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Best Phone Sprint Has Ever Put Out!


Jun 29, 2011 by levybarnes1

I just traded in my EVO 4G and I was reluctant to do so based on the reviews I saw which had me a little scepticle. But when I went by the Sprint Store and played with the EVO 3D, it blew me away.

It is so much faster then the Evo 4G and any phone i've ever seen.

The picture quality is great along with the response while using the apps on it. Without the use of my bluetooth, I get full battery use all day long. From 5:00 AM until about 9:00 pm. Compared to the Old EVO it was done between 12 and 2pm. This is a keeper. I would recommend this phone to everyone who wants the ultimate Android Phone.

I also love the fact they took my old EVO in for $150 leaving me with only $50 to pay, not including taxes.

HTC and Sprint, You formed a great team.

Just a darn good solid phone


Jun 28, 2011 by Darynm

Coming from the original EVO 4G which is a phone I still hold in good regards, this new EVO 3D is a clear and defined UPGRADE. It's faster, has a better screen and battery life has increased some. I love the enhanced user interface. Just polished in my opinion. Mixed pre-release reviews before updates had me on the fence. I have no regrets. It's just amazing to me what all phones can do that are taken for-granted... Bottom line, I highly recommend this phone...

Pros: Screen, Speed and Slick...

Cons: I miss the kickstand and I wish the charging port was still on bottom of phone. Trivial

BEST Phone available (in my opinion)


Jun 28, 2011 by Benzb

Let me start by saying that I am a cellular phone addict. I have had most of the top phones available including the Motorola Atrix (AT&T), HTC Inspire (AT&T), HTC Sensation (T-Mobile), Droid 2 Global (VZW), iphone 4 (VZW - still have it), etc. In my opinion, this phone blows them all away. Even though I love Apple products and I think the iPhone 4 is a great device, I still think that this phone does everything the iPhone 4 does and more. Comparing it to other Android devices, this phone blows them all away! The screen is beautiful, it is fast, it manages applications well, HTC did a wonderful job with Sense 3.0, and Sprint's Wimax 4G coverage (where it's available) is actually very good. The 3D is a bonus but definitely not something thats a bid deal.

To make it short, if you are a Sprint customer, get this phone! If you are not a Sprint customer and are in an area that has good/decent Sprint coverage, I would definitely recommend trying out this phone and their service for 30 days and see how you like it. If it doesn't work out for you, you can always cancel the service and return the equipment (in the 30 days) and they will refund your service fees.

Horsepower all around + 3d really works


Jun 28, 2011 by HandH

Everything is FAST on this phone -- really fast. No lags in OS, web browsing, or any of the apps I've tried. Downright amazing. And, although I agree with some that 3d is a novelty, it works and looks great. Every one of the 15 or so folks that I've demoed it for have been amazed, myself included.

Best Sprint Phone to DATE!!!!!!!!!


Jun 27, 2011 by stephenl65

No problems with my eyes watching 3d on this phone. I think it is pretty much the best phone I have ever used and I have had many in my 13 plus years with Sprint. Thank you HTC and Sprint for this wonderful put together phone. It amazes me more and more each day and I have had it since the 22nd of June.

I luv my Evo!!!!!


Jun 27, 2011 by jewell85

I preordered my phone for the 24th, I was coming from a Rumor Touch which I hated this is my first smartphone and its android I luv it the apps are so cool I will.never go back to a basic phone ever again. I don't use the 3d that's just an added bonus when the signal is strong the downloads are very fast I wonder.what Sprint will do to top this one!!!!!!



Jun 27, 2011 by JimSpencer7

I am an EVO 4G user who migrated over to the new EVO 3D. I was not sure what to expect, but I was more than pleasantly surprised! I really did not get the 3D for the 3D features, I got the phone to see if it was more robust, easier to manage, etc. Well, I got everything I wanted because this new phone gives the user much more control over the resources as well as more internal memory. It is noticeably faster and still blows the iPhone out of the water. I am now an HTC fan. They seem to be the real innovators in the market place and until they slip on a banana peal, I will continue to buy their phones. Just a thought from an old IT guy out there.

The New Face of Sprint!


Jun 25, 2011 by xenogeist

I just got this phone and did my comparisons and I am totally blown away. Gonna keep this short and sweet. I have rocked out with this phone but I also have an Evo 4G as well. Evo 3D for me!

-Updated right outta the box. At least Sprint is keeping up with the current software.
-3D camera is out of this world and I love the fact that you can switch from 2d to 3d mode. Clarity is awesome.
-Improved sound and screen switching...goes on and on and on...

-As usual, heavy usage will drain the battery but thats to be expected.
-HDMI out is no longer available to connect to a high def tv...will miss that!
-True, micro sd card could be bigger, I would love to have another 16 gb card, but anyway.

All in all I love this phone. Sprint got it right and HTC banged out with another great platform phone. Hope Sprint never gets rid of the unlimited data plans!

Sweet Phone


Nov 8, 2011 by btimberlake

I've had this phone for about a month now and its my first Android phone and so far I love it. The 3d camera is awesome and impressive. I upgraded from the Instinct HD which I thought was sweet at one time but the Evo 3d is so much nicer than the Instinct line.

I know everyone complains about the battery life but where I live at during the school year I roam so but even roaming my battery life wasn't too terribly bad until I installed an app called Lookout. Lookout has drained my battery worse than roaming and talking on it did. I was hoping for/thought the SD card was going to be 16 GB instead of 8.

Here are my pros and cons on this phone.

Awesome camera. I love how you can switch between 2d and 3d
Pictures send a lot quicker/the gallery of all my pics and videos loads quicker than the first Instinct I had (the original one) and the HD one.

Love the Android Market

I guess its because of the 3g (no 4g in my area) but even though I roam texts I can send and receive texts with no problems.

I was a little disappointed that the phone didn't come with headphones. Even the Instinct HD came with headphones and an SD card adapter.

Bigger SD card. I have less than 10 aps, not a lot of pics taken, only two videos yet the space on the card is more than half way filled.

Text message ring tones that are on the phone already: just a quick sound. I wish it was a longer tone.

No software for this phone came with it (maybe this is normal, I dont know though) but my Windows XP computer can only charge the phone and when I tried using it on a Windows 7 computer I had trouble transferring stuff.

Not all my music that I had transferred over when I tried. This might be my fault, not sure.

I think it would have been cooler to have dual 8 mega pixel camera

Radio Shack had this phone for $100 so I got Best Buy to price match. I was debating over this or saving up for the new IPhone but glad I chose the Evo 3d. So far its the best phone I've ever had!

Faster than evo4g


Jun 25, 2011 by hankwatt

Full disclosure, I've been a sprint manager for five years so I may be slightly bias.

This phone went through 4 updates since htc generously gave me mine... Don't forget to download and install to get rid of a few bugs!

Not too crazy about leaving behind my OG Evo for a device with a locked bootloader but the extra memory/processors/qhd display/dlna/1080p capture was too appealing. Yes it does still have hdmi out and even that has been upgraded.

Sense v3 is most impressive but I prefer adw customization still. Sort of like how I still prefer handcent and swiftkey, etc. Come on Netflix! And come on xda!

Almost forgot the 3d part... Have to admit capture is better than I expected. Props for dedicated camera button and the switch to turn off the 3d lense. Green Hornet didn't work but youtube 3d rocks and definitely a wow factor.

Don't forget to protect the lense with the htc case (with the kickstand) and come up on a few extra batteries. Now its just a matter of parting ways with my OG.

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