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I love this phone!


Mar 25, 2006 by jadall

Wonderful Phone. The main con's of it are the unlighted keypad. The speaker phone function is hard to hear on a call sometimes. The music player speaker sometimes could be louder It plays just under 200 songs the way the file system is set up you can make play lists or are pretty savvy you should be able to have almost unlimited amount of song files on it. You can load 30 applications and 30 games onto the phone it won't let you load more. If you load lists of files on the phone loads the directories sometimes slowly so keep file directories to reasonable amounts of files and it works fine. the radio is nice but doesn't pick up the best reception at times. The model is a few years old so not "top of the line" so some might miss bluetooth or camera. It's a little big also but the keypad is well spaced for typing.the manual is on the cd which was dissapointing so you really need a pc to fully utilize the full potential of this phone.

The stuff i like about it is a lot of stuff first off when i purchased the phone the standard stuff it comes with 2 different headsets a single over the ear hook thing for 1 ear with a button for hanging up phone,voicedial feature, and skips music tracks. comes with stereo earbuds(also with the function button). a usb data cable that puts files onto the memory card not the phones internal memory and a cord to hook to a pc/headphone jack the phone can record from external source. It can record with the radio. The nokia series 40 programs there are a lot of them out there. you can likely find a program that suits your needs to make the phone a pretty good functional pda or to do different tasks. the music quality is great. When i use it as a regular phone without headsets it about blows my eardrums out if the volume is turned up. And the best thing is this phone is extremely affordable and comes with pretty much all you need in the package. The Gprs works good. The phone seems very sturdy and durable and it is not buggy.

One of the best phone's I've ever owned


Dec 29, 2005 by gmarcoux

This was one of the best phones I've ever owned...The only drawback had been the size, other wise I would still have it.


-Great Battery life
-MP3 Player
-Intuitive Menu
-QWERTY Keyboard
-Great Reception & Sound
-Recorder can record your phone calls (hee hee hee)
-Stereo Headset doubles as handsfree.


-The size.

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I love this phone


Jul 19, 2005 by Tedness

This phone is awsome. Plays mp3's and is very customizable. I get 6-7 bars of signal in elevators and buildings. Battery lasts a long time since I don't talk all my minutes away. The only complaint I have about this phone is that it is hard to find games that play right on it. I mean the free java games. You cannot go wrong with this phone, cheap brand new on ebay.

Need to be revised


May 19, 2005 by andreass90

The nokia 3300 is an ok phone. The features
were ok.

Great for text messaging, and internet usage.

The 1st phone I had with the record feature, but would not let you set it as a ring tone.
(my nokia 6230 does).

MP3 player, and Radio was awesome.

The phone's keypad has no back light, Horrible
for at night. you must learn the qwerty keyboard in order for no mistakes.

Nokia makes good phones but should have tested the 3300 thoroughly before they put it out.

What a phone


Apr 12, 2005 by savanna1103

What a phone. I got this phone off of ebay for 77.00. Not bad for something to place my sim while my samsung was being fix.
I really liked this nokia. Great coverage and easy to learn. The calling part was a little different but it was workable. I used this phone for two weeks and all of my friends wanted it badly. Them do alot of texting and I don't. I used the radio at work and my coworkers loved it. If you are looking for something to text, play your favorite songs, play games and much more.



Apr 5, 2005 by VR6Yetta

the nokia 3300 is a great phone. i had it when it first came out. the mp3 player rules. u can use the mp3's as ur ringtones. it does feel a little weird using the phone the first couple of times but u get used to it. there were only two things didnt like about it. there was no backlight for the keyboard and there was no camera. camera is not truly needed but it would have made it really cool.



Mar 14, 2005 by vinnyfrancisco

Hey, this was my first nokia phone, And it was pretty cool. it had some cool features like a full key board, mp3 player, speaker phone, and a few cool games.

*key board
*Pretty good color, not the most vibirant phone
*good games
*speaker phone
*comes with usb cable, head phones and sofware

Cons ;-(
*odd shape, hard to hold
*Mp3 player cant hold a lot of music with the includeing 64mb card.
*sound qualitly isnt the best, speaker phone should be louder
*no camera

All in All the phone is Aight if your not expecting a lot.

Not the prettiest phone, but a good one


Dec 3, 2004 by QuiGonJ

I've had the phone for about a year now, and I like it. It's been very useful, and I cannot imagine ever getting a phone without an MP3 player because of it.

Pros: The QWERTY keypad is useful. The sound on the MP3 Player is clear, and the included speaker option is surprisingly loud. It has been very reliable, with clear sound with both the speaker phone and handset function on calls. The antenna also seems to work well in most situations.

If you are proficient in image editing, any 142x142 image can be uploaded to the Internet and then downloaded into the phone using the included browser, making cheap backgrounds easy to do.

Cons: Finding accessories for the Nokia 3300 is not easy because the model did not sell well. The planned official X-Press On covers were never made.

Tracking down a vendor who can get a leather case for it is also difficult, but can be done. In the interests of being helpful, the model number for the one official leather case available is the Krussell Horizontic Premium Model #94165. Alternatively, any N-Gage QD cases you can find should be a close fit.

owned the old nokia 5125 4 years and i jumped to this


Dec 3, 2004 by ozzy_scl

i owned th 5152 for four years and i must say it's robust rock, i mean it, i used to play bets w/my friends their phones (newer ones) couldn't do something mine could. I used to throw it directly against a solid wall (sometimes across the street) battery would fly away, and everyone's faces!!! once the battery was put on again, the phone would work!!! not even the time would be changed!!! that's the reason i got this one. The problem with the 5152 is it's memory, only 100 contacts, so i had to erase phones constantly.
I've read other reviews and this is what i could add
this one even though it's said it holds 500 actually holds 2500 you can add 500 contacts, but for every contact you can add 5 numbers (if you're cleaver enough you'll add any contact under those 5 extra numbers)
second, the true tone, it's so cool hear your favorite songs as ringtones (set the phone as exterior, or outside to make the mp3s play louder) you can do this simply pressing once the turn off button.
3. it comes w/ a 64mb memory for up to 1 hour on mp3 or 2 in aac (you can change formats w/nokia audiophile or other software) i have currently 23 song in aac format and i have 11mb free
4. you can record from the radio, and save to the computer (really cool for adding song to your playlist)
5. memory card don't go up to 128mb i have a 256mb (bought on ebay) and it works perfectly, i've heard you could go up to 1gb.
6. great to do list agenda (i didn't know how important this is until now)
7.you can download applications from nokia (like turning the phone in a flashlight, etc.)
8. my provider (Entel from Chile) allows me to buy subway tickets, soda, movie tickets, etc. w/this phone.
9. a lot more to come (i've only owned it for 2 weeks)

1.keypad, not lighted!!! (you get used to it after a while)
2.unable to upload pics (from your computer) to set as wallpaper
3. you have to download pics from wap pages to save them as wallpapers (here surfing Mobile's expensive)

Now I carry 2 dual-purpose phones...


Nov 1, 2004 by RingLeader

Now I carry 2 dual-purpose phones, this one which serves my musical and text messaging needs, and my Sanyo 5300 which is my camera and phone. Both are great in their own ways, but I have more complaints about the Nokia.

1 - Phone seemed to choke on audio formats it should support. Many mysteriously started working a few days ago though. I wonder if AT&T did some OTA update, or just had to set up my account, or something. But if I'm paying for it, it should have worked when I left the store, right?
2 - It forgot my settings a couple times already.
3 - No camera, kind of cripples the ability to send mms/picture messages, reducing it to a picture wallet of sorts.

MP3 Player - and memory is cheap
Full KB for text messaging.
OK for games, too.
Unlockable, if you're into that.
Much more?

I love the phone, but fear I may have to exchange it to get it to work properly. If anyone knows of a good 3300 users support forum for this model or its class, please post a URL.

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