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Best Phone Offered


Jan 17, 2012 by Quipbw

This is by far the best phone I have ever owned! It is so fast it, blew me away the first day. The 3D pictures, movies and games are great.

- *1.2 GHZ Dual Core Snapdragon Processor (Amazing)
- Large 4.3" touch screen
- 3D model
- 1gb Ram
- Very Attractive Phone
- Feels Great in Hand

- A little big for my gf ( but she is very small) Its perfect for me.
_ None besides that :)

Best phone released so far this year


Aug 19, 2011 by sether

Don't buy the EVO 3D simply because it has a three-dimensional stereoscopic display; buy it because it has a dual-core CPU, 4.3" qHD screen, 1GB of RAM, 1.3MP front-facing camera, 4G WiMAX data, and HTC Sense 3.0. Too many people dismiss the EVO 3D as a "gimmick" because of the parallax-barrier 3D display but forget that even without the 3D functionality, it's still the best phone on the market. Do not be fooled like so many have.

I can fill this review with praise for HTC for releasing such a phenomenal product but instead I'll actually focus on the cons of the EVO 3D. Listing "pros" would be too easy:

-A bit too much pre-loaded software that can't be removed (though some of it can)
-Notification bar must be slid down entirely in order to view all notifications (this problem does not plague stock Android builds; it is Sense-specific)
-Carousel effect on the homescreen can't be disabled unless you use an alternative launcher
-Google Talk still cannot do video chat even with OTA update to Android 2.3.4
-No kickstand
-Sprint 3G is unacceptably slow for a superphone such as the EVO 3D; Sprint 4G coverage is still lacking in some areas

I was tempted to list battery life as a con, but in actuality it is not. All smartphones have terrible battery life and the EVO 3D is actually not that bad, relatively speaking.

OTA update 2.08.651.2 fixes a number of issues and adds some cool functionality like taking screenshots (hold power while pressing home) and updating Swype. Hopefully we'll get Ice Cream Sandwich when it releases later this year but even without it, the EVO 3D is still the best phone I can think of to date. Perhaps the Samsung Galaxy S II, iPhone 5, or Nexus Prime will challenge that, but if you want the best phone *now* you can't go wrong with the EVO 3D.



Aug 9, 2011 by breonhowe

HTC EVO 4G was the best phone I very carried. WAS the best until the EVO 3D came out. I work as an indirect dealer so I sell AT&T, Verizon and Sprint and carry a phone on each carrier. I carry the Droid X on Verizon, HAD the iPhone 4 on AT&T until I switched up to the Samsung Infuse, and now carry the EVO 3D on Sprint. By far the EVO 3D is the superior phone!
Battery life is better, if you have carried any Android/WebOS/Windows Mobile phone you are use to battery being an issue, with the new processor in the EVO 3D my battery is better, not the BEST but it is better
Screen: Crisp, clear, vibrant screen. The phone feels small until you watch a movie and realize how big the screen actually is.
Processor: Dual-Core 1.2Ghz... need i say more
Android 2.3: Runs like a dream!
Root: Full root is available and is easy to apply
Camera: Fast and great pictures. 3D is fun to play with but I mostly use 2D.

No kickstand... really, HTC? I miss that about my EVO
Changing Screens: I try to go to the next screen over and the phone ends up cycling through all seven screens on me. Annoying but mostly user error.

They did everything right on this one...


Jul 30, 2011 by bound4wb

The ONLY thing I can see that might have made it the very best Android phone available would have been an 8MP camera. That said, the camera on it is adequate and there is enough that HTC/Sprint did perfectly that I am not going to complain.

--This phone is blazing fast.
--Screen resolution is beautiful - it is the closest phone to rival the retina display that Apple likes to brag about on their iPhone 4. It's only a few pixels off from their resolution. It is very crisp.
--The screen size is perfect.
--Sense 3.0 is awesome.
--Call quality and sound is fantastic.
--3D photos may be gimmicky but they are cool and they will impress your friends :)

I think I have felt this way about all Android phones I have owned and that is battery life. I'm not sure why they can't figure out a way to make better batteries for these hi-res, data heavy phones. That said, it is no worse than any other Android device I have owned.

I came from the T-Mobile G2x and while there are things I loved about that phone like its form factor, the vanilla OS (though I am getting used to sense now and I really like it), and the ability to take screenshots by pressing the power and home buttons, this one still kills it in a side by side comparison.

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Best phone I've ever had until Samsung Galaxy Slll


Jul 25, 2011 by cutterb483   updated May 5, 2013

Carrier: Sprint

This is an Awesome phone in so many ways. With the use of task manager to kill the apps still running in the background, I'm able to get 12 - 15 hours use as long as I'm not watching to many videos or using 4g and not turning it off after use. I have found if you only use 4g when needed and using task manager you're able to double the battery life.

Pros- Beautiful Display
Super Fast
3D is Awesome
Great Battery Life
Good Speaker Sound
Easy to Operate



Jul 18, 2011 by bmriches

Awesome phone, I've had it for about 2 weeks now and I'm very impressed.

Huge Screen
Dual Core Processor
Latest Version of Android
Front Portrait Camera

Battery Life isn't the greatest
Touch Sensitive buttons under the keyboard get a little frustrating while phone is in landscape view.
Phone only came with an 8GB SD Card :(

I am so glad I changed!


Jul 14, 2011 by runnman

I replaced my Service Provider and my Motorola Droid X with Sprint and this HTC EVO 3D. And, I am so glad I did!

This EVO 3D phone is outstanding in every way. I have had several Smartphones over the years and this EVO 3D phone is the best of all my experiences. It is so fast! No hesitation at all. Operation is a joy!

I have had the phone since the initial offering day. There have been no issues with the phone. All my calls have been of excellent voice quality. No drop calls. great signal strength most of the time. I keep the phone on 24/7 and charge every 24 hours. My usage is toward the heavy side.

I have replaced the provided 8GB Micro SD Card with a 32GB Class 4 Transcend Micro SD Card. I recommend this change. I use the Otterbox Defender Case and it is perfect for my use.

This phone operates like a cell phone should. I highly recommend the EVO 3D.

Super Fast!!!
The operational speed is amazing!
Phone battery runs cool; about 79F to 92F as monitored by BattMonX.
The phone boots in 8 to 10 seconds.
Great Display.
Good Battery Life.
Good call quality.
Camera Quality (both 2D and 3D) is great.
WiFi and Bluetooth work great.

The provided 8GB Micro SD Card is not large enough. Replace with a 16GB or 32GB Micro SD Card if you want to be happy.

When the Otterbox Defender Case is used with the EVO 3D, the Sprint Rugged Car DC Charger will not connect to the phone. The plastic part of the Micro USB Connector on the Sprint DC Charger is a little too wide to enter the hole provided in the Otterbox Defender case. It needs to be a little smaller in width. I purchased a very short extension cable which did allow the connector to fit into the hole provided in the Otterbox Case and that corrected the issue.

I am so glad I changed! Thank you Sprint and HTC!

Simply Awesome


Jul 8, 2011 by d7mysterio

I'm the proud owerner of the EVO 3D. I also have the origianl EVO 4G. I must say this phone is very fast and very smooth. The first thing I notice was the battery life. I can go a whole day without charge with medium use of the phone. The Sense 3 UI is real nice and have a nice smooth touch to the phone. Call quality is descent. The 3D pictures and video is real clear. I was able to take pictures and record a video for my church, then compress it to DVD. Overall its a solid phone. A nice update to sprint flagship phone.

Battery Life
Faster Processory (dual core)
Sense UI

Kick stand (sprint has a case with a kickstand)
smaller view in People book and Message view

I would highly recommend this phone to anyone who want a solid phone thats fun to use.

the 3d ROCKS


Jul 2, 2011 by sandnsnow24

I'm never going back to a 2d type phone again. Ever. The pictures are amazing, the video is great, (not as good as my gorpo 3d... but come on) Everything you do on it is instantaneous. My only complaint is not with the phone itself, but of the complimentary software stuff that makes some of its feature not as good as they could be, like the front facing camera. My fiance is living in Germany for the summer, and I was really looking forward to video calling her, but there is no program that support the phone in cell to computer chatting yet. (ooVoo will probably, but not yet).

Excellent Phone


Jun 30, 2011 by nphillyk

Bought the EVO 3D as an upgrade to my original EVO 4G from Radio shack. Because of their trade in system I only ended up paying $50 for this amazing device.

Speed, speed, and more speed: If you thought the original EVO's 1 GHZ processor was fast, then the 1.2 GHZ will take you to warp speeds. Everything loads almost instantaneously and is easily the smoothest running device I've ever owned.

UI: Sense 3.0 is simply a beauty. Great menus, graphics, widgets, shortcuts, and overall excellent level of customization.

3D functionality: Although I originally viewed 3D as just another marketing gimmick. I was amazed at just how well the EVO 3D could capture, and display 3D content. It really adds another to the fun factor of owning the phone.

Battery Life*: I had the original EVO and HTC has clearly addressed the battery life issue. I am a power user and this phone easily lasts a full day on a single charge.

Had a very weird issue happen where I had my phone plugged into my car's auxiliary jack while using Google Navigation and the device started fast forwarding my music (also had music app running). However, either turning off navigation and or disconnecting the phone from port resolved the problem. This could be an anomaly though. I will do more research on this just to be sure.

The HTC EVO 3D is an excellent phone with a lot to offer even those who have owned the original EVO and or other high end Android devices. And the 3D capabilities only add to the already significant wow factor.

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