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love this phone


Mar 22, 2007 by ballin10

this phone is absolutely great i have the jayz special edition black one.

mp3 player
mp3 ringtones
qwerty keyboard
memory slot
internet browser


Wow everyone should get it. Even though it doesnt have a camera its a real cool phone i would knoe i a teenager.



Jun 13, 2006 by experiment626

I bought this phone unlocked as an inexpensive way to try GSM w/T-Mobile. As this phone is 3 years old I understand that the color screen resolution(4k)is clearly inferior by today's standards.But the screen is bright and easy to read. Also there is no camera on this phone.But that's no big loss because 3 years ago the camera would have been poop anyway.It's amazing how much cellphones have improved since this phone was first released. Now all that being taken into account, this phone still is amazing.I won't repeat all the previous glowing reviews about the 3300's multi-media abilities,just agree with them.For a brand new phone that now costs little more than a OEM replacement battery(only $60 shipped from ebay)you can do so much.I love the design,very unique yet multi-functional.As a Nokia I get the best RF T-Mobile can provide in the Tampa/St.Petersburg,FL.This phone has 850&1900mhz so you can get the best GSM coverage possible in the U.S.I can hear and be heard clearly.Great build quality as one comes to expect from Nokia.Made of light plastic but feels solid w/smooth moving buttons.NOW FOR MY ONE COMPLAINT:NO BACKLIGHTING ON THE KEYPAD? There is no excuse why this phone was not released without proper lighting of the entire keyboard.Every review of this phone brings this one shortfall up.It really hinders this phones use in low light situations.I can't believe this was not brought up during Nokia's quality control testing....CONCLUSION: Let me say that if having a cameraphone is not important to you but you want alot of other multi-media options or you would like an inexpensive back up to your main phone or just want something different then the 50 million RAZRs you see people with this is definitly a phone to consider. P.S.to NOKIA:Where is the upgrade to this Model? The Communicator is too expensive and all the 3300 needs is a 262k screen and install a 2mp camera like the Nokia 6265i has.This phone could really be a winner with the right upgrades.

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i like!! i love it!! i want more of it!!


Nov 7, 2005 by pimpbillisback84

as a fan of motorola phones (before i owned this) i was hesitant on this phone because i wasn't a big nokia fan.

well im hella proud of this phone!!! it's like taking a cute little baby down the street, it gets u all the chicks!!

as an employee of at&t/ cingy at the time(buyout time)
(that was when the employee plan was unlimited everything for free with the ability to add two lines)

i felt as a tech rep i had to have a cool phone to own.

so i did my research and i saw this phone had everything,


qwerty keyboard

mp3 player (songs can be used as ringers)

easy but not to easy OS

mms memory card (up to 1gb is where i ended)

software and data cable included in box

two headsets included

cool shape (grabs attention) even though i don't use it much anymore people still ask about it (including folks with sidekick and razr) just to name a few

entry level pda


overall fun phone


no bluetooth (wasn't that big of a deal at the time though)

no camera (also wasn't that big of a deal at the time)

overall i love this phone and i hope nokia comes out with an upgraded one.

i think i'll write them a letter

"My Best Nokia phone to Date"


Jan 5, 2004 by fOnEfReAkZ

First off, this phone is amazing!! I love everything about this phone, the software is not glitchy everything seems to be in functional order. The only reason I didn't give it a perfect score was of the backlight for the keypad but other than that, this is a great quality phone.

-Love the MP3 player
-Ringtones are loud
-Very user-friendly (As you would expect from Nokia)
-Have not caught a glitch yet.

-No backlight for keypad, That's it!!

This by far one of the best phones on the market & is worth every penny. I recommend it 100%.

Some Good Some Bad


Dec 23, 2004 by erichhaubrich

Lots of features and a few flaws.

Great sound on the MP3 player - uses MMC memory cards up to 128MB (maybe more)

Nice form factor - smaller than it looks in all the pictures

Qwerty keyboard (US Model) Easy to get used to once you use it a little - REALLY COOL for sending Text messages

Good reception - better than my samsung or LG - about even with Motorola

Digital recorder - can be used to record external sounds (AAC Format) or from the internal FM Radio or record phone calls

POP3 Email - can be used with a standard email account

MP3 Ringtones - you can use any ringtone from the memory card as your ringer

Lots of features, but still missing a few

No standard headset jack (Would be nice to be able to use regular headphones with the MP3 player and radio. The placement of the headset jack is not good for using it with a standard holster

Navigation is not very intuitive - you have to hunt around for things that should be right out front.

No MMS messaging - and not easy to get pictures onto it

No separate tones for separate callers/groups

Requires headset to be plugged in to use the FM Radio (Although the radio can be played over the speakerphone speaker

Cool phone - a little bit quirky but with features any geek can enjoy - I think this one's a winner that will hopefully be perfected into a powerhouse phone in the next edition

$75 Brand New and Unlocked on Ebay

Mini Boombox


Oct 18, 2003 by starscream

I love this phone. but first ill start with the cons.
-you cant upload pictures to the phone to set as a background
-you cant change the alarm tone
-multimedia cards only go up to 128mb
-keyboard not backlit
-uh... thats it.

-excellent sound quality, even through speakerphone!
-an MP3 as a ringtone?!?!? HELL YEAH.
-ease of use? yup. its a nokia.
-comes with everything you need to get started transfering mp3s, etc.
-awkard to hold? NOPE. quite comfortable!
-logically organized

overall, the only other phone on the market that would be worth your time would be the sony ericsson T-616. this phone has everything but a camera (which cameras arent all that).

Get this phone!!!


Feb 27, 2004 by Tea Dez

This phone has beautiful sound and a even better you can use MP3s as ringtones!! The radio has crisp clarity and the music player is flawless. Transfering music files is a breeze. The phone sound is clear and it picks up signals with no problem. Holding it as a phone is ok you don't look retard at all. The only reason why I didn't give this phone a perfect 5 is because the "QWERTY" keypad doesn't light up but if you know your way around a regular keyboard than this isn't a problem. Get this phone if you love music and don't want to carry a CD player and a cellphone or a MP3 player and a cellphone.

Great phone


Jul 30, 2003 by jim nest

This phone is amazing for the money like posted above it comes with so many extras. The one thing that would stop me from buying this is that only a couple a buttons light up the keypad does not light up which is stupid and pointless why would nokia even put a keyboard on it. Besides that the service is good like most of the newer nokia phones. One great thing i like is you can set mp3's as ringtones.

Nokia 3300


Sep 20, 2007 by turbo1negro

The Nokia 3300 is a brilliant phone. Being that it came out in 2003 and is still up to par with most phones today.


-Mp3 Player with superb sound quality
-FM Radio with 30 presets
-Memory expands up to 512mb or 99 Songs thats all the phone picks up
-East Texting Phone
-Changeable Face Plates
-Loud Sound Quality
-Long Battery Power


-Small Screen
-Small texting pad -Texting pad not lit

If tis phone was updated by Nokia with a bigger screen with better resolution and a Camera it would be a untouchable phone

nokia 3300


May 4, 2006 by adrienne1

Everything is very cool.. Being an older person it does draw attention lol... the only problem is like others have pointed out..no lighted keyboard and also hard to find a holster/for it... but very nice...

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