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LG VX600


Jul 12, 2003 by andrew targa

I currently work for Verizon Wireless and i just picked up the LG VX6000, this is the mother of all phones. a few days ago i got to play with a Sprint Sanyo 8100, and although that phone had a few more little things that the 6000 did not, the picture quality with the 6000 is phenomenal, the ability to zoom is a great feature, but to do so you must lower the resolution of the pic, basically rendering the pic quality. the button style antenna (stub style) as well as good reception is nice, easy to use menu and options in the phone, good options all around, and the camera makes this phone my number two pick, to the Samsung I700. If you ever get to demo the I700, definitely do so, it is a PDA phone, with a swiveling camera, with speaker phone, voice activated, windows phone edition, mp3 capabilities, and much much more, but for $600 clams i will take the more simple VX6000 at a comperable $150. With a little bit of practice anybody can master this phone in just a few days. over all a GREAT phone, I would recommend this phone to anybody.


The REAL review :)


May 7, 2004 by soccereagle01

Honestly, this is a great phone with only minor flaws (not even anything that bad really) It's hard to find a phone that is the end-all be-all, but this phone comes close.


1)When receiving a text message, you can't set the alert to vibrate. It only has the tone option.

2)The cover screen (with the scroling blue time and date) is barely visible in the day light.

3)Talk time on the standard battery isn't the greatest and the handset does get a little warm after awhile.


1)Extra loud ringer with vibrate and ring at the same time (not the usual vibrate first then ring)

2)Bright large color screen.

3)Lots of storage space in the phone book (more than you'll need unless you're a rockstar!)

4)Can download the AOL/AIM chat application (for free of course.)

5)Can change your screensaver and wallpaper to anything you want (even your own picture if you're narcissistic-lol)

6)Camera is actually pretty decent. Who really needs a flash anyway? Get a digital camera if you're that serious about taking pics!)

7)Easy navigation menu and lots of customizable options that most phones don't give you.

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Apr 5, 2004 by Maximus

LG VX6000 is the phone by which all others should be compared period! Quite frankly, everyone else has pretty much summed up why this phone is so great; therefore all I will say is that I have had just about 15 verizon phones since last year, and without a doubt this one is if not the best one of the best! If you are considering a new phone, go to a vzw store and at least check this one out. LG ROCKS AND SO DOES VERIZON....CAN YA HEAR ME NOW?! GOOD!!!!!!

I will never get a motorola again Thanks LG


Jan 19, 2004 by killerinstinct

Since I have had my last phone (Motorola T720). This is the best phone I ever had LG has made me an interested customer in their upcoming phone. Thank you LG.

The LG 6000 is Impressive


Oct 15, 2003 by Michael Goddard

The LG VX 6000 is an impressive array of technological advancements combined with LG dependability. The camera is quick and easy to use, with easy menu options that make taking and storing pictures simple. One must take into consideration the limitations of this first generation CDMA camera phone-it has 3 resolution settings (all less than 1 mega-pixel), minimal digital zoom dependent upon the resolution selected, no flash, and no cover for the camera lens. Otherwise, the display offers outstanding clarity and can be seen in bright daylight (though the color will be faded), the feature menu is easy to follow, the volume controls are easy to use and allow for actual volume differential, and the additional features (BREW, 1X capability, micro-browser, ring tone and volume control for the ring tones) are exceptional. Sound quality is tremendous. Though slightly bulky with the leather case and clip, the handset is sleek and attractive. The phone is dual band, which means that it will not handle analog calls -- This is the reason for the downgrade, as many less populated, rural areas in the country still user analog towers, making it a difficult phone to travel with into these areas. I don't consider the limitations of the camera to be a detriment to the overall rating of the phone -- for the price, they do not make a major difference -- maybe I would drop the score to 4.25.



Oct 4, 2003 by mike milton


Best battery ever... has lasted me up to three days with no recharge.

Great interactive menus, easy to navigate through screens and options.

Really cool look, the scrolling marque on the outside really turns some heads.

Bright, large enough, color screen. Excellent color.

Camera has a nice zoom feature.

Great add on features like a tip calculator, calculator, world clock, and more.


T9 text messaging does not recognize pluralized words... will recognize "run" but not "runs."

Reception not quite as good as a tri mode but still very exceptable.

no flash on the camera, without a flash pictures in low light do not come out at all.

Overall.... I have owned roughly 10 phones over the past five years... overall this is the best phone I have ever owned. Highly recomended.

Amazing Phone


Sep 18, 2003 by Shaker Patel

Best Camera phone out yet by any service. Its a great addition to Verizon's premium service.
Great Camera, fun slides, zoom, and white balance options are just the beginning of the great features this phone presents. Get it now!



Aug 19, 2003 by rob tettemer

This phone is great! I have owned the Motorolla t720, the LG VX 4400 and the LG VX6000 If you liked the 4400 then you will love the 6000 same great sound quality, more ringers, dosnt feel as sterdy but but not cheesey. Overall I love this phone!!

LG-vx6000 Is the best vz has come out with


Aug 28, 2003 by kel mcaf

The vx 6000 is the best phone out so far it is a versatile phone with many things to offer the consumer. I can say that the service with the digital only 1x is the best yet, u don't have to worry about ever going into analog or losing calls. The cam is the best and i have been through 12 phones within the past yr, because i could not find the right phone that i liked. I think this will do for now until i get bored with it.. Thanks VZW

This Phone Rocks!


Jul 16, 2003 by Donald Gormanly

Hmmm... how to start...

I was looking into Verizon's Family SharePlans for my fiance and I and I decided to look at what phones were available.

We picked them out via the pictures on the Verizon website, not really getting a chance to play with them beforehand.

Fiance settled on the VX4400 and I, of course, got the VX6000.

PROS: Sleek design. Easy-to-hear ring. Picture/song/text associations with phone numbers. Awesome zooming w/ the camera feature. Price isn't bad. Front Screen is HOT! The patterns of colored dots adds just the right amount of life to it! The scrolling is smooth and attention-getting. I live in NYC (big friggin' city) and I have NO problem with reception. I dreaded the possibility of a pull-out antenna, but, to my fortunate surprise, it was stub-style! So far, no battery problems... only had it a couple of days, however. The ringtone selection, although limited in vendor choices (see CONS), is pretty decent. First time dealing w/ a ring-downloading phone, so I was taken aback by the prices of the songs, but I've been told by friends that $1 (10 songs for $9.99 for ModTones) per song isn't bad.

CONS: Cheesy selection of ringtones. Ddoesn't have too many vendors to dl from right now. Approx. $1/song. I'm a big guy and I have big fingers. The arrows are a bit small for my taste as when I mean to press the DOWN arrow, I accidentally hit the CLR button. The holster that it comes with is not to my liking. It's that plastic one that barely wraps around the edges of it. I purchased the leather holster. Much better. Having trouble finding the Extended Life Battery. The place that I bought the phone from didn't have it, nor did the Verizon store by my job. Weird. Rings are kind of loud, but not unbearable.

I guess, all in all, it's a rockin' phone, and definitely a good starting point for Verizon in the camera-phone field. Highly recommended!

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