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Almost there, but not quite


Apr 26, 2004 by yossarian

I replaced my Nokia 6820 with this phone, primarily because AT&T decided not to implement Blackberry e-mail via the 6820 (or any other phone -- presumably because they realized they make more money if their customers have a phone plus a RIM blackberry device, and two separate contracts).
Regarding the V600:

Clamshell design
Sound quality
Intuitive menu
Camera quality is passable (1/3 meg) and zoom feature is nice, but, for a "flagship" phone at this price, should be 1 meg.

Speakerphone speaker is a joke, rendering the speakerphone virtually worthless
Confusing and hard to use contact list
Bluetooth turns itself off automatically after 60 seconds (no option to leave it on permanently or longer)
Outside screen size is a joke.
Lacks IR port
Almost no games (Motorola wants you to buy them)

Overall, I believe the 6820 was better-built, had more features, was better-thought-out, and had better reception. If it was only a clamshell, I'd still have one.

Great phone


Apr 10, 2004 by Wick88

I just got this phone 3 days ago and so far I'm liking it a lot. I brought it with a 30 day money back thing and the only reason why i would bring this phone back is if the service sucks but so far its looking pretty good with AT&T i switched from T moble to AT&T just to get this phone and I'm hoping that AT&T is good is anyone wants to email me back with comets please do so kiel3000@hotmail.com

1) great camera that zooms in
2) without opening the phone u can see the time, battery power left, signal and whatever is going on like if u have a message using java and things like that
3) lots of ring tones to choose from plus u can download mp3 ring tones which is pretty cool

theres a lot more to say thats good and not much to say thats bad well i don't have anything to say at all

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A Motorola blunder....at best...


Sep 1, 2004 by psychoboy

This thing is a piece of crap, or just a bunch of crap thrown together with little or no thought. How I got suckered into the hype, is the real question here as I am usually good about doing my research. I am only going to list the Cons as I have no desire to say anything good about this phone or the v400. My spouse and I have had both phones for over 3 months now.

As soon as Nokia offers a comparable quad-band, this thing is gone…


No software, nothing, nada. If you want anything you are going to have to try and get it off the web or pay Motorola $300+, and it won’t work easily. You will spend weeks dealing with drivers and other crap and it still won’t work right.

Speaker-phone, is horrible on your end. They can hear you but you will struggle to hear them.

Battery life is crap, 2 days at most. If you forget to charge every night you will definitely get stuck the next day.

Send & End Buttons are reversed when compared to almost every phone on the market. Why does Motorola want to be different?

Phonebook is crap, even my 5 year old Nokia can search for a number.

Whoever designed the function of the outside buttons is an idiot. You use the scroll button to get into a feature list and then you use the select button to scroll…?

Exterior display combinded with unneeded icons dosen’t leave enough room to see who is calling.

MMS menus are useless.

Reception is marginal at best, compared to an Erricson Tri-band I keep as a spare.

If you drop a call with the Bluetooth headset on you will have to cold boot the phone to get back online with Cingular.

You know, I could go on and on… However, Motorola has already (and continues) to waste too much of my time concerning this piece of crap.


just a decent phone...


Aug 21, 2004 by bluecivicsi1

this phone jus seems kinda too plastic i guess(feels like this phone is cheap)... it just feels wierd from all the other flip phones that are out these days... i realli dont prefer to buy this phone in my opinion...

terrible phone


Jul 10, 2004 by greencat73

I think this is the coolest phone on the market, if we are talking about features and design,but Motorola forgot the must important thing in a phone "communication" you can not understand the person at the other side of the line, the volume is so low that you practically are incomunicated, so if you are interested in esthetic this is the perfect phone but if you wanna be in contact with friend and family you'll hate as i do.

Absolutely Terrible


May 8, 2004 by RedmoonMidnight

This phone is absolutely overrated and I feel that it should be taken off the market. It has so many bugs and I'm going to get the V400. The v400 looks better anyway. I don't recommend. Get the V400 or NEC 525.

motorola v600


Feb 21, 2004 by diamond7900

Motorola needs to really pay more close attention to their SOFTWARE. ive had this phone for one week and wanted to smash it on the ground at least twenty times. other than that, i do like the phone. the feel is great, nice camera, and the bluetooth headset is comfortable. but typical motorola releases 100,000 unit's and 99,999 unit's come back for software issues. GET A CLUE!!!!!!!! FIRE YOUR R&D!!!

Great Phone


Nov 1, 2004 by smc

I'm a big fan of this phone. I love the features and styling.

- Good battery life (better than expected)
- Cool style / appearance
- Real metal covers
- Tough -- I've dropped it a couple of times on cement and it took the falls without a flinch.
- Feel -- It feels very solid to hold. Not flimsy or plasticy. I love the metal feel.
- Keypad has excellent feel (better than v300). One figure, blind dialing is very easy.
- Size - It fits perfectly in my hand. Not too big, not too small.
- Display - excellent color and size. Good visibility in sunlight.
- Games - I actually got addicted to the game "Ancient Empires
- Memory - I've put on 15 java games/apps have about 30 pictures stored on the phone, and still have almost half of the memory free.
- Alarm - The alarm will activate even if the phone is off. Great feature, particularly when combined with the calendaring capability.
- Bluetooth is really handy. I didn't actually think I would use this feature -- but once you start, there's no going back to wires. Connectivity really is seamless!

- Gimicky lights on the outside -- what's the point?
- Didn't include a belt-clip. Had to buy separately

In general, I really like this phone. (but would love a Razr V3!)

The best phone so far!


May 19, 2004 by rjgardner

I just switched to the GSM signal in the Los Angeles area with AT&T wireless. I have been using Nokia phones for many years. What a difference! This phone is great. Everything you buy a phone for is better.... sound, signal, use of phone book, great camera, nice date book, etc. etc. I have only had the phone for 2 weeks and so far I do not have any Cons to talk about with this phone.

The King or kings.


Apr 2, 2004 by hot_md_guy

Bottom line, this phone is simply the best handset in the United States.

EXCELLENT reception.

Very intuitive. A Grandmother could pick it up.

Well rounded. Any -critical- feature you can imagine. Speaker, vibrate, bluetooth.

Entertaining. The Java2 makes games a big part of the phone. The video and MP3s make it a mobile multimedia powerhouse.

Ever tried moving your phonebook from your SIM to phone or vice versa? C'mon Moto, get with it. Nokia kills you here. Way too frustrating.

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