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Great Phone (Verizon's Best So Far)


Aug 21, 2003 by Robert Varipapa

The VX6000 is Verizon's best phone so far (as of 8/21/03):

Easy and Intuitive User Interface
Great Screen
Battery Life Good
Well built in my opinion
Nice email - very usable
Great contact manager
Good schedule program for a phone.

If it had Bluetooth, it would be perfect!



Aug 13, 2003 by Albert Starr

This is my first LG phone have to say I'm impressed by the quality.The talk dial works great & the other features as well.The picture phone does not compare to a high quality digital camera however its good enough to say a thousand words. Verizon makes it simple to use & everyone that gets their picture is amazed. I find it useful in my business as well. I'm giving the phone a 5 star rating simply because this the best phone I have had yet & I've owned 6.

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Near perfect phone...


Aug 7, 2003 by ddruyor

When this phone first came out, I wasn't too impressed. I thought the camera was cool, but I'd never use it much. Screen looked nice.

I came across a good deal so I got one. Man i love this phone!!! Near perfect. I like the menus, the button layout is very nice. Easy to navigate. The screen is the best VZ has (the 9500 was the only one better but that phone's gone).

I have found myself using the camera more than I thought. It sucks in low light, but if you play with the brightness, lowlight and white balance settings you can make it look better. Tricky but it works if you really want the pic.

This is Verizon's top phone. Unless analog is a must for you, deffinately try out the vx6000.

- Whoever thought of the mirror on the front for self portraits deserves a raise!!!
- great battery life!!
- outside display is mezmorizing at night, looks really nice. great color combo (black and turquoise/blue?)

- keypad backlight doesn't stay lit long enough and is not able to be changed (weird because you can on the 4400 I think).
- Camera could be better...much better.
- Wish the outside display did more (okay I'm being picky).
- the downloaded pictures are very hard to get formated and don't look as nice as they should.
- the green, blue, orange LED's on the front are kind of cheezy.
- I sometimes hit the side buttons too easy and hang up on the person (hit the side twice and it ignores the call). but great idea though.

Just got the phone


Jul 17, 2003 by kevin michaud

Love the phone, just bought the phone on Monday, paid retail, and it is awesome. The ringers are crisp and clear, the camera feature is great. I had a v60 and loved it, but I have to say that this phone is better. The only complaint I have is that LG needs to redo their belt clips, also if you purchase the phone make sure you get a car charger as well

Best phone i've ever had


Jul 9, 2003 by alex stark

This phone is amazing. thats it. perfect color screen, perfect outside display (to me, others dont like it) the outside display goes off and saves battery.. camera is AMAZING, one of the best ive seen on a phone.. EVER.design is very cool and sleek. the antenna is perfect, its a stub, all new verizon phones are going to be stubs though, if i could.. id rate this phone a 100. the indicator dots on the outside would sound like a dumb idea, but they are REALLY COOL. the speaker/reception is perfect, even though the phone has a stub antenna. theres only one thing i'd add to this phone, a speakerphone. but i dont NEED that, so the phone is still a 5. i just got it today, and i feel like im NEVER going to let it go. this phone is definitly a bargain also, at only 150$ after the mail in rebate?! its a camera phone, for verizon.. best phone.. best service. 5 out of 5.

word up..


Jan 29, 2004 by chino

the lg vx6000 is an awesome phone. i used to carry the audiovox 9500 which i totally loved, but after dropping it numerous times i needed to purchase another phone. i had to choose between a moto 731, kyo slider, lg 4400 or the 6000. the only reason at first why i choose the 6000 was because my friend bought it earlier in the week and said that he was able to download like 5 free ringtones. after taking it home and playing with it i enjoyed the navigational aspect and how fresh the menus look. the resolution and the brightness of the screen is pretty tight as well. anyways the first phone that i ever owned was an lg tp52-something, and i believe with the line of products lg offers....i will be a lg supporter for life.

Overall good phone


Dec 18, 2003 by Nimdae

After seeing some of the reviews for this phone, I was worried about getting it, but it was one I'd been looking at getting for a little while now. Since I work at a repair center for cell phones, I asked around about software updates, but due to how new the phone was, we didn't have the equipment yet to update the software, so no one knew anything about software updates for it yet.

I just received the phone and it seems some of the complaints don't exist. I have found a function for the blinking dots (without even reading the manual, mind you), they have different sequences which you can set for different kinds of alerts. The earpiece volume doesn't seem to be affected by ringer volume. So far, it seems like a pretty solid phone.

However, there are 2 complaints that don't seem to be addressed (to my knowledge). I haven't yet found a way to show both date and time on the external lcd, and the keypad backlight just doesn't have a long enough light time. In my opinion, that should be linked with the internal lcd light timer.

Overall, this is a pretty good phone. It seems I can trust LG now...when the huge 1010 recall hit our service center, I was very skeptical about anything LG produced.

Now to get back to playing with my new toy...



Jul 25, 2003 by Jimmy James

I have had this phone since the first day that it came out which was about 3 weeks ago. I have been through every feature this phone has and have not had a problem...very surprising since LG has not had the best reputation. The phones battery life could be better it wont even last me half the day of talking on it so i had to invest another $70 for the extended battery. Other than that i cant find a thing wrong with this phone. 5 stars.

Great phone, on a great carrier, LG & Verizon


Feb 26, 2004 by johnnj2003

North NJ, Middlesex area, I commute to north jersey(parkway 171) for work, SprintPCS (Sanyo-4900) would drop calls along the parkway all the time, this phone is awesome, verizon has the state covered nicely, 1 dropped call so far,
bluetooth would be nice, but its ok without it. I had the T608 for a week before leaving sprint, but got tired of the bluetooth causing the phone to "reboot" randomly, the T608 is buggy.
This LG VX6000 is great, it does the job well, good battery life, cool camera, text messaging right off the phone, cool blinking dots (woo hoo) and standard headset jack.
Would have been nice if the headset jack allowed the button on my headsets wire to work. But oh well. I still like this phone.
And feel good about having it, would recommend to others too.

LG VX-6000 vs. Samsung SCH-A530


Aug 10, 2003 by LG Samsung

so here's the deal - needed 2 phones for me and the lady. She wanted "the smallest flip phone made." I just wanted a phone with a big bright screen and solid information architecture (I.A.).

I got the VX 6000
She got the SCH-A530
(both are $149 w/2yr. Verizon Contract)

the lowdown:

[edit: removed SCH-A530 review]

THE VX-6000

1. decent camera - ok results.

2. awesome screen - BRIGHT - readable even on a sunny day! It can display 6 contacts at a time as opposed to the SCH-A530 which can only display 4!

3. I.A./G.U.I. is one of the best I have seen - superior to the SCH-A530

4. NO antenna - just a simple functional stub

5. solid battery life/awesome clarity - Verizon

6. buttons are larger than Samsungs - more "guy" friendly - BUT feel "whimpy"


1. feels "plastic" - decent fit and finish but NOT as solid feeling as the Samsung

2. blue button backlighting not bright enough - Samsungs is really nice

At the same price the VX-6000 is the one for me.

[edit: removed URL]

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