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great phone


Oct 7, 2004 by djrichieb

i have had a nokia for around 3 months now and find it very easy to use. although they could have made a blue tooth version to use a wireless handset. mp3 sound is great and the thought of and mp3 can make you the highlight of the party!

pros: ease of use, mp3 ring tones, speaker phone (good when wearing a motorbike helmet) easy to intall to computer, games are great. large colour screen with great display, texting is easy, especially itap!

cons: cant download picture from computer, only a few of the buttons light up, nokia hands free speaker is to far from month (cable type) cant change alarm tone.

over all a great reccommended phone.

Dont judge a phone by its cover.. coz its not sexy


Aug 18, 2004 by Cuddles

I have 7 phones currently and I keep coming back to this one.
The Audio is really impressive. Just set the equalizer to POP to give a bit more bass (or set your own equalizer settings), put headphones on, drive around, voice dial by pressing button on headphones, will switch you between music and phone, or play games and listen to radio.. I have never texted so fast than with this phone. After 10 or so texts, I could text faster than I had done with a standard keypad after several years.
I set up a hotpop account from hotpop.com and have email account now for no cost.
I have dropped it about 5 times on the tiles here and it didnt even turn off. Must be that slightly round robust thing. So its scratched a bit and not new any more but usability is still great..
CONS: The backlight key thing is missing but when the screen lights up and you are desperate then just cup your hand around the screen a bit and find those number buttons and make your call. Or just turn on the light in your room or go under a street light or stop walking in really dark places.
Looks a bit poxy in my front pocket because it likes sliding around sideways. Put it in your back pocket... but you will end out sitting on it alot... doesnt seem to break though.

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Eh.. Excitment to Denial


Jul 18, 2004 by crankycriz

I'll get to straight to the point.

-The Mp3 Sound Quality with headset or on speaker sounds quite well. Very Clear.

-USP makes it easier to install Mp3's

-I got alot of comments from people saying "oh wow, cool phone!"

-Keyboard Makes Text Messeges much quicker (once you get used to the small buttons)

-Small Buttons

-No Leather Case (accessories)

-(so therefore) Screen is easily scratched and making calls without headset leaves oily screen as well.

-No built-in Camera

-Resolution Could be alot better for the money

-Headset & USP cord socket is very unstable (too easily detachable, which is very annoying when using headset).

-A Bit too big for pocket comfert

I Normally keep phones for a long while so I just delt with the cons and used the phone. Recently it has broke, so I am going to switch to a differnt model cingular mobil.

Hope I've been helpful.

Nokia 3300


May 17, 2004 by tara

This is really a great phone. The only cons are that the keys don't light up and when your ring tone is set to play the MP3 the sound is very low. The radio and MP3 player have great stereo sound quality. Sending text messages is so easy with the Qwerty screen.

Great Phone


Dec 7, 2003 by derion

This is a great phone it is awesome you don't have to worry about bad reception because i live in a small town and get great service. Some of the great features of this phone is of course the music, the great polyphonic ringtones/True Tones, you can put your mp3 files as ringtones to grab peoples attention(even if the unique design doesn't grab it) play your music out loud so that your friends can enjoy also, Text messaging made easy with the keypad, had great battery life's didn't charge it and it lasted at least three to four days without blacking out, Fm radio and you can record from the radio.

On the other hand there is only a few bad things about this phone: Only like 2 buttons like up on the keep pad the call and end call button(which leaves all the numbers and letters blind to you at night if you don't have a flashlight) The speaker phone doesn't play very loud and after a while of talking on it it really makes you mad because you can't hear what the persons saying on the other end.



Two birds with one phone


Dec 6, 2003 by JasonT1273

Working for a wireless carrier I was given my reasonable choice of phones to use as my employee phone. Quite frankly I had been wanting an MP3 player for some time and after checking out the 3300 and what else it could do I was convinced it would be perfect for me. The more I have used it the more I've liked it, especially when I discovered that, contrary to previous reviews, I COULD get any picture into it that I wanted simply by entering the address of a JPG picture that I had stored on the web space provided by my broadband service. I got that little trick from a posting at howardforums.com. Here's my take on the whole thing:

Great sound quality for both voice and music, easy text messaging thanks to the QWERTY keyboard, very easy to manage music content from my PC, comfortable to hold, and the usual ease of use that Nokia is known for.

No backlight for QWERT keyboard, no means of phonebook management via a data cable, no way to output audio to amplified speakers or anything besides the included headphones or the built-in speaker, have to remove battery to access MMC card.

Amazing phone!


Dec 6, 2003 by holdenmichael

I would've rated this a 5.0 if it had a 65K+ TFT screen so that my wallpaper pictures would show up perfectly clear.


- QWERTY keypad
- Easy to use
- MP3 as a ringtone
- MP3 player
- equalizer w/ preset options too
- FM radio W/ headset included
- Easy to understand menu and options
- looks nice =)
- can download pictures or gif files via mMode to use as wallpaper
- boom headset instead of the "cheap" headsets I'm used to getting with phones
- great call quality (NoCal & SoCal - Sacramento/Davis to Inland Empire / ATT Wireless)
- Price: currently free w/ my $39.99 plan and "only" a one yr contract


- whole keypad doesn't light up
- speed dial slightly difficult when driving because of the QWERTY keypad
- has loudspeaker, but not speakerphone


- "only" 4,096 color screen

I didn't list what I saw as drawbacks as cons because I don't believe they really take away from the phone. The keypad doesn't light up, but this should only be important to you if you'll need to use most of the keypad in the dark often. Speed dial is replaced by voice dial for me and I don't really make a lot of calls while driving anyways. I don't mind not having a dual way (forget correct terminology) speakerphone because I prefer the headset.

I listed the amount of colors for the screen as a con because it limits what I can use as wallpaper. The picture of my son isn't very clear in color, but I can probably edit the picture to make it come out as clear as the sunflower option. I wouldn't have to do anything if the phone had a 65K or better color screen.

I have yet to try a gif file because I don't know how much it'd drain the battery if I used a gif of Kobe dunking.



Jul 30, 2003 by steve nestorovski

overall its a great phone comes with alot of accessorys like ear piece, stereo headset witch can also be used as a ear piece, data cable, and software. Problem with the phone is the letters on the keypad dont light up. =(
Otherwise its a great phone.

Awsome Phone.... Just not for me.


Dec 30, 2003 by dj_abbot

I had this phone for about a week and took it back. Not that there was anything wrong
with the phone. I loved it. My main draw to it was the split keyboard so I could use it for
AOL IM. I was told by a Cingular employee that I could access my buddy list and
message people, turns out someone else has to start the conversation by messaging me
from their computer. This may just be an issue with Cingular though.

I liked the MP3 player feature but it wasn’t really necessary for me since I carry my CD
player and headphones with me wherever I go. It comes with a 62mb card which = 7 or 8
MP3s. I really liked that it comes with a cord that you can plug into any headphone jack
and record music to your phone. It can only save recordings as a .aae file though which is
slightly lower quality than an mp3. This is cool because I have tracks on vinyl that I cant
find mp3s for. I also liked that you could listen to the music through the speaker instead
of the headphones, sacrificing almost all bass though. Setting an MP3 as a ring tone is
also cool even though the regular tones are louder and easier to hear. It comes with some
really cool not so cheesy regular tones though.

The problems I had with the phone is like everyone else said, the keyboard & number keys
don’t have a backlight. If you can touch type on a regular keyboard it probably wont take
too long to get used to finding the right keys on here. I also would have liked it better if it
were easier to operate the phone with one hand, but I guess that’s the sacrifice you make
with having a full keyboard on it.

I was very disappointed that I had to return the phone. The IM problem was just due to
being misinformed by the Cingular employee. I switched to the free Sony Ericsson T226
so I can cancel my contract once number porting will let me switch to T-Mobile and get a
Sidekick. I use AOL IM so much more than talking on the phone so that is a priority that
I couldn’t get with this.

This Phone is Great


Oct 27, 2003 by Phil Marler

I've used this phone on the cingular service and it rocks. The sound quality of the radio and mp3's are superior to any sony walkman ive EVER heard. these little earbuds actually have BASS!! Lets hope maybe Ericcson can redeem themselves by coming out with something similar that plays mp3's but Im not betting on it. The keyboard rocks, and it can actually send and recieve MOSMS, for those of you who don't know, thats a real two way. Sky-tell? Whats sky-tell? i see a nokia with an mp3 player, a full color screen and a keyboard with a real two way format? try and beat that. with the belt clip the headphones rarely get in the way. Im using this in Tacoma Washington on Cingular gsm. by the way William you're fired ;)

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