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My first total smartphone


Sep 3, 2010 by narn3049

I previously had the V120T before I purchased this phone. REALLY BIG UPGRADE.

This was my introduction to the smartphone world. I saw this when I walked into Cingular and fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

This only had WM5 on it but it was still good for the internet and was actually pretty fast. I of course used a case on this phone but the phone still broke, It didn;t power on one day. I was sad that it happened, because this phone was a pretty good one. And it was the first phone i COULD honestly load apps onto and FB youtube and all of that was accessable. I took it into Cingular (this was 1 yr later) who actually said that I could get the MPX220. I liked this phone but I certainly LOVED the 220 better.



Feb 18, 2007 by mikeismadness

This phone is horrible. I traded my blackberry 6280 hoping to get some better features like windows mobile and a color screen. That is about all it's good for. Horrible service most of the time (between 1-2 bars) and i use Cingular in Northwest Indiana. Some pros and cons...

Great features
Great Display
mp3 player

horrible sound quality
horrible battery never lasted over 4 hours
bad Service
Not worth what it's valued at

Motorola tried with this phone, def. didnt do a good try. Makes me wonder about the mpx220?

Looks Good but works horribly!!


May 26, 2005 by dk84

The phone looks like one of a kind, everyone is always telling me what an awesome phone you have, but has poor connection. in the middle of the conversation the phone would turn off. When ever i am at home i do not receive any service where all my other family (who are all AT&T customers also) get full bars. The features on this phone are amazing, unfortunately the features do not work properly.

So so...


May 7, 2005 by mostlyblues

I have now owned two of these phones and i have to say this is a great phone. Although this phone was released about two years ago and lacks features like bluetooth and a camera it is still a great smartphone. Yes the battery life is not great, but i have noticed it all depends on what version of firmware you have. With my first mpx200 i upgraded it to the 2003 version, and it was horrible. The service was horrible, i had to charge the phone twice a day, and most of the features didn't work. I thankfully lost that phone and purchased and unlocked refurb with the 2002 version. The service has improved ten fold, and i can charge the phone every two days with adequate usage on the internet and voice services. The one feature that is missing that would make this a great phone is bluetooth.

A Functional Phone


Nov 25, 2004 by Moin Yeganeh

It's got a lot of power when you consider its small size and price tag. It fits very easily in your palm, making it extremely portable. Functional indeed, Outlook is always with you (ie Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, Inbox, etc). It also includes some of the main Win apps such as M. Player (stereo), IE, Messenger, File Man. etc. I activated the GPRS on my SIM and now I can check my Hotmail and Yahoo from the web. Some websites are optimized for the Smartphone screen (ie Hotmail, BBC News). You can choose to disable the "Show pictures" option to reduce the amount of data being transferred to your phone, thus reducing your phone bill.

I've noticed that many users don't know how to adjust the "ring" volume. It is controlled by your profile. The "Normal" profile is the default. There are other profiles as well, such as: Car, Silent, Meeting, etc. Some of these profiles have a "Ring volume" parameter that can be adjusted through the Edit menu item. In fact, you can rename the profile itself; for example, from "Normal" to "Standard".

The phone gets charged while it's connected through its USB port to a PC for synch; that is simultaneous charging and synching.

Smartphone is in fact a mini PDA, meaning you can install applications on it. I strongly recommend ClearView by Westtek. It allows you to view, but not edit, many file types (i.e. doc,xls,pdf,ppt,gif,jpg)

Many apps can be properly closed freeing up memory space. Simply use the app's "exit" or "close" menu item, or, in case there isn't one, press the phone's "back" key. Buy a 1GB SD and forget running out of memory. When installing programs, choose to install the Program Files on your SD card; shows as "Storage Card" on the menu during the installation process. However, I strongly recommend installing File Manager, System Info, Space Maker, and ClearView, on the "Phone" memory. This way, these apps will not be SD Card-dependent.

I'm giving it five stars, since it's the best phone I've ever had.

Mpx200 smartphone? not smart at all


Nov 17, 2003 by philllipdang

1) Support SD storage
2) High quality display
3) Small, light and made by Motorola
4) Cool design; no attena
5) Reasonable Price
6) a excellent MP3 player.
1)There is no way in hell you can use JogDial to do voice dialing. Thousand of people reported the same problem.
2)Contact has no sorting capability like sorting by first name, company or others..
3)JogDial is too hard to use, but so easy to accidently turning up/down the volumns.
4)Slow processor. Applications take a while to load.
5)Earpiece/speaker phone volumns are too low. What a disappointing features!

I wouldn't buy the phone if it were over $150.

Great phone, needs modification


Dec 7, 2003 by chadbordes

I love new gadgets. Getting a new phone is like buying a new car or picking out the latest computer...

I am sad to say that this phone did not meet my overall expectations.

Cool screen.
If you like Microsoft, you will love this phone.
easy to sync between home computer and phone.
Has all the gadgets you may need for a mobile office.
last but not least an MP3 player.

Navigation can be a bit tricky.
Speaker on speaker phone is weak.
Battery is very poor. (Charged it for 24 hours and turned all settings to minimum and only got 6 hours of standby).
Jog dial can be pain when talking on the phone (if your not careful with your fingers)

Motorola has a great idea and I am certain as 2nd generations of this phone are made they will fix all of these bugs. I paid $299 for the phone and expect a little more in quality.

I am a 3 year member with AT&T and enjoy the fact that I can return this phone for a full refund and get another phone within 30 days of purchase.



Oct 3, 2004 by n04h1337

The only thing decent about this phone is the screen. the battery life is awful, i didnt make 1 call since i couldnt hear the person talking, the calls are dropped constantly, the MP3 player is basically useless. Nice shot motorola, too bad you missed the target.

Late Review.. but great phone!


Mar 27, 2006 by Grajales

Maybe this review is a little late, since all of them are mainly from 2004... but reading what users say about this phone... well, i cant believe all those bad comments. This is an awesome gadget, with a lot of useful characteristics. Sync with outlook & easy file transfer from PC are great features (and not the only ones!). The media player is a cool addition, now you dont need a portable mp3 device. Maybe the lack of bluetooth & camera is what make me rate it with a 4.5 (but we must have in mind that camera phones are pure fashion... come on! have you ever seen decent photos comming from a cellphone?).

The bad signal strenght & coverage problems, are something to blame to AT&T... in those times, when it was launched, AT&T worked mainly in the 850 MHz band, and this phone is designed for the 900/1800/1900 bands... a big mistake form the company... but it doesnt implies a bad design from Motorola. Bad planning from AT&T caused a BIG number of complaints from customers... And all those bad comments. The smartest thing to do, was to pay for the unlocking, and a carrier change.

Now, the MPx200 can be found very cheap in eBay, and is still a great choice. It can be unlocked, triband enabled, and upgraded to Windows Mobile 2005!!! The latest software!! Is an excelent feature that now, you can have the WM 2005, in a kinda old phone.

Well... up to now 2006, I can say...

PROS: CHEAP, Sync w/ Outlook, Media Player, Highly customizable, configurable & "upgradable", internal antenna, great desing, standard SD/MMC slot (cheaper than mini SD or Memory Sticks).

CONS: No bluetooth, short battery life (2 days with medium usage), shiny plastic covers get dirty easily, plastic covers for the SD & headset slots may break soon.

Two thumbs down


Nov 6, 2003 by JoelMikel

The only positive thing about this phone is the display.
I was very excited to get this phone but sorely disappointed when time came to play around with it.

Locked up all the time. Only fix(moderatly inconsistent though it be) was to either pull the battery and power back up or pull the battery and SIM and power back up. Obviously doing this caused loss of all user settings...
Speaker phone was terrible. With the volume all the way up, could still barely hear anything.
Swapping the handsfree caused problems too... if I used the HF and I wanted to unplug it and go back to the earpiece I had to power the phone off and back on to disengage the HF.
Calender options are limited though syncing with Outlook is possible. Functions on the phone are very limited and don't mesh with what's available with Outlook. So when I try to sync I get errors that data is not compatible.

Whenever I power off the phone none of my user selected settings are saved... like the phone reverts back to factory settings. What a pain in the BUTT!!!

At this point I don't even care if there are fixes for these problems, I hate this phone.

If AT&T customer service computers weren't down I'd have returned this phone already.

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