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MPx200 - extremely cool, but definitely not there


Jan 25, 2004 by doug1

I absolutely love this phone. It's extremely cool and does everything it claims to.

HOWEVER. Everything wonderful thing it does do it does unsatisfactorily:

- inadequate reception - this phone gets poorer reception/coverage than other GSM phones. Perhaps the internal antenna + metal case is the culprit.

- inadequate computing power - too slow to run any serious apps in any really usable manner, and probably the 10mb limit is part of the problem. There's a version of quake you can run on it, but it takes 15 minutes to load and you get about 1fps.

- audio quality very poor - yes, it plays MP3s, which is quite cool, but the sound lacks bass, has that "way too bright" sound and doesn't have enough power for decent quality headphones.

- won't support many smartphone 2003 games and apps; it's missing .net framework and the game api.

No Bluetooth


Mar 30, 2006 by USA1600

I don't have the phone, so my "0" rating is more of a non-rating than a negative one. But a phone without bluetooth? Bluetooth is as much as part of my day breathing. I suspect the same is true for many cell phone users. I'm not saying I'd never buy it, but it would be a very hard sell.

Good phone


Aug 13, 2005 by Biokill

The motorola Mpx200 is actually a a decent phone. I borrowed my friends Mpx200 over the weekend. At first I had problems with till I did a master reset. My friend bogged it down with some sort of update" If you are familiar with Windows CE (pocket pc)

Good Phone!


May 1, 2005 by clubsunny

This is a great phone with most of the features I was expecting! But there are some features I was hoping it had: Bluetooth, Camera and Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone instead of Smartphone 2002 because it was released in November,2003! It is great for most people and has good memory!

Great Phone....


Feb 17, 2005 by LeoGod813

I absolutely love this phone. I bought the gsm unlocked version off of ebay so that it is now a tri-band instead of a dual band, but the phone is great. It froze on me once, but besides that, this phone is great, the pda is great, service is great. I love this phone. The speaker phone isn't that great, but over all, this is a great phone.

I got ripped off on this one!!


Dec 14, 2004 by txtlh

While this phone has great styling and great features, not everything works. In my case you could not charge the phone and talk hands free at the same time. This may not be a problem for all, but for me it was a major deal. I exchanged the phone through warranty service 3 times but this problem was inherent.

Great software, really bad reception


Jun 27, 2004 by cytoman

Pros: Outlook
Memory expansion
MP3 player
syncs with calendar
great phone book

Cons: Drops every call, no exceptions. Just turning around on a call will cause it to drop

I am switching to the Motorola V600

MPx200..Great phone when it works


Jun 25, 2004 by rdrunr11

Due to the lack of time I am going to keep this short and sweet. the Motorola MPx200 is a great sounding phone, when it works. The phone drops calls (I know it's the phone and not the service because my wife has a different phone but the same service and she has never lost a call). I am told the cause of this is the phone not having dual band. when I am either answering the phone or trying to dial out. I have to make numerous attempts to answer a call and the same for dialing. The volume gets stuck either on extremely loud or extremely quiet. The internet connection malfunctions 99.9% of the time. The phone locks up on me and I have to power down. Anytime I download a game other than solitaire, the phone buzzes while I am in a conversation with another party. The signal on the phone will be at full power and then all of a sudden, drop to absolutely no service, while my wife enjoys perfect signal strength. I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on, but I won't. If you are looking for a great sounding phone with a lot of features, this is the one. If you are looking for a great sounding phone that actually works as it is intended, (as a communication device), look somewhere else.

MPX200..... horrible stability


Jun 24, 2004 by zmarius

Great design.. a bit bulky. too shiny.. gets greasy very easily.. dirty easily..

My biggest gripe with this thing is the instability of the OS... I'm a very prodding type.. I mess around with everything.. the OS has crashed on me numerous times.. it loves to hang when I search for a new wireless network... The phones' modem feature is a bit unecesarrily complicated to use.. it does NOT have a metalic casing as I expected it to have as most other motorola phones do have.. that was even one of the reasons for my purchasing it.. - ATT is also lame in that they are not offering the Smartphone 2003 OS for an upgrade from the 2002 OS these phones use.

Signal strength is better on the nokia 3200 I had prior to this phone..

When it runs right it's a pretty good phone.. but defenitely not what I expected for a 409$ MSRP. I paid 250$ for it.. but still beyond a typical 250 dollar expectation.

I am in San Diego and Los Angeles counties of Southern California.

This is the best phone in the US Market!!!!!!


May 17, 2004 by iwant2chillwithyou

I love this phone. I have had it for 5 months now and I can't get enough.
I agree that battery life, missing outlook tasks and Bluetooth feature not available can be a little bit disappointing to some people. But this phone is great, it does everything I need and more.
One quick comment, if you are in Socal forget about att, it simply doesn't work and on top of that they have the worse customer service. I was able to unlock the phone and switch to T-Mobile. I also did the firmware and reset the 900mhz frequency access which the guys from att had removed.
If you want a phone that can do everything a pocket pc can don't hesitate. This phone is awesome.

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