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Motorola gone wrong


Aug 29, 2005 by freeloader625

This phone had so much hype for it, I personally bought it based on popularity. What a big mistake. Sure, the blue-tooth is great and it has some other nice features, but it is extremely unreliable and unendurable.

I dropped this phone several times and it immediately showed signs that it wasn't going to last much longer. It kept on disconnecting my calls randomly, and it took forever to get service. i asked a few buddies of mine who have this phone, and they said it got really glitchy after a few drops.

To add on, if you were thinking about using the camera, forget it. its horrible. the more lighting, the worst it is. it is slow and doesn't even take pictures right. Take a picture of your finger, move it IMMEDIATLY after the phone takes the picture and what do you get? nothing. your finger won't be there. and all the pictures are low quality too. everyone who says good things about this phone obviously is either a fan boy, got paid 20 bucks, works for Motorola, or haven't used the phone long enough. trust me on this one, this phone is just for looks.

Too expensive, poor design


Jul 25, 2005 by helaman

Sure, it looks cool. I bought it because the slim clamshell look made it seem durable and well made. It performs well in standard uses like answering the phone, making calls, and taking text messages. Battery life is better than I expected from previous Motorola products.

Here's what I HATE about this phone. THE DAMMITS. Those are the times when the phone does something you don't want it to do.

1. Sticky and slow responding buttons.
When you push the down arrow it will take two or three strong pushes to get it to activate, and since there is a long lag time you can't determine which one did it. By the time it does activate the menu, it has already scrolled down or gone too far etc. Then you have to back up or whatever. The point is that you have spent a considerable amount of time staring at the phone gently coaxing it to work when it feels like it.

2. External buttons.
It's a CLAM SHELL for crying out loud. The REASON it closes is so that you don't have to LOCK THE KEYS. So, what did Moto do? They put buttons on the outside that can be pushed when carying in cases (they activate when putting in or pulling out of those elastic cases).
And, my favorite, the buttons are right where your fingers need to go when answering the dang thing.
Bad designers! No fried rat for you.

3. Bluetooth. Sometimes. When it feels like it. I have two bluetooth devices pared to this thing. The connection is lousy for both. I first got a Jabra 250 and then a Bluespoon, both cool, but the phone keeps dropping the connection and crackles when more than 2 feet away. My wife's Nikia does just fine, and we'll get to that later.

4. Voice recognition (?) The biggest DAMMIT of all. It is so clumsy that you could be calling anyone on your list. "Susan"... "Frank". Nooo! Fumble with the phone trying to hang up. Stupid.

5. The screen locks up too.

I'm getting a Nokia. Cheaper, better.
I gave Moto 5 (five) chances and every phone sucked.
Worthless, I feel violated :(

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The best phone ever


Jul 17, 2005 by HIPHOPNATEDOGG10

This phone has a crisp display a great camera and Blue Tooth. The battery life rocks. I usually get 2 days out of it. The games, ring tones and wallpaper are cool. I also love the situational lights around the Motorola "M". It has lots of memory. I have stored 75 pics and only about 30% memory used! This is the best phone I have had so far!

Awsome Phone, Highly Under Rated


Jul 8, 2005 by jasonKnight

When ever i see some one with a V600 all they do is complain. The screen freezes up, or the phones service sucks, or the sound quality is poor.

I don't understand what these people are talking about people love to compare the V551 to the V600 because they think that the number is higher the V600 is supposed to be better, Well it wont because the V551 is the upgraded version.

For the time frame that the V600 came out and how well it worked it was the cream of the crop for all cell phones. It has a camera with 4x zoom, blue-tooth that is easy to use, and a stable OS making everything run together perfectly.

The only complaint that I have about the V600 is the fact that it doesn't Vibrate And Ring, Only Vibrates Then Rings.

Other then that, The phone is the Best phone I have ever used.

Battery life, Its 7 hours talk time and about 5 Days stand by time. Now when some one says stand by time, they mean that you have all special features turned off, you don't talk on it, no one calls it, no back ground lights, no service lights, no nothing.

But some people just cant understand that.

All in All, Great phone, Put my trust into Motorola.

The best wireless phone I have ever used!!


Jul 18, 2004 by NDL

Motorola and AT&T have a winner in the V600. The characteristic clamshell design is again used to produce a world phone of exceptional quality and ergonomic functionality. The construction is rock solid - with the feel of quality materials throughout. The color display is bright and the menu items are easy to navigate. Bluetooth allows for very easy sync using mobilePhoneTools - a Motorola software product. Like Motorola phones of the past this is going to be admired most by people who have to make business calls and transfer data. The camera could just have well been left off without causing chagrin - as the quality of the pictures is mediocre. And, upgradeable memory would have earned the final 1/2 star. Under any circumstances - when the bill is totaled - it adds up to an impressive piece of equipment.

V600 Software


Jun 14, 2004 by jerr_68

Of all the Motorola phones I have used, this is the best one so far. Everyone talked about the phone but I was really impress with the mobile phonetools software that was purchased seperately for the phone, to work with Bluetooth. It has saved me a ton of money on the extra things my service provider normally charges me for - no more buying ringtones for me. I did have some issues getting the Bluetooth setup, but after pairing the phone and cancelling out of the setup in the software and manually setting the phone, it worked great. The bluetooth pairing wizard in the software didn't seem to work at all. The software has a ringtone editor and transfer feature, so I can make my own ringtones or transfer my mp3's to the phone to use as ringtones. It also lets me transfer my own wallpaper, check e-mail, backup SMS's, phone contacts, and calendar info. I can even transfer info from my Outlook phonebook and calendar to it. I agree with the first review that the software should have come with it, but the lady at the company that sells the software gave me a code to take 15% off the product - tech42 when you order at their website bvrpusa.com . It's still kind of pricey at $50.99 (after discount) but the discount made it less painful than the normal $59.99. Would have been better if it came free with the phone.

Cons: I had to buy it, the Bluetooth setup wizard doesn't work - needs to be setup manually.

Pros: Ringtone editor, can transfer mp3's as ringtones, works great after the setup, fun little software package, plus business features for those who need to transfer contact and calendar info. The discount.


Decent Phone , Still lots a lil things wrong


May 16, 2004 by mr_mike_will_do

I currently work for AT&T Wireless so I am very up on this phone. For one , the first set of phones set out had inop bluetooths. They would register , but as soon as you got "out of range" and came back , you will have to go in and delete the settings and refind. To know if you have one of these , just look on the barcode of your box and see if it says QA Approved in the top right corner. If it doesnt you have one of these and Motorola will reflash for free. Also , with alot of them , mine included when someone calls you and you flip to answer , you will continue to hear the ringing in the hanbset for a good 3-5 seconds before it answers. Other then that , it still has all the infamous Motorola flaws , horrible battery , signal bounces from time to time , etc.
Along with this , I will say that the phone has a look to kill. The camera is very good , and the 4x zoom ices the cake. It has alot of potential and will definetly be worth while getting, but I suggest to hold off for another month or so so they can work all the little bugs out. Also , rumor is Moto will be replacing the V600 within 3-4 months with a completely different handset. I was projected to be out much longer but will its delays going back to Xmas time with faulty camera issues , it may not be able to achieve its full potential ! ! !

Great Phone BUTT


Apr 20, 2004 by randyksf

I love the feel of the phone and its functionality but I have found a few real issues that are driving me crazy.

1) The phone book: You can not attach different numbers to names. Each number shows up as a separate entry. for example I have a friend Jim and James. each have 3 numbers so I have to scroll though 5 numbers to get the one I want.

Nokia and even the old Star Tacks had a primary number function.

2) Phone book. In a lot o phones if you make a call and it's busy you can hit phone book or end and go back to the previous entry to try a different number. Now you have to go through the phone book.

Camera is great, everything else is solid. The only other thing is the Bluetooth seems to be a little hard to navigate. The Sony was simple no configuration at all.

The Worst Phone Ever


Aug 17, 2004 by cingularstacey

i have had this phone for about a week now. i work for cingular and therefore have access to several different phones. there were 3 of us that bought these phones b/c of all of the hype that they were getting. TRUST ME, it is not worth it. i don't know what Motorola was thinking when they said how teriffic this phone is. the phones are over priced and you don't get anything w/ them. you don't get good reception, you don't get good features, you don't get anything. i am on my 4th phone while everyone else i know is at least on their 2nd. if you want a good phone that is comparable to this one, get the samsung p107. it does not have the bluetooth, but it is a much better phone at a much better price.

Phone book


Jul 28, 2004 by ar.98

I just received this phone yesterday.
I read many posts complaining about phone book. Now I don't know what it is. People that don't know how to read or what? READ your manual (page 118, 119). If you wish you can change phone book, so it displays only primary contact for particular person, and then you can scroll with < > navigation buttons thru other numbers for that person.
It's to early to say something more about CONs or PROs but this one shows that you really don't know what is true and what not just by reading posts on web.
I'm trying to switch from T-Mobile to AT&T because of better plan. On the other hand I wanted quadband phone (I don't really need 1800, I don't even know where I can use it, I need 800, 1900 in US and 900 in Europe - at least the part I'm interested) and because of that I don't really have to much choice.
The only other thing I can say now is that IMO voice quality is better with T-Mobile. I tried to put ATTW SIM in my T-Mobile phone (unlocked Eric T39m) and voice quality is pretty the same like V600. It seems to depend on carrier. I can't check it other way because my V600 is locked.

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