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LG VX-4600


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Good phone for the money


Aug 5, 2004 by tem158

I migrated from a Nokia 8260 AT&T phone to the LGVX4600 with Verizon. The new phone is decent overall. It has a loud ringer, a nice, crisp display, and has great voice quality (on the earpiece). However, people I'm talking to on this phone frequently complain about the voice quality of the microphone. They have often said that it sounds like I am in a tunnel.

The 4600 has pretty good battery life, which was an improvement over my old 8260. It will go for about 3 hours of continuous talking before needing recharging. On standby, it will go for a couple days, which I found really impressive.

There are no built-in games that come with the phone, although you can download a bunch from GetItNow for pretty ridiculous prices of $5-12 or so. You have to pay for ringtones and graphics as well, which I believe go for about $3 apiece. I really don't think that these things are worth the price, and there doesn't seem to be any other way to download stuff.

A major annoyance with the phone is its inability to handle a weak signal and its occasional difficulty switching between cell towers. Whenever the signal is weak on the phone, it drops calls very frequently. Sometimes, even with a strong signal, it will sporadically drop calls. This happens even when I'm stationary, which puzzles me. I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with poor call-handling software programmed into the phone.

One additional bother with the phone is that it is not headset-friendly. The only way you can talk on the phone is to have it opened up, even when a headset is connected. This makes it fairly awkward to carry in your pocket while talking. Also, the headset jack seems to be poorly made, because the headset audio will often cut out in the middle of a call and I have to wiggle the jack to make it come back. That could be the fault of my headset, but I doubt it.

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Jun 21, 2004 by NB3567

I got this phone over the Internet and LOVE it!
I just joined Verizon and can not believe the clarity!! It is crystal clear (maybe its the phone too!)
I was with Sprint and (UGH) would never go back.
I am basically phone illiterate and it is so super easy to use and navigate - I had no problems at all.
Get it while you can !!

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I like this phone


Nov 25, 2004 by wxboss

I had been with Sprint for a while and decided to switch to Verizon when they began having problems with my billing.

I was a little skeptical at first (buying a phone without seeing it), but I'm very impressed! It feels like a solid, good quality phone. The OELD is really cool too! I get great reception where I live (although this is my first Verizon phone, so I don't have anything else to compare to). LG seems to have loaded this phone with a lot of great features, and with the current $29.99 price tag for new customers, you just can't beat this bargain!

If you're looking into this phone, and are seriously considering it...my advice is to get it! You'll be glad you did.

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So far, so good


Dec 5, 2003 by Downhill

So far, this phone looks great.

What's to like...?
- Small footprint
- Cool colour screens inside and outside
- Great ringtones
- Good keypad design
- Easy to use
- Loud

- Not sure yet...I'll keep you posted

I was thinking of getting a camera phone, but I think this is the way to go now. It is a VERY cool phone!

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great phone


Jul 24, 2007 by north idaho

i got this phone about 3 and a half years ago and i'm glad i got it

a few months ago it got run over but it still works, i'm gonna get a new phone to replace it soon. anyways, when it got run over the inner LCD got cracked but everything else still works. its a really strong phone cuz its made out of metal.

the service is better than what people are saying, i lost my intenna but i still get great service up here in Idaho.

i haven't seen this phone in stores lately but it's light, cool looking, and really durable. if i saw it in stores i would get another on to replace the one i have right now

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Awesome Phone!!!


Jul 10, 2006 by david_0508

I Just Got The phone today because i ran over my other phone and it had a camera and i'd rather have this phone....It works great...if you can find it get it

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Better things to be had....


Jan 15, 2006 by reviewer1000

OK I've had this phone for a year now and it has been reliable, but there are definitely some major flaws...will definitely upgrade. If you are considering buying this then think again. Here are the pros and cons that come to mind:

Pros: Nice outside screen, OK battery life, Fairly sturdy exterior design.

-Edge of phone that you hold next to your ear HURTS--prolonged periods of talk (15 minutes or over) hurt the ear like hell--Bad Design!!!

-Inner LCD is easily damaged from stress and strain while being closed--this WILL occur if you put the phone in your jeans pocket or something tight like that.

-Weird volume issues (ringer is really just too loud when on 'low', and unbearable when on Med to High)...probably means the acousto-mechanics of the phone are not fine-tuned.

-Don't get battery leads near water or moisture--this will kill your battery and these are EXPENSIVE to replace.

-Reception is generally crappy and the phone has dropped a lot of calls.

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Awful phone


Dec 30, 2005 by prpletiger

This is the second phone in less than a year. The phone will have a full charge, but out of the blue will shut off for no apparent reason. You have to remove the battery & put it back on to turn it on again. Then the phone needs to be charged again.

I have had numerous dropped calls. The signal...well 90% of the time I don't get a signal in my home. The only time I get a good signal and don't cut out is when I am outside.

small size
easy menu
pretty good ring tones
good sound

short battery life
dropped calls
bad reception
over-heats & shuts off

Do yourself a favor, don't waste your money with this phone. It's more of a headache than it's worth.

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Amazing sound quality


Oct 14, 2005 by Fido

Good RF
Good Battery Life
Good silence mode (vibration)
Very Good keypad
Very Good screen

Sound is just amazing. No ones knew I was using a cell phone. (With Telus)

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Going on my 2nd Replacement


Jan 11, 2005 by Blinkr

I will be receiving my 2nd replacement tomorrow on this phone in 5 months. 3 phones in 5 months. Right after receiving my new VX4600 last Aug. I had to return it because it would turn off without any reason. Then it got so I could turn it on & it would immediately power down. Verizon replaced it about 2 weeks after I got it.

The past 3 days it has been doing it again. I called today & they are replacing it again. I don't know what I will do after the warranty goes off. But I do know that when my contract comes up for renewal, I will be getting rid of this one & getting something else.

You may want to reconsider purchasing this phone. It's reliability is questionable. I hope I am proven wrong on the next one they are sending me. But I doubt it.

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