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Going on my 2nd Replacement


Jan 11, 2005 by Blinkr

I will be receiving my 2nd replacement tomorrow on this phone in 5 months. 3 phones in 5 months. Right after receiving my new VX4600 last Aug. I had to return it because it would turn off without any reason. Then it got so I could turn it on & it would immediately power down. Verizon replaced it about 2 weeks after I got it.

The past 3 days it has been doing it again. I called today & they are replacing it again. I don't know what I will do after the warranty goes off. But I do know that when my contract comes up for renewal, I will be getting rid of this one & getting something else.

You may want to reconsider purchasing this phone. It's reliability is questionable. I hope I am proven wrong on the next one they are sending me. But I doubt it.

Good looking phone, but that's it...


Jan 7, 2005 by jimbonr

I purchased this phone on line because I didn't need or want a camera phone. The appearance of this phone is fantastic. Very different and pleasing to the eye. It's a small phone, much like the LG VX10. It's basically a LGVX6000 without the camera. Looks aside, I was getting an echo effect when talking, some calls were going directly into voice mail without notification, and the signal meter was strong and non existent in areas where I always received service. i attribute this to the pure digital nature of the phone. I just returned it today, after usuing it for 2 days. Avoid this phone.

I guess the 6100 is my next stop.

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At last a winner!


Dec 27, 2004 by stuckinmichigan

I just bought this phone at close to nothing as a new Verizon customer. I have to say that this is probably the best bang for the buck that I have ever experienced when it comes to cell phones. The phone is one of the most elegant phones I've owned and it seems to be very well built and sturdy for such a small phone. I would say it's about the size of those Motorola 60 series phones, just maybe a hair thinner. The battery on this phone is very nice. I've maybe about a half hour of calls and had it on stand-by for 4 days now and still have 2 out of 4 bars on it. The reception is excellent! I get all 6 bars in my room where previous phones all had 2 at the most. It seems to hold a digital signal better than any other phone I had. The call quality is VERY clear and loud. The outside display is something I really like on this phone. It has the same outside display as the LG 6000 with the flashing dots and bright numbers against a black background. This makes the display very easy to see in bright sunlight or any condition. The internal display is also very nice with a color screen that could compete against some of the phones with a camera. Also comes with some very cool wallpapers. The only thing I don't like about the phone is the bulky charger kit that comes with it. It has a very big and heavy adapter that you have to plug into a desktop charger stand or cradle and then slide the phone into that. All that bulkiness for such a small phone. This also means you have to take the phone out of the case (if you can find one) to charge it. All in all, this is a great phone though.


excellent reception
great outside and inner display
very clear and loud ear-piece on phone.
small but not too small
good battery life


Bulky 2-piece charging kit.
all digital, no analog.


I would highly recommend this phone, especially if you can get the new customer price on it. I would give it 5 stars if not for the bulky 2-piece charger.

Luv This Phone!


Jul 22, 2004 by truelove

Pros: Look, feel, reception, call clarity is excellent. Vibrate and ring together, loud ring tones, and nice wallpapers are nice extras. Small flat size is perfect for slipping in a pocket. I received this phone today after reading the reviews here at Phone Scoop! You have to see it!

Cons: No speaker phone. No Camera. Who cares?

Very bad at keeping it's charge


Jun 22, 2004 by Chris911

The Pros : I love almost every features that comes with this phone I especially like the LCD screen.

The Cons : Well I had this phone for over 8 months know and I have been bringing my phone to have it fixed for 3 months now.

It said in the owner’s manual that the battery should at least last for 6 days on stand by, but my phone only lasted 3 days. So I herd that there was a defect with the original battery, so I went to the store to have it changed. As soon as I got home I charged the phone at its full charge like usual and every time since that, the battery only lasts 7 hours. So I brought it back to the store and had all it's guts ripped out of it and they put all brand new parts. I went back home to test it and I still had the same problem. I will be bringing it back next week to have it checked once more.



Apr 30, 2004 by jstrait

If you don't like to use a belt clip PREPARE TO MISS CALLS!!

Yet another flip phone with the annoying feature of having a ring disabling button on the outside. If you carry it anywhere this button might get bumped for more than two seconds it switches to "manner mode" (silent w/ vibrate).

Unless it's a silent room or you are completely still you will NOT notice the vibrate and will miss the call. I missed two calls just on the short drive back from the Verizon store!

This "convenience" feature is not disabled by locking the phone either.

When will they learn?



Aug 2, 2004 by gregg007

I have to say that I am very unimpressed with the LG VX-4600. This phone has many annoying things about it that just kill it for me. The main display is terrible, it has a washed out dark look to it. No matter how I adjusted the brightness and contrast it looks very dull and dark. I just had an LG G4015 from AT&T and it has the same type of screen but it's much crisper than this. The outside display is all but useless, after a minute (or up to 3 minutes) the outside display turns completely off, I hate that, you have to hit a side button to turn it back on and then it scrolls. Having it scroll should be optional and they need to find a low power way to leave the display always on so it's more usefull.

The keypad is way too flat, buttons should be raised more for better feel. I hate LG's interface. The four-way navigation key is is full of useless things I don't use. My Motorola V300 had a completely customizable menu system, I could assign almost anything to any button, I miss that.

Call reception is very good but that's because I get a very strong Verizon signal where I live so I expect that. Battery life is OK for a CDMA phone.

Phone feels heavier than the advertised 3.3 oz's and is almost as big as my V300, I thought it would be smaller for such a basic phone. It does feel very sturdy and well put together though. Opening the flip with one hand could be a little easier, the indentation on the side for your thumb or finger could have been done much better.

The only way to set the phone to only vibrate is to put in in "Manner Mode" which also turns off key beeps and puts an annoying "Manner Mode" on the inside display, is that really neccessary?

After just having the Motorola V300 (with T-Mobile) and now this I was much more satisfied with the V300. If all you need is a basic phone I would not recommend this, especially for the price Verizon wants for it, you can get a better basic phone cheaper.



Jun 16, 2004 by samnoe

I bought this week the new VX 4600 after using the LG TM-510 for more than 2 happy years. I was always a big fan of LG phones, because the quality, and good reception, and mainly because the neat, clear interface. The TM-510 served me very well, and I was very satisfied with the phone. It just started to make some problems after all these years, so I decided to go with the newest LG, the VX-4600. I have no need for a camera or speaker phone.

But the 4600 is a different story: I'm not satisfied with this phone at all. And let me explain.

The number one problem (for me) is that you can't have the phone vibrate when somebody is calling you! You can add vibration to the HIGHEST ringer volume simultaneously, and that's it. What the heck was LG thinking? It's something most people use on a daily basis. Not everybody must know exactly when I got a call. I can't believe LG should eliminate that feature which they always had on their phones, and all others still offer it. TOO BAD!

Yes, I know, you could still switch to �manner mode�, that will put your ringer off and just vibration on, but that will also put your key beeps off, and a freaking "manner mode" always displayed on the LCD. Manner mode is not an option for me. This is my biggest problem. I really hope LG will make an update to include this feature in the near future. I will call ask them, and I urge you everybody who have this phone (as well as the 4500 which has the same 'bug') to call or email them.

I would like it the way it's in the older phones, you have a separate setting for ring type, and a separate for ring sound, and finally a separate setting for ringer & vibration volume. I really hope there will be any update on this, because it's awful for me.

LG VX-4600


Nov 21, 2004 by slackerhoff

I love this phone. Has a very loud ring so you don't miss calls. Very easy to use. The best little phone that I have used.



Oct 29, 2004 by Jilly

This phone is awesome, I use it on the CDMA network in Canada(GPRS is not good if you are at all rural here in Canada). I work for a wireless company here in Canada for the states.. won't say who and LG gets a good rating from my customers as well. I have this phone and the LG 6070, my only dislike about this phone is no MMS and cannot answer MSN messenger txt b/c software in phone is too advance for MSN... that's what Telus Mobility tells me anyways. Whereas my 6070 does. This phone has an awsome display and great reception, I love my mobile browser... though my not my choice of rateplans... you americans are so lucky! I have to pay 50.00 and I get 100 daytimes mins, you guys for 39.99 get 600! It's a travesty! Anyways all LGs I have used have been great no go get one!

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