feature to where you can record a memo and make that your ringer. The thing's that I don't like about the phone is that the phone feels cheap. It feels like all the Audiovox phones, plastic and poor quality. The ringer on the phone is also very poor. If you get a cool ringer and have the phone on high vibrate the quality is very distorted and it doesn't sound good until it is on the medium volume. Overall if you want a phone with good display quality and a couple of cool features then its a good phone. If you like the vocal ringers and cool sound but you need it on high volume, I personally would not recommend.

Great Phone!!


Feb 14, 2004 by jsirak

Undoubtedly the start-of-the-art flip camera phone available today.

-Excellent reception
-Full complement of features
-Very convenient direct (not web-based) text and picture messaging.
-Beautiful screen, including excellent graphics and ability to display large amount of textual data
-Faily compact size

My only (relatively minor) reservation is that the phone is slightly thicker than my previous Samsung A500.

Altogether a fantastic phone!

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Great display & battery but not much more


Feb 14, 2004 by GrandWazoo

-beautiful main display
-good battery life
-still camera shots pretty good for VGA qulaity
-hard to see or read the outer display
-clumsy camera options menu
-poor video quality

Bottom line: Wait until the mega-pixel cameras come out later this year that can take advantage of the higher res displays. This phone is simply not worth $329.

Surprise, surprise


Sep 7, 2007 by deanofpledges

Bought this phone for my wife as a birthday present. Honestly I didn't pay too much for this phone ($99 brand new) and wasn't expecting much of it. My wife has now had this phone for over a month, and I can honestly say I'm jealous of her phone. For
starters, the screen supports 262k colors, which is definitely better than a lot of the "lower end" sprint phones. Screen resolution is absolutely amazing. Also what's great is it will allow her to record video clips, and comes with a 1.3 camera. The only mark against this phone is that the ringer can sound distorted if you have an mp3 as a ringer and the volume is on high. My wife absolutely LOVES this phone.

Amazing phone - I hate to get rid of it....


Mar 25, 2007 by aquarius1

When I got this phone two years ago I knew that I would like it, but I never realized exactly how much I would enjoy it. The photo quality has got to be one of the best ones on the market. I get compliments on the pictures I take with my phone constantly, even when there are newer and better phones on the market. This phone has been through the rinse cycle of my washing machine and still survived! Sturdy, dependable, and well worth the money.

- Great Photo quality and screen size.
- Great for text messaging; raised numbers
- You can set the background picture to change on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis - I don't know of any other phone that does that.

- Sound quality (ringtones) isn't the best, a lot of it is very fuzzy and muffled.
- Hard to get reception (at leat in my area; but I live in a very populated area in Florida, so I know it is not my service)
- Battery life takes a sudden drop after the first year and a half and the battery is somewhat hard to find.

I hope you all find this review helpful!

Extremely customizable but...


Dec 17, 2005 by geo036

I really like phones that offer extreme customization right from the factory and this one allows you to pretty much change the layout/format of just about every screen, with many screens having multiple layout options. But...as a phone...its rather lacking...and thats its number one job. Speaker phone pretty much sux...loud but not very clear, not a fully functional 2-way speaker phone, can't talk at the same time. Earpiece could be a little louder/clearer and the reception is pretty spotty. as stated in other reviews the screen res is just amazing. I've had this phone for 2 years and am just now looking to move on...Sprint customer service has never been up to speed on this phone...and matter of fact this phone is now discontinued.

Excellent Phone!!!


Oct 22, 2005 by jlg183

This has probably been the best phone I've used to date. The size of the screen is awesome, the spacing on the buttons is great, especially if you are a text messaging fan, and this phone also has a great deal of memory for downloads.

Screen size
Button Spacing
Great reception
Awesome construction

speaker phone not so great

Can Sprint top this?


May 6, 2005 by KCSTEWART

I have been with Sprint for a year now. And of course everyone hates their network coverage. My wife has a Sprint phone and a couple of my friends. They all have problems with droped calls and coverage, except me. I think it is due to the VM4050. The reception compared to my wife and friends Sprint phones is awesome, and it is clear. This phone really exploits Sprints all digital network. People don't realize that Sprint is unique because they have a complete digital fiber optic network that was built from the ground up, and in time it will get better. Other carriers like Verizon are maid up of like 3 sub carriers with inconsistant technological use of towers...some being analog, etc. and thats what makes them have such great coverage...can you hear me know ! Sprint built theirs from the ground up and in time will get better, and they have a way better phone selection than any one. Well this isn't about Sprint, so lets get on the VM4050. The screen rocks, and I like the way it looks. It has a tech look to it. I don't like phones that look sexy or sweet. I like the tech look. I like the way the hinge locks when open and shut. Until Sprint offers another phone with performance and looks like this one...I am going to keep using this one. I have dropped it 3 times over the course of a year and it is constructed good. It needs bluetooth. When Sprint gets EV-DO going then forget about the bluetooth. I am wondering if Sprint is holding back with awesome phones in awaiting for EV-DO launch, until then vm4050 is the only one for me.

Toshiba 4050


Apr 2, 2005 by teejay69

I purchased this phone the day it became available for SPRINT. That was about 2 years ago. I have to this date been unable to find a phone to take it's place, and believe me I'm always looking.


1. Awesome internal screen! Nothing comes close unless you jump into pocket PC's.
2. Start up time is almost instant.
3. Ease of use, durability, size are perfect.
4. Customizable in all ways.


1. Ear piece could be louder.
2. Speaker phone in closed position not possible.
3. More lock down options would be good.

Most of the problems I would say I've had, if any, were related to SPRINT issues. The phone itself has been awesome. Give me this phone with a RAZOR look and I'd hop on it.

Yeah baby


Mar 29, 2005 by genesismage

This is an awesome phone, no joke. Besides it having one of the largest screens out there...the sound quality, picture capabilities and video, speaker phone and a host of other great features, it's just an all around good phone. I'm in the southern New Jersey area and on Sprint's PCS network...reception is great, except in a few buildings mainly with large amount of metal (warehouses, etc.)...even then I still get at least one bar of service.

This phone offers SO MANY features for such a low price. I got mine for only 29.87 at Sam's Club. The picture quality is as great as any other handheld digital camera, same with the video, granted you provide enough light. This phone comes with a flash...it doesn't really do much for the pictures, though. But it's great as a mini flashlight!

Customizable menus are another fun thing with this phone. Picture caller ID, text messaging, personalized shortcut menus, internet access, large external LCD screen, crazy frames for taking funny pictures, zoom on the camera and camcorder, memo recording...you can record someone saying something funny and have that clip play when they call. The list could go on and on...

The main downfall is that, because it has so many features, the battery goes relatively quickly. Even then, you can buy a supercharged lo-ion extended battery on-line for about 10 bucks. The back cover is a little flimsy, but that's with almost all cell phones...I've to come across a situation that I've needed to take the back cover off.


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