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Overall, A-


May 4, 2004 by lowellegan

This phone is great. I believe it is a very user-friendly phone, and yet it doesn't lack any of your exciting "bells & whistles." I would highly recommend this phone to anyone looking for a fun phone, with awesome features, and awesome service (Verizon). My only complaint is that it is missing a speaker phone. However, this phone is built very solid. The flip is not flimsy at all. Overall, this is a great phone for most consumers.

Ease of Use & Styling a "10"


Feb 22, 2004 by gr8ride209

Just got the phone after being with AT&T for the past 20 years. Last phone was the T-720 and I hated the display, let alone the Service which was GSM. The LG-6000 phone is very user friendly in it's daily applications. Has some funky tones that you'll need to get changed. The ring tone volume is more than you'll ever need.
The digital camera is a nice conversation piece and the gallery is fun to keep pics to share later. You'll need to read the manual for info on BREW and how to download the pics onto a computer.
Price-wise the best deal came from Circuit City. After the Verizon $50. rebate and the CC $100. cash card, we paid alittle over $16. per phone. I bought 3 of them for myself and other family members. Plus they waived the $35. activation fee on all 3 phones.
So far I'm absolutely delighted with the phone and its delivery of services. I can't wait to see what else Verizon and LG have coming in the future. Keep up the good work!!!

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Can you handle it?


Oct 10, 2003 by Michele Benedict

This phone really surprised me. I wasn't overly impressed with the VX4400, and my initial impression of this phone was ... it's a VX4400 with a camera. Whoopee doo .... Whoa, I was wrong.

+ Outstanding color screen & graphics.
+ Camera ... clear, crisp, beautiful images.
+ Amazing ring tones and sound quality. Who wouldn't want to download their favorite song knowing it's going to sound that good, c'mon?
+ Many power saving options. If you're afraid the color screen will wear the battery down, fear not. This phone comes equipped with several built-in features to make the most of your battery time. Including no analog option, which brings me to my next point.
+ Powerful signal, all digital. Enough said.

- The default pictures leave something to be desired, probably owning itself to the opportunity to use and abuse the Get It Now capabilities.
- No flash for the camera. For Verizon's first camera phone, it's doing okay, but I'd have preferred a flash. If you plan to use this thing in nightclubs, concerts, late-night parties, or even unwell lit rooms, you're wasting your time.
- Overall design, I feel is poor. What's the point of the silver circle next to the lens? The dancing lights on the external LCD, do they have a function? It looks like an egg, etc.

If you're ready to take your cellular service to a new edge, I'd recommend a VX6000 to you. It's got edge, a real powerful phone. All in all you can't get much better than this for Verizon's first break into picture taking technology. The question is, can you handle it?



Jul 15, 2003 by jasondock

i Just recently got this phone and I love it. I think it is the best camera phone out right now. It has a very stylish design with an awesome zoom camera. And with Verizon's great network the phone is nothing less than ideal. GET THIS PHONE..

love this phone


Jul 13, 2003 by ben kubicki

I think that this phone is great. The camera is the quickest that I have tried. The menus are super easy to navagate. I do not like the voice dial button on the side I bump it all of the time.

Picture Perfect!


Jul 11, 2003 by MUNECBF

I just purchased the phone yesterday. So far so good, actually really good! The phone has superb picture quality and with the ability to add voice messaging with each picture message is excellent! The phone is outstanding, the size is perfect, the weight is light, the the ability to pick up signal is awesome!(probably because of the Verizon Wireless Network). The phone is super easy to operate and understand. Overall with the picture quality and the ease of operation along with the low cost make the phone a great steal! 5 stars!!!

Must Have 4 a Fun Phone


Jul 10, 2003 by Josh Kennedy

This is one great phone. All digital and stub antenna spell out great reception for this phone. The main screen has superb color and the external OEL screen's "rolling" effect is very innovative. The picture messaging is very fun and the phone in general is user friendly. LG's last 3 phones have been exceptionally good, but we'll just call the 6000 the "daddy" of the 4400. Just one con... the battery goes down quick, so a extended battery and car charger are a must have. Still a must have for overall fun.

played yesterday, ordered today


Jul 9, 2003 by mikeyg2003

giving it a 4 right now becuase I only played with the phone, I have not actually owned it yet.
I did however order one this morning, It will come in tomorrow.
As you have read the picture quality is great. What sets this phone appart from others on the market (and even PDA's on the market) is that its screen is capable of 262k colors...while most high quality TFT screens are 64k colors...this phone has a screen that is 4X better than the higest quality PDA's! wow thats saying a lot.

The menus were very fast and easy to use. I have owned and returned a samsung a530, its slow menu disappointed me, which is why the LG's is a big plus.

Camera was great and easy, I am planning on getting the 2.99 unlimited (until 1/1/2004) picture messaging plan. But then again I am not too sure what I will do with it becuase no one I know has this phone, and sending pix to other brew phones that can see the image would cost them $0.25 a pop.

They say you can add text and even voice to these picture messages...that will be fun to try.

The phones size was great, much slimmer than my TM510 and slimmer than the vx4400. I believe its a little longer than the vx4400 though...but the size looked good to me.

The scrolling OEL screen is sweet, although It seems like it only stays one color..which is kind of disappointing, I wish it was multi color...it seems only the "dots" on the top are colored...I have no idea what those dots are for...kind of lame if they are just dots.

anyhow, getting mine tomorrow...cant wait...I get to laugh at all the people I know that got a vx4400 w/in the past month becuase they didnt have the disapline to wait!

Awesome Phone


Mar 28, 2004 by cellboy

This phone is great. I have used it on two Different carriers now, and have found it to be great on both. The color screen is great(although it is a little small 120x160 while all the others are 128x160).I do like the camera and its many features, and to those people that complain about the " quality" of the pictures i have to remind you its a freaking phone that happens to have a camera. So enjoy it and wait for the mega-pixel camera phones to come out next year. The reception on this phone is great in most areas I've been in, even Maine which is horrible for cell phones. I'd have to say overall there are only a couple of things i would change about the phone to make it a 5 out of 5. Like the ability to set the keypad light to stay longer, and the ability to have more than one number per entry so you don't have to take up a valuable space for two entry's for the same person. Well either way its as close to perfect as is out there right now and ill take it.



Jul 16, 2003 by VALJEAN

Well, well, well, where do I start... I don't think there is one bad quality with this phone. I have mine for 5 days now and I really can't find one flaw. The battery life is good and I'm a heavy user. The camera, menus, the clear color screen, the ringtones, graphics what more can I say. Verizon has finally put out a phone that can compete on every level. I'm really suprised someone could give this phone a bad review. Even the price is right. Wait til you take pictures and download them to Verizon's picture gallery and then email them to your friends. And the best part about that is that its free. Verizon gives you a 1mb account free just to store your pics. Wow... I could go on and on....... the point is GET THIS PHONE. I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I am

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