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cool phone


Jun 28, 2004 by kit

The LGvx4600 is very stylish phone; I really like its look. I purchased this phone more than a week ago and I’m loving it so far. It’s very easy to use, I got familiar with it just in a few minutes (I had Nokia before), and the LGvx4600 is surprisingly tiny (much smaller than theLGvx6000) and light so I can carry it in my pocket. I love the big screen, and the sound quality is awesome.
This phone doesn’t have a camera, speaker phone and driving mode feature, people who really need them shouldn’t get this phone.
The only thing that could be better is the battery life. But overall this is a very cool phone.

awesome phone.....


Jun 17, 2004 by rickybogo2

for the user that last reviewer, to get the date on the front LCD hit the volume button twice, it will show the date.

This phone is EXCELLENT. If you need to have vibrate on to maintain secretcy, why do you need key beeps? Manner mode is perfect.

This is the best phone I have ever had, nothing bad about it in any way. There is always going to be "differences" between phones, and thus things to get used to that are different.

I HIGHLY recommend this phone to anybody wanting a small simple phone with no gimmicks.

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Reliable so far


Aug 12, 2004 by Motown

Picked up 2 of these about a month ago and both have been reliable so far.
Reception has ranged from excellant to great depending on who I was talking to and what they were calling on and what service they had, like anything else.
Volumes on earpiece and ringers can be quite loud (thankfully) and vibrate is strong enough to get noticed, as I use this the most.
Number of ringers is pretty good (a lot of goofy ones and at least a few normal ones) and backgrounds as well. All personnal preferance so at least there is more than 5 or 6 to choose from. Your mileage may vary.
Easy to manage LG interface.
Screen brightness has not been a big problem inside or out yet. I did stop the sideways scroll by setting the front backlight to 5 seconds as I really don't need to look at the clock all day and am glad the option exists as it saves power on the battery by not having to be on all the time. No reason to leave it on if I'm not looking at it.
Voice recognition works absolutely great and use it most of the time. Feature has worked almost flawlessly, surprisingly.
Battery life seems about average to slightly better for todays cell phones. No complaints but am waiting to get extended battery all the same.
I found the holster pretty useless (especially if you have to constantly take phone out) so I picked up the small body glove which fits and works much better with the phone.
Not a heavy user so I guess I'm not as picky about the little things, as the modes do what they're supposed to, regardless of what they're called, and the phone has had good reception and not dropped any calls, which is not surprising as I live in a pretty well covered area (although I have tried a few areas off the beaten path and have had no problems as of now).
If anything changes I'll post again but so far not much to complain about and I'm pretty picky about call quality and overall product. We'll see how it holds up.

Great phone, worth the hoops ya gotta jump through to get it.


May 7, 2004 by bdbs1

I was able to get two of these phones after jumping through many of verizon's hoops. that said. This is a fantastic little phone. Great layout ,features, and reception. Calls are crystal clear even in very rural areas or miles out on the beach. The calender/schedule feature and alarm clock are very helpful. The contact list is quick and easy to navigate. Voice dial has worked flawlessly. The inside screen is bright and easy to see under all conditions and the outside screen is also bright and easy to read and informative,and both a customizable.

The LG4600 is light years ahead of my old Moto-v12c(hated it).
The phone also looks pretty cool.

And the best feature of all, IMHO, is that this phone is what a cell phone should be:a modern communication device and a very functional tool without the toy camera.
Get this phone, if you can.

Just what I wanted


May 5, 2004 by coasterguy

I really like this phone so far. I was awaiting the motorola V710 but got tired of waiting and, I saw the pics on the web that show it is a big phone. So I ended up with this 4600. It is a great little phone with all the options needed without the camera which I did not think I would ever use.
Small. cool looking. well lit. Easy to use. stub antenna. loud ringers. strong vibrate. and just down right cool to hold and use.


None yet at all. But if that changes I'll let you know the layout of the buttons is easy to get used to. The colors are great. the screen is clear and bright. The outer LED's are fun and neat looking. I really like the blue and Metallic silver finish as well. Nothing but compliments all day with this phone.. Go and get it now..:)

A quality basic phone


Jun 18, 2005 by Johnny_America

After owning the LG VX 3100 and the VX 4400B for Verizon in NY, I received this one through the Lockline insurance. It works very well if you're looking for just a basic, easy to use flip phone. It has the external caller ID, which is always a handy feature.

It's design is rather unique, with the round LED display on the outside, and the scrolling numbers are nice to look at. The only draw back is that you cannot set it to remain on permanently at all, even in a low powered capacity. This would be handy, but I do wear a watch so it's not a big deal.

I've not had the trouble of it shutting of at random as other people seem to have. The only quirk I have is there's no normal ring tones on phones anymore. I would like a ringer to sound like a ringer, just a little annoyance, again no big deal.

All in all, a good little phone if you can get your hands on it and don't need anything flashy like a camera or bluetooth.

Great phone choice (LG VX4600)


Jul 11, 2004 by hawleyrw

I did my research on cell phones once I decided on Verizon, and picked the 4600 sight unseen. All of the reviews and user reviews paid off (thanks PhoneScoop!!!). I love the phone, small, power packed with features. I specifically wanted a phone without a camera, but really wanted the OLED front display like the 6000. The 4600 fits the bill perfectly. A friend picked the Samsung a670 instead of this...the display on the Samsung is brighter, higher res, so that's the ONLY thing about this phone that lacks. Everything else rocks! Best of luck in choosing a phone!

Near Perfect...


Jun 2, 2004 by rottnpeach

I've had this phone for a few days now and can say it is a marked improvement from my previous phone (Nokia 6340i). I also switched from Cingular to Verizon which was a good thing. These CDMA phones are much more consistent than TDMA/GSM phones. My LG VX4600 gets about 2 bars in my house and the reception is still clear with no interruptions. The battery life is lengthy compared to similar color phones. My favorite thing about the phone, besides its functionality and its style, is the "Get it Now" feature - which is more of a kudos to Verizon than anything else. The ability to download whatever ring-tone or game I may desire with just a couple pushes of a button comes in very handy. And this phone maintains a steady, fast connection to that server at all times. Another thing I like about this phone is its interface - the menus are colorful and extremely easy to get used to. The sound on this phone is great - can be set extremely loud ... and I like the "manner" mode and the fact that all I have to do is hold the outside voice dial button for 3 seconds so that it doesn't coincidentally play its ring-tone in the middle of a restaurant or something. Finally, I like its display - at 65,000 colors it is quite pleasant. This phone doesn't tend to fade out too much in the sun either compared to other LED displays.

In fact, the only thing I don't particular like about this phone is that it comes with lame ring-tones and no games to speak of. Verizon expects you to download these things - and of course they come at a pretty hefty price. I would have thought that a phone of this caliber though would come with a game or 2 and some better ring-tones.

All in all, this phone is excellent, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a newer, trimmer, sleeker phone that has some great features.

Verizon FINALLY has a cool looking phone


May 3, 2004 by Lagwagon

This phone is great!!! Aside from the fact that it took 9 attempts before a Verizon phone agent would even sell me this phone, it looks and works great! I am a HUGE Motorola fan and have never ever thought of getting another brand of phone...but when Verizon takes 1,000 years to release a Motorola flip (710/810) I had to get this phone...besides...my v60 is clunking out on me. I had this activated at the store today and everyone that worked there had never seen it...after viewing it, they were all shocked that it would not be in the store because of how cool it is. The phone is small, it is smaller than my v60. The display is bright and vivid...the OLED outer display seems a bit slanted...but I will get over it. Features seem to work fine...the ringtones it comes with suck...but the speaker sounds great with the ringtones I downloaded. Battery is great so far. It came with a desk charger and plastic holster. I purchased the car charger and travel charger...both are the same as used for the 6000. I don't know...I will play with this phone a bit more...but as for now...I really do love it and I never thought I would like anything other than a Motorola...but I do now.

Great value, strong performance!!!!


Nov 23, 2004 by EdNJ908

I bought this phone as an upgrade for my LG VX4400. The VX4600 is a better phone. It holds a digital signal better and has clear and loud audio The ringers are loud. The screen is sharper than the VX4400. It's smaller, and retains the same intuitive LG menus. The only shortcomings are that the phone is hard to open with one hand, keys are too flat, and there is no easy way to silence all tones as there was in the VX4400. It's also an all digital phone which may be problematic for some people, but not for me as I have only needed analog once in the last three years in Maine and that area has since been upgraded to digital service. This phone is definitely a good choice for the casual business user who needs a compact phone without the camera and that supports National Access (data communications via cable and USB connection to a PC).

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