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Motorola MPx200 not quite there yet!


Nov 6, 2003 by Brunello Salesi

Summary based on two wks of use. Previously owned the IPAQ GSM expansion pack and the TMobile PDA(for comparison).

Syncs with everything in Outlook. No special software, ActiveSync is free. Surprisingly small and light. Holds up to 1GB of SD memory. Clamshell style protects screen, Very compact package. Price is reasonable. Very sharp color screen. Web, browsing is really nice.

No belt clip; need third party pouch.

Screen makes very noticeable hissing noise.

No back-lit keys. Difficult to use at night.

Jog-dial on the side always being jogged by accident.

Ringer volume is way too low, even on the loudest setting.

The main jog dial inside the phone, used for navigation, will be difficult to use for large hands; too small and too close to buttons.

Needs bigger battery.

MP3 Player: Sometimes playing but there is no volume. I tinker with it until the volume returns. Works intermittently.

Slow processor? I am much faster than the phone.

Poor fit with supplied cradle. Looks like connector is sturdy but jostling is required to get it to seat.

Filter for contacts (category) like in Outlook but it doesn’t apply to dialing If you have 1000 contacts and punch in j o h n , you are going to get every john or Johnson, etc on the list.

Dialing numbers: Frequently get error message telling me I need to redial. Same on other PDA phones.

Problem receiving calls. Delay from time that someone dials the number and when the phone starts to ring. Usually, there might be two rings before the person is sent to voicemail. I miss about 50% of the calls. Same on other PDA phones.

Often while in call, I can’t hear the other person, or they can’t hear me. Same on other PDA phones.

Using TMobile Service,I could never successfully get the MPx200 to work with TZones.
Conclusion; After two wks, I retired my MPx200 and put my SIM back in my V205. MPx200 is not dependable enough to keep using.

Like It


Nov 28, 2003 by phubert

Just bought the phone today very hard to find. Menu keys are a bit confusing but after a couple trys you figure it out. now if it would only be compatible with Apple computers then it would be perfect

Looks are deceiving


Jul 12, 2004 by anderscd

Although this is the best looking phone I have ever had, it's the worst phone when it comes to use. I would have better luck tying two cans together with a string.

Sleek design
Clear graphics
phone book

Terrible reception
Speaker phone is aweful
Overall sound isn't good
Reboots often
Battery life

I could go on, but my fingers would get tired. This is such a disappointing phone. Not to mention if you have AT&T as a carrier. I am on my third refurbished MPX 200 from them. I experience calls that just drop for no reason one day they work in the area I'm in the next they do not. My wife has this same phone and we are both heavily disappointed. I'm going to give Motorola one more shot with the V600, I hope I'm not let down again. If anyone has any advice on it please let me know.

Two more thumbs down!


Nov 7, 2003 by HughH

If I had three thumbs this phone would get them all down.

The only nice part of this phone are the screen and the Active Sync for Outlook. That's it folks.

This is the second MPX200 I have had in two weeks. The first one worked for three days and then freaked out and would not even boot up, nothing...

My biggest problem with the phone was the Caller ID. If you have over 20 or 30 names in the phone book, forget it. This piece of junk has to scan the entire phone book first to see if the number is there, at which point if it is it will pop up on the external display with the name, if not the phone number will pop up. But 9 times out of 10 for me, by the time the phone had done it's work 20 to 30 seconds, phone had gone to VM. (with ATT not hard to do, they don't give you much time before the forward to VM)

Anyway, all the cons listed above also apply.

I don't even think this is a Motorola phone, take a look at it, big old clunky thing.

Bottom line ATT, Motorola and Microsoft were in a hurry to get this out...

I sending my second phone back and waiting for the next generation of Smartphone 2003.

I so wanted this phone to work :(

Overall Great Phone


Oct 29, 2003 by lerin31

I absolutely love this phone!! Being a cell phone junkie I was very excited about its release.

PROS: Internal antenna, small size, great resolution screen, fantastic mp3 and speaker.
The Windows based system is user friendly and very quick.

CONS: Battery life not the greatest, no camera.

Overall its a fantastic phone with many great feature and a good filler phone until the v600 comes out.

Too bad it looked good


Feb 13, 2004 by amazon

The remote e mail feature will not sync.
It Goes to voice mail way too fast.
Caller ID does not work well.
Difficult to sync with outlook. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.



Apr 1, 2004 by tnyswan

the moto mpx 200 is about as worthless as the moto 720i 1st reason all of the phones settings are un user friendly everything in its menus takes you about 5 minutes just to find unless you've had the phone for a while the t9 isn't really that great and the speaker on this phone isn't loud either the only thing i liked on this phone is that when web browsing it will pull up pages to almost anything and its very quick even thoe its made by Motorola to be honest for the price you would be better getting a palm pilot or a pocket PC if you want all the windows applications and players... hands down Motorola isn't doing very well these past 3 years they seem to be getting worse and worse maybe they should start putting the better speakers in these new models instead of all nextel phones and instead of filling a phone to the max with features the should pacts trouble shooting reception problems and gaining faster soft ware in the phones



Oct 25, 2003 by tscialpi


Motorola MPx200


Nov 1, 2003 by ptc2324

This phone is awesome. Love the fact that you can sync it with your Outlook to bring in all the contact info that is already setup. Crystal clear call quality both talking to & listening to people. I'm glad that Motorola decided to use a standard USB connection instead of dreaming up some special cable. Nice that you can charge the phone off the USB connection on your computer, makes it truly portable.

Only drawbacks is that it doesn't have built-in blue tooth & the accessories (cases & such) are VERY limited right now. Granted it's still early & I'm one of the first in the area to have one. Most stores are just getting in the demos.

This phone is useless


Sep 16, 2004 by Donna1lea

This phone is useless, it may look nice, and for the first week you may think you have have a good phone ... but NO not only is the battery life is very poor ...

I have sent my phone of 3 times to be fixed from an unrecoverable crash ... motorola still haven't acknowledged it is faulty. I am very upset with the phone and the service .. I am afraid I will never buy motorola again, and suggest noone else does.

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