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Nice, simple color phone


Jun 23, 2004 by RichardM

The LG 4600 is unbelievably light and easy to use. When I first took it out of the box, I didn't think it was possible that such a compact, lightweight phone would really be that good; I was wrong about that.
The call quality is excellent. The phone is so easy to use. And it's a good size--easy to hold, and very light.
There's no camera, speakerphone, bluetooth, PDA----just a good quality color phone with the all the features you really need.
The battery life is great. I can go for 4 or 5 days without using a charger, making calls and getting text messages, with power to spare.
It does have voice dial, color screen, easy to use contact list that allows multiple numbers per name, and prompts you to record a voice dial name upon each name being set up.
For those who want a simple, reliable, color, modern technology phone with great call clarity, and a stylish design, but don't want to fuss with a poor quality digital camera that just uses up power and memory, this is your phone.

LG has a Winner!!!


Jun 9, 2004 by GregP

I'm not a hardcore phone user that needs every gimmick that comes along, but I'm completely blown away by this little gem.

I absolutely didn't want or need a camera phone, so that eliminated a lot of choices.

To my disappointment, I tried to upgrade through Verine's website, and quickly found out I couldn't do so because I'm already a Verizon customer. Well after reading some posts on the forum someone had mentioned they got one from Wireless Zone, so I called the local store in my area and they had it in stock.

Hey I'd rather give the business to one of the indirects if I can. Verizon Corp stores are always very busy and it ends up taking 30 minutes before someone can help me.

Pros: Loud Ringers, my old Samsung had lowsy ring tones.

OLED outer display is da bomb, so cool and kinda unique. I know the 6000 had the same display, but still cool IMHO.

Size and Weight do it for me...Plus its very ergonomic, rounded and fits nicely in my hand. Nice and light but has a very solid feel to it.

Features, seem to have everything I would ever need.

Aesthetics...I think this is one of the best looking phones available by any US carrier. It's nice not to see an all silver phone, they're getting old. Kudos for LG to do something a little different.

I think the fact Verizon has it as an Internet Special new customer only, is kinda cool because not everyone will have this phone. I hope they never make it available in the stores.

Cons...Battery life could be better but then again, this is my first color phone so I expected the battery life to be compromised. I'm getting about 3 days of average use. I'm not a heavy user.

Inside display is a little disappointing, it doesn't have the punch and brightness of other phones on the market. Best way to describe it is, it kinda has a yellowish tinge to it. It's very easy to see in direct sunlight so maybe that's the trade off.

I highly recommend this phone, period!

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practical, elegant


May 29, 2004 by illadelphi

I just recieved my vx4600 and let me tell you...it's ALMOST the perfect phone for me. It offers everything i need except BLUETOOTH. It has an elegant design that I can't even stop looking at. Compared to my mom's vx4400, this thing is non-bulky and is feature packed with necessity. Who needs voice command and a camera? NOT ME. I just want a cool phone that works. Though it DOES have voice dialing. I thought tri-mode would work in some areas (mountains) that i wanted it to but it didn't so all digital is fine with me.


Functionality, design, looks, scheduler.


Non-bluetooth, no java, non-trimode.

I'm gonna keep this phone for a long time.

I love this phone!


Jun 9, 2004 by urs74

I bought this phone to replace the hunk of junk SE47 Slider phone. I love it since it's pretty much a clone of the LG VX6000 minus the camera. One thing I liked about it is the compact size and the large keypad, which the SE47 didn't.

Flip phone
no camera
small in size
but has larger keypad (then SE47)
Color of phone.
Screen resolution

No Body Glove cases as of yet.
Not able to set up free WAP yet.

Very Nice Phone


Jun 18, 2004 by strobes44

I have had this phone for about a week now and really like it. So far it has all the options that I need on the phone. It is easy to use and the reception is great. I also purchased the Mobile Office Kit, which allowed me to input all of my contacts. The cable that came with the MOK also works with Bitpim so I've been able to upload ringtones and wallpapers.

The only negative I have experienced with the phone is that the main LCD is difficult to see in heavy sunlight.

All-in-all it is a good phone and I am happy that I've got it.

great phone


Jun 8, 2004 by rickybogo

this phone is excellent. I have had it for only a day and am extremely happy with it. I had a VX6000 and didn't care much for it. the couple things i didn't like about the 6000: the flip was heavy and awkward due to the camera, it didn't have the little indentations for your thumb to flip it open, the keypad lights weren't adjustable, they turned off to soon and left you in the dark to dial, the volume side buttons were to smooth and not to easy to find with just your hand, and finally the buttons were to small near the top. This forced you to use your fingernail to hit the buttons. After a couple days, I wore though the silver paint on the button.

This VX4600 is awesome. Has a light flip, has the indentations, better bigger buttons, better side buttons, and it looks great. Who needs a camera anyways, thats just a gimmick to sell phones. This phone has great reception, better battery, feels better and lighter in your hand.

I love it...

Good phone, but can't be used "hands free"


Jun 3, 2004 by kornfeld

I've had the phone for about a week. In many ways it is very well-designed, but is poorly designed for a user who wishes to use it "hands-free" when placed in the holster on your belt with using an earplug/microphone.

The problem is that there is no convenient way to answer or hang up the call. When the phone is folded, the ONLY way to answer it is by opening the clamshell (which means removing from the holster and opening, requiring two hands). There is a button on the side that could be used for this purpose, but isn't; alternatively a voice command could be used for this purpose.

I found that you can place only the back half of the clamshell in the holster so that one hand can flip it open (while on the belt) when a call comes in. A little kludgy but usable. However, the phone is designed so the IF the earphone is plugged in, then closing the clamshell doesn't terminate the call! So, if you call a friend a get voicemail there is no way to terminate without removing from the holster and pushing the "END" button, which is impossible if both hands are at that moment unavailable.

This is a problem that I'm sure could be easily fixed with a software update. I tried the customer service email address on LG's website, and the mail bounced! Guess they're not too interested in feedback from customers.

I don't mean to dump on what is an otherwise well-designed phone, but if you wish to use a phone while walking/bicycling/driving with the phone remaining in the holster, look elsewhere than the VX4600.

The software version of my phone is: T46VZV02

New To Verizon and LG...and now VERY happy


May 31, 2004 by mkhall22

I had T-mobile with a Motorola v60, but the time came to switch to Verizon, I really liked my v60 but i needed to get a new phone. The LG vx4600 was my pick, now I have it, and LOVE it, great design, the outside OLED screen is awesome, deff wayy cooler that those silly color tiny LCD you see on Samsungs. The vx4600 is well made and feels pretty solid. The inside screen is bigger than most color screens, and is very sharp and well lit. The ring can be VERY loud if u wish and the vibrate and manner mode (which u can activate without opening, by holding the voice button for like 5sec) is very useful. Menus are excellent, very logical, cant beat this LG interface. The reception on the vx4600 is pretty darn good, haven't noticed any problems, even with its stub antenna, which i was having second thoughts on, but it proved me wrong. Batter life is pretty average, maybe a lil better, but the desktop charger is comes with is awesome. In conclusion, this phone is well worth getting,
1)small stylish well made
2)interface is great
3)there simply isn't a better phone that Verizon offers for your money

"bang for buck" factor
good reception

this phone isn't sold in the stores
really isn't anything BAD about this phone

Good Phone and never dropped a call


Mar 17, 2004 by casualsuede

I had this phone for nearly 2 months now and have never dropped a call. It is a less feature packed phone compared to the VX 4500, but I really don't need the Voice Command Feature.

It has a crystal clear OLED light that is great in any light and with WAP 2.0, J2ME, Downloadable Ring tones, Images and MMS, it suits my need and it is arguably the best looking LG phone in their North American Lineup.

In Love so Far!


Jul 16, 2004 by Foster

Just got this phone about a week ago, of course sight-unseen. It ROCKS!! I'm all for the uniform, and this phone looks really cool. I love the dark blue and silver combo. I am still really hesitant having a phone that's not tri-mode, but when I thought about it, I usually can't make a call in analog roaming anyway (I'm in VT a lot). I miss having a speakerphone, but I'll adjust. The LG interface is the best I've ever used! (have had Kyocera, Audiovox, Nokia in the past)

I started using the phone on Sunday, and today is Friday and the first I've charged it! I'd say I talk an average amount on it... it's my only phone. So that gives you an idea on the 200 hour standby battery that's sooo small the phone fits in your pocket! I like the ringtones a lot too - very normal, which is rare these days.

Good luck!

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