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Behind the times


Jul 15, 2006 by Spartan 104

Wow, I had just finished typing a very long and detailed review for this phone. Just when I was about to submit it, my computer crashed. No way I'm redoing it. So my basic review goes like this: Horrible as a phone, lacks many useful features, but is a decent multimedia device, and a load of useful smartphone software is readily available.

-It's a smartphone (able to sync appts., contacts, tasks, emails, etc. to/from your computer...tons of useful software readily available)
-Decent multimedia device (plays videos, mp3s, java games, emulators/roms, not to mention you get stereo output with this device)
-External memory card slot
-Nice main display
-Mini USB connector port
-Infrared (better than nothing)
-Able to run WM5 (not to shabby, decent performance considering the older hardware)
-Stylish (clamshell form factor and black casing)

-GSM 1800/1900 MHz ONLY
-Spotty RF with poor call quality
-Speaker phone needs to be louder
-SD slot is not SDIO (can't use Wi-Fi, GPS, or other useful SD expansion devices)
-No bluetooth
-Device is thick compared to most phones
-Slow processor and limited amount of memory (to be expected from an older smartphone)

GREAT PHONE...Butttttttttttt!


Jan 17, 2005 by newjerseybrotha

Although I won't be keeping this phone,I did't have very many problems.

(I ordered the I-Mate SP3i Smartphone, it should be here on Tuesday)

The volume in the ear piece was somewhat low.
The speakerphone was horrible.
Would get 'no service' but still made/recieved calls...(Weird).
Couldn't answer some of my calls that I recieved. Pressed the answer softkey, and still did not connect to call. (In call waiting mode most of the time)

And last but not least, the three things that are needed the most were missing!!!
No WiFi

Very light
Strong flip, (can't break if dropped)
Very good screen, (Clear)
Nice Vibration when ringing (does both at the same time)
Somewhat loud ringtones
Nice MP3 player...but low volume
Nice Design overall of the phone, but lacks the key features for todays market. Nice work motorola...


Could have a been a great phone...


Dec 11, 2005 by ALiz26

This seems like a very impressive phone. Very sleek and stylish, tons of features, huge screen, ability to sync to your computer. However, I have Cingular wireless, which apparently never offered this phone. Because of this I absolutely hate this phone and want to get rid of it ASAP. Because it was only offered through AT&T, I cannot connect to the internet, which is supposed to be the shining feature of this phone. I brought it to the cingular store to see if there was anything they could do to sync it up to their service but they said i was SOL. SO if you buy this phone unlocked, make sure that your service provider carried they phone, or can fix it up to work well with your service, other wise, all of the amazing features it offers are completely useless and you end up spending much money on what in the end, is a basic phone.

*lots of features
*nice large screen

*horrible ring tones, and lots of them
*since it is a computer smartphone, it often is slow, and takes a while for it to change screens
*ridiculously bulky and huge

Basically, if this phone works with your service provider it is a great phone, but if it doesnt, its useless.

Not recommended for ppl in the U.S.


Apr 14, 2006 by lucasjasondl

The MPX200 does not support the 850mhz band, and has little to no coverage in my area (san jose, ca). Before I learned which frequency did what, I downloaded the most recent software for the phone, which turned the phone from a dual band 1900/1800 to a tri band supporting the 900mhz band. Unfortunately, the 900mhz band is only supported in Europe. No one in the U.S. uses that frequency, so for ppl out there looking for phones... If you don't travel, stick with 850/1900 phones (850mhz penetrates deep into buildings and whatnot, 1900mhz for talking outside). The extra freqencies on quad-band and tri-band phones are only useful if you leave the country.

Regardless of all the great features of the phone, the most important feature - coverage - will be sadly lacking if you plan on using this phone on the Cingular network.

You've been warned - If a phone doesnt support the 850mhz frequency, yr throwing yr money out the window.

MPX 200 is the best pda phone out


May 29, 2004 by cellboy

I have had this phone for a little over a month i purchased it unlocked online and i have to tell you i haven't had any of the problems that some other people have had. this phone has a fast 200 MHz processor. It comes preloaded with tons of fun stuff, like the mp3, media player,games,internet browser that unlike other pda/phones will open almost any website not only ones ok'd by the carrier. i use this phone with a carrier called UNICEL in Maine and they have thier own towers and use at&t/cingular towers to roam and i get almost perfect reception. i will admit that motorola should have included the 850 MHz band, because it propagates better in rough areas like Maine, but even with the 1900 only in America i get almost perfect reception.i went to Germany for a week which is why i purchased this unlocked with the added firmware so i could use the 900 MHz band over seas and it worked a little better over there because of the ability to use two different bands instead of one. As an added feature if you do the firmware update on this phone you can put in a camera feature that i use. the camera retail's for $69.99 and is a pretty cool toy to have.

well i hope this was of some help to anyone thinking of buying one!!!!!



Mar 7, 2004 by Phonepro

I have had this phone for about two months and I still think it is great. The connection is alot quicker then I expected.....if someone expects it to be as fast as their home computer that is running on Roadrunner,...they probably should not be rating phones because they don't know what they are talking about. I browse the internet all the time and the MP3 player is reallly cool too. Also, the speaker phone is very loud and clear. It is so nice to have the functiuons od a PDA in a fairly small flip phone. GET THIS PHONE!!!

My new MPx200--3days, not bad


Dec 29, 2003 by kwbarrett_jr

PROs: Syncs Outlook Calendar & Contacts nicely; nice color screen, pretty good speakerphone, SD slot for storage, familiar web browser, love the size of this phone.

CONs: Battery life, What happened to Outlook Tasks? It's like they got tired of working on Outlook and just stopped at the tasks. No prioritizing, setting due dates, reminders for tasks. That's my biggest complaint on this phone. Accessories, but I hey this is a new phone. I'm sure they'll come in time. Would like a case to protect the weird shiny fingerprint-covered phone. Slow at times...typical MS machine. Jog dial makes it near impossible to do voice-dialing. I'm successfull about 30% of the time. However on the flip side the contact searching mechanism is near-genius.

I'm surprised I like this phone so far, since I'm usually pretty anti-MS. I had to exchange my original due to bad screen. This one seems fine. Not sure if anyone has this problem, but I can't seem to access Yahoo Messenger. It worked fine on my other ATTWS phones, but not this one. Same thing with AIM. I notice MSN Messenger works just fine though. I'm wondering if this is MS flexing their usual antitrust muscle again.

GREAT phone


Nov 19, 2003 by localbuzz

This phone is awesome. How could anyone NOT like it. I read the other reviews and I only agree with one of the 'CONS' Its very easy to accidentally jog the jog-dial volume on the side while talking or doing anything on the phone. Its just bad design, but its still functional. One of the reviews on here says that there is no back-light for the number keys. Mine has back-lit keys. Very easy to see in the dark. I also read that someone said the screen makes a noticeable hiss sound. I don't notice that issue. The screen is bright, clear, easy to read and hiss free. :) The speakerphone works great. I can hear everything the caller says and they say that i come through loud and clear also. The sync ability with outlook saved me about 2 hours worth of work entering in the phone numbers. I just sync up the contacts and BAMM, all my numbers were in my phone. AWESOME feature. I found a Secure Digital Wi-Fi card that works with this phone. I can now hit any of the 'HotSpots' around here and surf the web from that internet connection. This is just a cool phone. Its not perfect. It does have its limits, but its a phone. Its not ready to be used as your personal portable PC. I bet the next version of this phone will be more robust and will be able to handle the hardcore users. All my friends love this phone and now want to get one.

Good phone


Nov 25, 2003 by lightdawg555

This is my frist smartphone. So far I really like it. I dont really like flip phones but with all that this model does I dont care. I wish it has 850mhz though. I also wish it had MMS. Another bad thing is my Nokia 3650 has better RF. However I love the media player on this phone! Mp3 and wma look awesome. The display is awesome too. I have been looking and there are lot of apps out for it. It is a nice phone but also a bit pricey.

99.8% of what I was looking for


Dec 19, 2003 by billz89

I have owned this phone for only a couple of days. I rate it a 5 because the .2% that would make this phone 100% is the lack of bluetooth and the speaker phone quality.

Navigation is typical windows; you have to learn where everything is. And it does take time; you might be frustrated the first few days when you need to find something.

The color screen is wonderful - I watched a trailer for 'The Last Samurai' and while the streaming video was not steady enough, the clarity of the picture was very good for a first version of this phone. I suspect there was some kind of bandwidth issue in playing the video which caused the video to stop streaming, buffer, then stream again. This problem happened while I was at home in Gallatin, TN.

For a point of reference, the last phone I used was a Star Tac 7797 with Motorola Clip-On PDA. I prefer the MPX200 over the Star Tac by far.

If it is true that the new version will have bluetooth, use AT&T's new high-speed network, and you can wait a couple of months, wait. If you have an immediate need like I did, then read the other reviews and make an informed decision.

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