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Sinking and leaking old flagship.


Nov 24, 2005 by merwede

I am the troubled owner of the old "flagship" Motorola V600! The past twelve months which was the first and the last, I had trouble with the charger/plug, battery time dropping to seconds, the bad designed outer switces, the screen cutting out and going blank, difficulty charging ... again!, the Motorola blue tooth is flimsy and useless. I gave up on that and got me a Nokia blue tooth.
After seven Nokia's I got this horrible lemon and after only reading the comments of other owners now I realized I'm not the only idiot that made the mistake of buying it!
Motorola please recall this mistake or refund the buyers or at least apologise for putting that mistake on the market please. I'll trade my flagship for the oldest reliable Nokia any day.

Biggest headache ever


Nov 20, 2005 by caram5150

This phone has become almost useless to me now. Started out OK with the phone save the bad camera quality (awful looking pictures regardless of lighting and zoom settings) and sporadic reception when indoors. But after a few months of use I was unable to get any reception indoors and very little outside as well. It started to drop calls constantly and I hadn't dropped it or exposed it to water or anything like that.

I sent it in for repair to Motorola and the first time they took 2 weeks to get it back to me. Unfortunately, they didn't fix a thing on the phone as they had claimed. I sent it back to them again, they agreed to put a rush on the repair and this time it took me almost 2 weeks again to get it back from them. Like before they claimed it was fixed and that they had replaced some of the components in the phone. When I tried to use it - same problem. Needless to say I got a supervisor involved (which was a chore in itself) and sent it back to them for the 3rd time. Yet another 2 weeks and they finally had to just replace the phone because they couldn't figure out what was wrong with the it.

Pretty incompetent techs who after 6 weeks in their possession still didn't have a clue. Unfortunately they sent me the same model as a replacement and now a month later it is starting to show signs of doing the same thing.

Pros - I can't think of one at all.

Cons - I bought it because of all the features that it had - international calling (tried to use it once for a business trip to Mexico, activated the feature and nobody could reach me at all), camera (awful quality), mobile Internet (very slow loading - ends up costing you a fortune to use), and it was supposed to be quite advanced as far as connectivity is concerned and that didn't pan out too well either.

I will never waste my time with Motorola or any of their products again!

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Stay away from this phone


Oct 27, 2005 by knifeattack

In short my wife and I each bought this phone because of the hype and because we decide to splurge. Two words: Big mistake. Within the first few days of getting the phone I had to return because of a defect in the camera. I waited a month for them to send me a new one. Several months later my wifes speaker died and then 5 months after that her replacement (probably refurbished V600) just stopped working out of the blue. We went through 4 phones in a year and a half.

Plus Cingular tech rep told us that they stopped selling them because of to many defects.


- Speaker controls stink. you have to wait until you connect to who you are calling before you can activate it.
- Terrible reception, don't be fooled it is the phone not your carrier.
- picture quality is poor.

Great Phone!


Oct 3, 2005 by Law503

This will be my 5th phone this year. Im a phone freak and buy new phones once in a while. Phones I have owned in the past are Sony Ericsson T637, Motorola MPx200, Motorola V300, and Nokia 6620. I wouldn't say this is the best one but this one is my favorite out of all of them. My Nokia 6620 was overall better in most ways but after time I got annoyed of the size and wanted a flip phone again so I decided the v600 was my choice. I really like the feel of this phone as it is kind of heavy and feels really durable. Performance wise the only thing I thought that was not really good was that of the battery life. With moderate use it usually last me 2-3 days where my other phones usually last me 4-5 days. Other then that everything else is good or great. I plan on using this phone for around 4-5 months before switching again.

-Nice Heavy/Durable Feel (IMO)
-Colorful and Clear Screen
-VGA Camera (Decent)
-Large Keypad Keys (IMO)
-Nice Outer Screen Display
-Exellent Reception (4 or ALL BARS)

-Battery Life(2-3 Days) I HAD BETTER

Good at First


Sep 30, 2005 by italddbr

Had this phone with AT&T Wireless for about a year

After about 2 or 3 months the phone began to freeze and drop a lot of calls, this started when cingular bought AT&T also my service dropped tremendously.

-Nice Looking
-Good Features
-Not to Big, Not too Small
- Camera is good
-Battery Life was good in the Beginning

-Dropped Calls
-Call Drops with full service (AT&T)
-Phone Freezes all the time
-Screen breaks easily

Overall this phone sucks

3rd Time's the Charm


Sep 28, 2005 by texlaw04

Ok, I had to have one. A year ago. So, 2 replacements later, I finally have one that works well. I've been using #3 since April 2005.

Be very careful of the remaining inventory. This phone was known for RF problems worldwide. Other deficiencies were the lack of video camera and the too-slow menus. Due to the many returns and apparently serious manufacturing problems, a large number of defective units could be in circulation. T-Mobile should not be selling these phones, as Cingular hasn't offered them for months.

A properly functioning V600 should offer:

(1) excellent sound quality
(2) Ok reception
(3) excellent battery initially, with gradually diminishing battery life after a few months (it's still better than some new phones after months of heavy use)
(4) a bright screen with excellent viewing angle that's easy on tired eyes.

The phone software does tend to drop calls more quickly in response to weak reception as compared to past models I've used. Password input when checking vmail is also very slow - software glitch?

If your phone randomly drops calls when you are somewhere with a strong cell signal, your phone is one of the defective units. Don't wait to exchange it or to ask for a refund. If you drop it once, say, when you're getting out of your car and it starts to degrade, you don't have a good unit to begin with.

Overall, when it's not defective, it's a reliable phone with the features I need and solid construction. If this doesn't describe your V600 after the 1st replacement, you should just move on. The V400, which was different build-wise but has a same-or-similar RF module and virtually identical everything-else, was far more reliable and a great non-Bluetooth alternative.

I don't know why everyone's complaining


Sep 26, 2005 by kickinitoldskool

I bought this phone a year ago and have had no problems. The Bluetooth is cool, but I think the ear piece can be very uncomfortable to wear and sometimes it's difficult to hear and be heard. The camera takes great pictures and I love the customizable ring tones--especially the fact that I can mix my own.

I'm reading about people having problems once the phone has been dropped-or after it's gotten wet. I can't think of any phone that's going to work after repeated droppings and if water gets in the keypad or on the battery of course it's not going to work. It's not the phone that's the problem...it's the user.

Motorola needs some help.


Sep 9, 2005 by minotauri

As great as this phone should of, could of, and would have been, the biggest downfall is the terribly awful user interface software that Motorola has left basically untouched since the T720 days. I had this phone for about 3 months before I got so sick of it I sold it and got a Nokia 6230 which ended up being the best freakin idea I have ever made. I now use a SE K700i which is equally great.

Great looks, nice quality finish, button layout is fantastic, good sound quality, signal strength, bluetooh and speakerphone are added bonuses

User Interface is downright disturbing -- its ugly, slow, and too much crap to go through to get to where you want to go.

I used to like it


Sep 4, 2005 by nitsujader

I'm a high school student who bought this phone to basically have a better phone then anyone else. True, this is an older phone now and can still top a lot of newer phones but once you have one problem they all hit you like a bat to the face. within a 2 week period my battery life dropped dramatically, now I'm at a point where i get 20 minutes talk and about 2 hours standby. Bluetooth was a nice addition but it stops working with Motorola's own software. Also good luck if you get it wet at all, in the rain the speaker died.

Great looks

installed memory isn't horribly small, enough for 30 pictures and 3 mp3 ringtones

Battery life is great at first

speakerphone sounds good and is loud

Metal design feels great in your hand

lousy internal speaker(the one u listen to)

one drop consider the phone useless

never has service

bad call quality

very very slow response time (even moving between menu's

Typical Motorola charger, works at first but then the pins just stop clicking
you just cant get the thing to charge

its a great phone for impressing someone who doesn't have to deal with all the problems its going to cause you.

Also, did i mention this is now my third V600

Motorola support is useless, my old phone had an issue and they told me to buy a new one, now this one has broken and once again "you should consult your nearest cingular store for details on a new phone."

save your self the hassle and the money buy a Nokia or LG instead

Looks cool, but I just want to smash it!!!


Aug 31, 2005 by acraftychic

The only reason I bother to give it a .5 is for durability. It doesn't feel like you're going to break it, nice strong design...but that's where my compliments stop.

My biggest problem with this phone is *dropped calls*. I'll have 5 bars and drop a call. Then no be able to dial out for 5 minutes. When I am able to connect, the person's voice cuts in and out making it impossible to have a conversation. Just ridiculous.

-Strong Design
-Situational lights (if you like foo-foo stuff like that)

-#1 Dropped Calls
-Buttons on outside that are constantly being hit (these buttons change my ringer volume, lots of calls missed because of this.)
-Buttons stick and need to be pressed extra hard.

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