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Not a bad phone


Sep 7, 2004 by jmastrol

I'm located in the SF Bay Area, using this phone with Verizon Wireless service. It replaced a Nokia that was not working very well at all. Overall I think this is a pretty good phone, having used up wards of 10 cell phones over the past 7 years in California. Do I love it? No. But it does work much better than the two phones I've used with Verizon previously.

+ Good menuing system, easily understandable.
+ Store multiple numbers per contact entry
+ Lots of storage space for photo's and contacts (at least plenty for me).
+ Works nicely with the "Get It Now" service (ringers).
+ Good to "better than average" reception. There are a number of places where I do have marginal reception in the Mountain View and San Jose areas.
+ Decent ringers (polymorphic) that are loud enough to hear in a noisy environment.
+ Takes good pictures for a phone.

- All digital phone. Can't roam on analog networks when digital signal gives out.
- Battery life is short with supplied battery. Would probably be better with extended life battery.
- Does NOT have the concept of "profiles", like a Nicki or Motorola. The only option is to use the "manner mode", which is not user configurable, to change the behavior to a more quiet mode. That or "Silence all" mode, which is only usable if you are in a theater or another location (church?) where the phone should be on, but silent.

Overall it is a good phone that works well in digital networks. The lack of analog functionality may be a significant buying decision though (in areas where digital coverage is spotty). I'm happy with it, but not thrilled.

Great addition to Verizon


Jul 17, 2003 by Steve Styles

I was debating on stepping up to the Kyocera 7135 until I saw the LG VX-6000. I have now owned this phone for 1 week and it is a very nice and sleek phone. To start the phone has numerous features and the screen is beautiful to look at. The colors are amazing. The camera features are easy to use and in the lowest resolution it has a zoom. The pictures are not crystal clear even in the highest resolution, but if you want that then you should go buy a digital camera. If you are like me and purchased this as a phone first with taking pictures as a nice addition you will not be disappointed. Sending the pictures to friends e-mail addresses (which you can store in your contacts) is easy and fun. At the price of $150.00 (after the $50.00 rebate from Verizon) this phone is well worth the money!

LGVX6000 is verizons best phone out


Mar 30, 2004 by verizonagent

The Lg 6000 is a great phone and by far Verizons best phone they have out. Anyone can use this phone cause of its easy to use menu and features. The phone has loud ringers and large font when trying to dial a number, so it suites every age bracket. The camera is not to be used to take your most special pictures but anyone looking for a fun toy to play with, it works great. It could use a flash, but that might get certain users in trouble. I have had this phone since July of '03, and the only problem I have had is that sometimes when I receive a picture message with a sound, the phone will power off and then power back on. It does not happen all the time, and besides that I can not think of anything else I would complain about this phone. For those people out there complaining about echoing and beeping, I use a little over 5,000 min. a month and have never once experienced any of that. Not saying that isnt happening, but you hear that about every phone out there so to talk bad about the LG 6000 just cause of that is wrong. Anyone looking for a new Verizon phone, go with the LG 6000 over any other phone. For the price and convenience it offers to everyone out there, honestly there is no other phone.

It's a hot phone with minor flaws!


Feb 6, 2004 by The Iron Horse

I just got ported over from Sprint and already have noticed the difference. I can get signals on my Verizon phone at full strentgh in places I could not get 1 bar from Sprint! Now let talk about the VX 6000 which i think is a good phone. The cam is pretty cool to mess around with but don't expect clear crisp pics. The menus are really good and everything is easy to get too. The internet browser is cheesy with all text and no icons and pictures. Sprint has Verizon beat in this aspect of the game. The VX feels a little cheak and plasticky. Well I don't think that's a word but you all know what I mean. The screen is tight and the colors are good. The LCD dots in the front are cool my baby daughter likes em. I like this phone but due to it's cheap feel in my hand I am not sure if it will last the duration on my contract. But I have 15 days to decide. But if you want a phone that is fun and has allot of features this one is it. By the way has any experienced muffled voices when in a call?

Thumbs up


Feb 18, 2004 by ellewds

This is a good phone for the money. If you are not concerned with not being able to get an analog signal, want an affordable phone to take snapshots with (I wouldn't use it as a primary camera - or any camera phone for that matter), the VX6000 is nice. Plenty of customizable features and good sound People crack me up when they complain about embedded ringers, because they're average so you want to download your own from a BREW environment lol... Anyway, my brother used the phone all over the east coast and up into Canada - said the phone worked perfect even in Canada on the way to the Toronto area (and of course in Toronto - it's a big city). I would buy it again.

so far so good


Oct 20, 2003 by cbsstone

i have owned this phone for about a month now and have not had any real 'issues' with it. the only problem that i had was when i was out of my home area and in the 'extended coverage' area or the digital area, i couldn't send or receive text messages or picture messages. but once i got back to my home area, i was good to go. i haven't called verizon on this little issue yet. i do like the phone overall and it really fits my needs. being in law enforcement, the camera has been handy already (nice zoom feature) and the service area from verizon is a must. the battery life is great, especially with the extended battery available from verizon. the only other downside is the phone does not come packed with a hands free ear piece. which i guess is OK then you can go out to your local retailer and pick one out that you want. the reception and clarity on the ear piece is great, sometimes to loud and almost can be used as a speaker phone. the ring tones are great. i downloaded some ring tones and the quality is great and LOUD. finally, the one thing i really like about this phone is that you can customize almost everything. being the type of person i am, i loved being able to select a ring tone for each person on my contact list and also a ring tone for incoming text messages from any person on that contact list also. the great features are to numerous to include all of in this review, so if you are thinking about this phone, your verizon retailer has one you can try for 100 minutes or 15 days, whichever comes first. thanks verizon and lg.

Technology and style


Oct 10, 2003 by AlexAinslie

The LG vx6000 is a small, light phone for the people who enjoy communication with style. The phone has seemimgly endless possibilities for personalization and is perfect for those moments when you just wished you had your camera. And the camera...this is a very cool fun feature with the zoom, multishot and funframes, but the camera is for quick expression not high quality photos. The oleds and sixteen character message on the outer LCD are fun features as well. Numerous other features including a good sized phone book, scheduler, speed and voice dial and voice memo add to the value of the phone. For an interactive demo and product specs visit http://www.lgmobilephones.com/products/product_detail.php?p=31. Overall the phone is versatile, stylish, fun, powerful and recommended.

LG beats Samsung & Motorola


Sep 21, 2003 by Robert White

I decided to upgrade from my Motorola V60i to a color phone. After first trying the Samsung SCH-a530 and second the Motorola T730, I found my third try the LG VX-6000 to be the best of the current crop of color phones available from Verizon Wireless.

I initially did not choose the LG first because I was not interested in a camera phone, just a good quality color phone.

I returned the Samsung only because it has baby sized buttons and a slightly awkward menu system, but it is a good phone which includes a extra capacity battery.

I returned the Motorola because it repeatedly kept dropping calls, it even dropped calls in my living room where I have never had a problem with dropping calls with any other phone - Ever! The T730 is a tri-mode phone but it has the lowest quality color display of the group.

In my opinion the LG VX-6000 has the best color display, man sized buttons, and an intuitive menu system. The camera option is a nice extra, however it can't and should not be expected to produce photos the quality of digital camera.

very impressive


Sep 7, 2003 by hanna jones

I have had this phone since the day it came out. It is by far the best phone I've owned and much more reliable than any phone that my friends own.

Idiot proof (so easy to use!)
clear screen
loud ringtones
very customizable
very clear reception
voice dial works great
easy text messaging

no zoom, no flash (haven't not found many uses for the camera!)
no message reminder tone other than the initial tone or vibration
downloadable wallpapers dont fill screen on phone
cannot remove "verizon wireless logo from screen"
no free games

Great Phone


Sep 4, 2003 by Jason Mencer

I got this phone about 5 days ago, and i am absolutly impressed. I stepped up my phone from the kyocera 2135 that is a big step. I am happy with the get it now features, everything it can do. The pictures are great quality for a phone. I couldnt figure out how to get it unlocked or what my default security code was, but that was because the verizon rep didn't tell me, i figured it out. Overall I would say it is verizons best phone aside the pda's!!!! Great job LG!!

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