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Jun 24, 2011 by Lonell

I currently own the Epic 4g and is switching to the EVO 3D for the speed and the memory. What can I say, this EVO phone is amazing. Its very fast and responsive. My only gripe is that the specs states that this is a 4 gig internal memory but when I check it under about phone, it states that it has a 1.15GB internal. Which is very deceiving. I would love to have more internal memory but other then that, the phone is great. I haven't put a lot of apps on it so, I am working on that, to see how the phone really handles it. I defintely love the EVO 3D better then the Epic 4g, SORRY SAMSUNG! Now the Epic do look a little bit more colorful, but thats about it.


Speed between Home Screens,
Blue Tooth connections
The Only 3D phone Out!


Internal Memory could be more
8 gb SD card included, should at least be 16gb
I do miss the options of the apps sliding left to right like the Epic 4g

Over all, I would recommend this phone. Its defintely Sprints best phone hands down. If you is a sprint customer, GO GET THIS PHONE ASAP! Before they sell out like the regular EVO did.

The next level smart phone, unbelievable!


Jun 24, 2011 by bjaubin

Just picked it up this morning at the Shack and everything went smooth. They actually set up an appointment earlier in the week which worked out great. The phone is insane, I don't know where to start, best thing to do is just go to your local Sprint store and play with it. First thing I noticed was the speed, this thing is faster than my netbook! and it shows, it's very snappy. The 3D feature is in incredible, I can imagine after a few cold ones you might be in trouble! To keep from getting a headache view the pictures as least a foot away then they look sweet. I was at Bob Evans for breakfast and took a picture of the ketchup bottle and seeing Heinz57 in 3D is pretty crazy. Of course the con is always the battery granted I haven't put it down in a few hours but it seems to hold up well. There is no question this phone takes it to the next level.

Smart phone of the year!!!


Jun 25, 2011 by jaytrix23

A beast!!! I have been with this phone now for about 17 hours and must say I am shocked at how complete of a device the EVO 3d is. I was a former I phone 4 user but switched to the first EVO last winter because of all hoops I had to go through with the I phone and have been extremely pleased with the evo but now I'm in heaven. the EVO 3d is so responsive so fast and super super luxurious!! It's like what Batman would use if he had a cell phone so many bells and whistles that I'm just blown away I will be buying my wife one this weekend at full retail since we don't have an upgrade but it is worth every single penny!!!



Jun 24, 2011 by Lito187

I will make this short and sweet. The phone is fast and the display is beautiful. 3d pictures look good and so does the video. It is Super fast fast fast. I upgraded from my Evo and right now they are doing the buy back so I only paid $50.00 at Sprint. Worth it go buy it.

HTC nailed it! again!


Nov 10, 2011 by jamilea144

First things first DON'T buy this phone for the 3d aspect of it. Don't get me wrong, it is cool but is not the best part of this phone.

-Hardware design is not nearly as well designed as the original Evo. The 3d feels a tad cheaper.
-The charger port on the side is somewhat awkward but you get used to it.
-The battery life is WAAAAAY better than the original Evo which I had 2 charge 3-4 times a day. The 3d will last me nearly all day.
- The signal reception is a little worse than what I'm used to.
All these cons are very minor compared to some phones I have had.

- The processor is FAST!
- 3d is a cool thing to show off to friends.
- Camera is high quality and works well.
- Android OS is still the best.
- Everything else is a PRO..... this phone is great!

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Hardware Usability  
Hardware Quality  
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Stood The Test of Time


Dec 16, 2015 by guidomelcor

Carrier: Virgin Mobile

I have had this phone since it was introduced by Virgin Mobile and it has been very reliable.
Great screen
Adequate memory
Able to run Flash
Very Fast
Good camera
Good Audio Quality Virgin Mobile Boston area.
3D feature, although not a lot of material, is
quite amazing. YouTube has some 3D videos that
can really show its capabilities

Battery life not so great, but it's on par for competitive
Android OS cannot be upgraded but that's maybe a good thing.

Very Good Phone.


Apr 9, 2013 by iSmart

This is a very good phone that I think was discontinued too early. It came out 2 years ago and it can still pretty much hold a candle to middle-high end smartphones.

-Speed, with a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm snapdragon that is running on dual core, going thru apps is not a problem.

- Battery life is great getting through about 17+ hours on a full charge, and that's with Twitter, text, web surfing, email and YouTube going throughout the day.

-reception on this phone is very good, I'm running off the sprint network and I have 4-5 bars consistently.

- solid construction, it has some weight to it without feeling like I have a dumbbell in my hand and without it being super bulky.

Cons: I only have two big problems with this phone
1. The speaker stinks soo bad, it too low and when its too low on videos and the ringer and notifications are loud and sound like the speaker is busted.

2. The power button is really awkward, to me it doesn't stick out far enough and is too flush with the top so you go to press it and think you are but aren't.

Besides those two things, really great phone.

Not For Everyone - Going Back To Motorola TRIUMPH


Jun 4, 2012 by anf2374

I bought this phone from Radio Shack a few days ago. The screen was crooked near the lower right corner (extra space if you look closely). I exchanged it for another one; on the 2nd phone, the screen seemed more center, but I found another defect... a bright white speck of light coming through the black area around the capacitive buttons. Needless to say, I've been very unhappy with the overall quality, especially considering it's $300. Not only that, but I found that there are numerous incompatibilities with Android 4.0. Font text can be off in some apps, on other apps certain features just don't work, or are not even showing as available when they should.

4G is a GIMMICK. 3D is also a GIMMICK. To get 4G you pretty much have to be outside, and go through the process of searching for signal... hope you can get one, even in areas that show 4G as available. Not only that, 4G also drains the battery more. The 3D feature makes my eyes go absolutely bonkers... it's almost like looking through an old-fashioned 3D book of some sort with many horizontal lines.

While the screen is bigger (4.3" vs. Triumph's 4.1"), it is only longer, and actually LESS wide, giving the illusion of almost a smaller screen. The enhanced resolution is nice, but makes the screen harder to read (everything appears smaller). Voice quality on calls is good. The speakerphone isn't loud, neither are any of the ring tones, or otherwise. In short, the speakerphone sucks! The phone is also thicker and more bulky... and you're going to want a case to protect it... even adding more thickness and weight.

I returned the 2nd unit today for a REFUND.

I'm going back to the my Motorola TRIUMPH!!! Yes, the Triumph has it's glitches, but still I'm satisifed with everything else about it... a perfectly centered screen, thin body, Rocketfish TPU case (smoke color). Clean installation of 2.2 Android. And if you have a Triumph, I recommend the following programs: Extended Controls, Go Launcher EX, Juice Defender.

Good for less than a year


Apr 18, 2012 by octoarms

PRO-Zippy, very responsive, 4G WiMAX
CON-Sence, come on it 2.3 do we really need a custom UI?, Battery! My phone is rooted and I have it under-clocked to save battery when the screen is off and memory optimizer, if I get a day, I'm lucky. Hot, if you like to use your phone as a phone, make it short, it gets uncomfortable to hold due to the heat. my biggest gripe QUALITY. There is none, my phone has a mind of its own, if you're done talking and the screen was locked, not anymore it's not, full access not needing your code, it likes to randomly not work on the touch, or it receives a ghost signal and the phone does its own thing so you can't do anything, it just vibrates like you're touching the bottom buttons though you're not.Or what about when you unlock it and just hangs so you have to shut the screen off. Have fun replacing the glass if it breaks.

I'm to the point I don't give a darn about this phone. I really hate it, I just want to smash it and be done with it. Do yourself a favor AVOID this heap if you plan on having it for a year, bought 7/2011, this posted 4/2012. I don't treat my phone like poo, there is no water damage, it's in a rubber bumper. I treat it well, and it treats me poor.



Jan 19, 2012 by Roddy229

I've been in the telecommunications industry for years now, and have tried every smartphone OS there is. And to be blunt, I love Android. With the EVO 3D, it unwraps a whole new animal with HTC. The revised UI with sense 3.0 is amazingly fast, responsive, and even for me can easily keep up. While the camera's major highlight is it's 3D functionality, I primarily use the standard mode. The battery is pretty quintetck to drain, but turning your background data off helps immensely with that. All around, I feel it's a good buy.

Fast snapdragon processor (much better then it's predecessor)
Revised Sense UI.

Battery life.
Loss of hdmi

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