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Audiovox CDM-9950 / Toshiba VM4050


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i love this phone


Jan 17, 2005 by skatepunk493

its great 4 me! i had my power out and the movie light lit up the room... lol. GREAT CAMERA!!!!!! i took pictures and i can make them the SUB LCD!!!!!even though im a teenager, ive had lots of phones. cingular was the Nokia 7610, verizon was the keyocera QCP 3035, and tmobile was the 3650.. this is the best phone yet!!its small (smaller than my other phones and my dads sanyo scp5300!) Great color screen. i still give it a 5 but the batterie doesnt hold the charge very long...

Still My Favorite Phone EVER


Jan 16, 2005 by ALostTexan

I have had this phone for about 9 months now, and it is by far my favorite phone that I have owned. I have used the Sanyo phones, and the Samsungs, and this is better than either of them.

I hate the Sanyo phones because they only offer 8 speed-dial numbers. I mean, come on, 8??? The Samsungs will allow you to use hundreds, which is overkill in a way, but I used "Speed Dial Groups", and use them quite a bit. The Toshiba, though, will allow you to set a speed-dial on each individual number for a person, for instance, #50 for a person's mobile number and #51 for their home, but you don't have to enter a different entry into your phone book. I find this very nice.

The screen simply speaks for itself. Totally crisp and clear. If it had a faster internet service, the MobiTV would look great, so I can't give the phone a perfect 5.

The text messaging is very simple on this phone, as you can send/receive TM's without logging onto the internet, which is quite convenient.

The camera is also great. I have a moblog, and use the camera quite alot, and the pictures on there look great. The video is a bit lacking, but I don't use it too much, so this isn't a big issue to me.

The reception on this phone is outstanding. I travel alot on the road between Ohio and NYC, and there are few areas that I don't get reception. Also, I work in the Operating Room of a hospital, and most people can never get reception there, but I NEVER have a problem with mine.

The speaker-phone fuction is very good. I can generally use it at home alone to talk to someone, which is hard to find.

If I could improve the phone, I would upgrade the technology to make the internet access faster (go to WAP 2.0) and make the loading of the pictures to/from the Sprint site faster. Also, I would make the top left/right keys custom keys, because I don't sue the Voice Message feature much. I suppose adding the Ready-Link too, although I probably wouldn't use it much.

Still my favorite phone!!!

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Not too bad at all...


Jan 12, 2005 by Negro

This phone is REALLY awesome! The screen... amazing. The custom features... the best I've seen. The only thing bad I can say is that it is big and cheap feeling. But I love it still

Awsome Screen


Dec 12, 2004 by pooponmyshoe

Has the best screen i have seen so far (this is my 10th phone w/sprint in 6 months) but the rest of the phone is cheap looking.

Pros: screen very clear/vivid
battery is average
pictures are nice and clear
very fast internet

Cons: cheap looking
application stay when closed
cant use speaker when its closed
voice dial is slow to respond and
doesnt beep first

Not user friendly


Dec 2, 2004 by lordland

I selected this phone because of all the features that it has. I spent more hours than I can count trying to figure out how to get things to work. The menu system is not user friendly at all. Even the sales rep could not figure out many of the problems. Side buttons are pushed by accident too easily. Returned this phone and went back to moto v551. Much easier to use.

Pros: This phone does it all
Camera, Video w/ sound, Good screen

Cons: Too hard to figure out and set up. Signal pick-up with Sprint was not as good as Alltel or Cingular for my area.

The Best PCS Phone Ever


Sep 16, 2004 by weasel57

Overall, the best reception phone on the market with the clearest screen now available. The only thing that it's missing is bluetooth capabilities. Otherwise, this phone is the poop!!!

Great Phone!!!


Sep 15, 2004 by Bleekerstreets

I think this phone is excellent! The screen is phenomenal, the call quality is awesome, the pictures look great, and the ring tones are nice and loud.

I also really like how the menus are completely customizable, meaning you can create your own icons and backgrounds for the menu screen. And with the "my menu" feature, you can create your own categories and options. Definitely a nifty touch!

The only negative I can think of would be that the external screen is of low quality...but I think the crappiness of the outer screen is perpetuated and made more prominent by the superior quality of the main screen.

Also, whats up with the yellow camera light?

Definitely check this phone out!

I love my phone


Jun 15, 2004 by ButtaKnife

I loved my old Sanyo phone but when I started playing with the 4050 I couldn't put it down. There were a few things I had to get used to with Toshiba/Audiovox's software set up, but overall I'm very pleased with this phone. The memory size is double the size of the Sanyo 5500 (about 4mb) so I'm able to store lots of pictures and vid clips. Of course, the amazing screen is what pulled me in originally due to the fact that I use Vision quite frequently. As with any phone it does have some things to consider:

- Lack of application support (Can't blame Audiovox really... they're not as large in the Sprint market as Samsung or Sanyo, and the new screen size makes it difficult to port existing apps. As long as MobiTV and the Weather app are eventually created for my phone I'll be happy. Tetris looks crisp on it hehe)
- The phone kinda feels lightweight...almost fragile. It's not, I've already discovered this, but it just feels like it
- Some have mentioned about how closing the phone does not exit any apps or menus open. After a while I learned to like that though. It grows on you. I could open up a page in Vision and come back to it later if I had to interrupt my browsing
- It seems like there's some issues when entering text and trying to use the Right Arrow shortcut (when you enter a letter and push Right instead of waiting for the cursor). Once in a while I end up overwriting characters if I'm trying to quickly make an entry. It might be my coordination though, who knows.

Anyway, I love my phone. I rated it a 5.0 because I believe it's the best choice for a higher-end phone with the current line-up. Yes, it has some quirks, but nothing is truly perfect. I hope this helps someone out there.

My Unbiased Review of this phone


May 26, 2004 by myraja

So far i have used this phone for 5 days.

Beautiful, Vivid, Fluid Screen. Images appear beautiful and easy on the eyes
Good Quality Camera for Still photography
Better Quality sound (truer voice quality)
The Half Duplex speakerphone seems to operate smoother than the Sanyo RL 2500
Internet browsing is faster than the Sanyo

Speakerphone is NOT Loud. You gotta be sitting in a quiet place to hear it clearly. Apparently sound is reproduced thru a cheap small speaker, that when turned all the way up, rattles and sounds tinny. You need to drop it a notch to get the sound clear.
I have heard this from other ppl as well as my experience. If you use a handsfree kit, the sound is NOT loud. Its high is a Medium setting on most phones. If you like Loud and clear this may not be the best to go with.

ANother issued i have noticed, I get more dropped calls on this compared to the SANYO i used. Reception comes and goes in areas i had rock solid reception on the Sanyo.

A little bit Bulky case
The Keypad gets Warm to touch after 20+ minutes of talk/web surfing
Battery life is not that great!
Very Customizable Menu/graphics & great options of ringtones & alerts.

Otherwise this is a Descent phone. Personally i would forefit the Video capability and have just camera & Speakerphone.

Outstanding with a few glitches


Apr 16, 2004 by ffourtwenty

I purchased this phone shortly after hearing that the provider's coverage area even extends to areas that used to be nuclear test sites! Ahh, Sprint. Ahh, Toshiba 4050. This phone has just about everything you could want in a phone, save ways to communicate with *other* phones, such as infrared or Bluetooth. The flip has a very techno *click* when opened, the display will dazzle you with it's spotless CG Silicon quality that rivals even top-line LCD or DLP TV units, and the clarity of this phone's RF package is the finishing touch. Ringtones are the usual bizarre pre-loaded midis, ALL of which were promptly removed and replaced with other custom midis that were sent from various "upload" sites such as 3gupload.com. You can customise the displays with your own images - including the menu screens using such sites (or pay big $$$ to your provider). This phone has a few drawbacks that I will point out just so this review isn't all joy-joy. The battery life is short, so get the larger 1100mAh battery! No wonder considering it displays 262,400 colours + 65,500 colours on the outside display! I actually had the battery last 41 minutes during an analog roam call in the middle of the Nevada desert! Next, DON'T turn the ringtones all the way up! The speaker will sound as if it's going to explode and you'll get a nice buzz each time it rings after that. Last, why can't they put the handsfree plug in a better spot? Maybe the top? WHY must it be on the side? Oh well. Get one if you want the best display out there and like CDMA phones. Sprint PCS Northern Nevada. Cost: $111 (after $50 rebate) Place: Best Rebate (Best Buy) Contract: 2 years. Bill with everything: $75/Month - 700 minutes, 7pm nights, web, picture/video mail, sms, POP3/IMAP email, games, news, blah blah. Worth it!

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