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Apr 13, 2010 by vvante

I have own just about every type of PDA available on the market. I started way back with the Palm type devices and have been upgrading just about every six months since (even switching from Phone company to company). Thank goodness for eBay; was able to sell all my used SmartPhones/ Blackberrys / PDAs'. That being said I have found no reason to change to a new device, the Iphone is my personal computer away from home. The Iphone is as advertised; tried the droid, not even close. I was very reluctant at first because I am not a big fan of Apple and Itunes but that's a minor when it comes to the quality and efficiency of this device. I would have given 5.0 but as stated in previous reviews the battery is lacking. I have a rechargeable battery case, so that really doesn't bother me as much.


iPhone 3GS


Jul 13, 2009 by ronr9286t

I'm a phone and gadget guy. When the first iPhone came out, all my friends said the same thing - "So how do you like it?" I resisted, as the two most impotant things about a mobile phone, for me are:

1. Is it a good phone?
2. Has to have turn-by-turn navigation with voice.

I've been on the AT&T network for forever, so the network wasn't an issue. I was using a Nokia E71 and an AT&T Tilt, and both were OK, but had some stability and bluetooth problems. So, when the specs of the new OS were announced, specially the availability of TomTom, I took the plunge. I've been very pleasantly surprised

The good -
- Reception is as good as my Tilt and Nokia
- Excellent call quality
- Not one dropped call, as yet
- The bluetooth headsets have not disconnected - not once, unlike both of my other current phones
- The user interface is elegant! It just works. I miss the speed-dial, but I'm getting used to the "Favorites".

The bad -
- Battery life - It seems to be related to phone useage, not e-mail (I'm on an Exchange-Server, and have real-time push during the work-day).
- TomTom not yet available

iPhone 3G S Review


Jul 17, 2009 by KennyIsNotHere

This review is being written on the iPhone 3G S itself.

I have had the iPhone for a few days now And have really liked what the phone has to offer.

This is my first iPhone and have not really experienced using any of the older models. This phone has a very nice display and the size of the touchscreen makes it very easy to use. The virtual keyboard is surprisingly very easy to type on and only takes a few minutes to get used to in both landscape and portait modes. I do not take many pictures with cell phones but the ones I take with this one are very nice. Before I had this phone, I used to be glued to the computer screen for hours on end each day. This phone can do just about everything that I used to do on my computer and more. The AppStore is amazing and very easy to set up with a brand new iTunes account. There are hundreds of apps to download that will satisfy the needs for any user. I am now never on my computer anymore because of this phone and I love it.

There are very few things I do not like about this phone, but I do wish that it was more customizable in terms SMS tones and backgrounds. The only solution to this I have found was to jailbreak the phone which is something that some people are not comfortable doing. Anoher thing I do not like about this phone is that there is no multi-tasking. I often find myself playing a game or using an app and then having to close it to reply to a text or phone call. AT&T's network could also be a bit better as I find myself having little or no signal around the city.

All in all I certainly think this is a great phone and would recommend it to anyone.

Just do it... it's worth it.


Aug 20, 2009 by xyz98121

OK, here's the scoop. Like you, I debated about buying the iphone. Like you, you're practical, hard working and fun.

The above describes the iphone to a T. The iphone can help you organize, assist in the little things in life, such as a practical GPS, there are thousands of apps. to cater to your needs and it will help manage your time accordingly. You will understand what I am communicating when you buy the phone - "oh yeah, that does make sense."

* Plain and simple, the practicality. Unlike any phone I have owned, this one makes sense. To understand, go touch one, talk to someone who has one.
* Clear and concise pics., a large clear screen, ease of typing/texting.
* Fast (3GS network), clear calls, great media player, clear internet viewing.
* ATT - I have found their service outstanding (Seattle here) with no dropped calls, superior coverage and very helpful customer service.

* Battery life - it's improved, but having a "mini computer" does drain the battery, plan accordingly.

**Recently I was unable to send emails and according to ATT, they advise to completely turn off the phone for about a minute, every 7 to 10 days to "re-boot" it. It worked fine after that.

iPhone 3GS is the Absolute Best


Jul 21, 2009 by MegaWhy

There is no better communication device!

This is my first iPhone and I have found it to be souch better than any other PDA or smartphone. I have tried every other device available and this is so much more advanced that the others are toys in comparison.

The applications for iPhone are the best from the app store and so much cheaper than winmo or blackberry. There is no better browser. Speed is excellent.

The only issue I have is AT&Ts network is weak. The signal fluctuates from strong to weak in the same places. Verizon is by far the better network, but their phones are poor.

Good Upgrade


Jul 6, 2009 by jexner325

Very Fast
Best Browser of any Smartphone
Video Camera
Compass improves GPS and Maps significantly
Apps are immense
Best Media Player of any Smartphone
Typing is easier with landscape keyboard

-Battery Life drains faster?! Supposed to be better but seems to drain quicker than iPhone 3G. Probably due to processing speed.
-No integrated email box; this is one area that Blackberry and Windows Mobile seems to have an edge on the iPhone OS.
-Customization of sounds, wallpaper, etc. is locked down by Apple. I understand some of it, but the inability to change sounds of messages, SMS, etc. seems a little weak.

I have owned way too many smartphones; Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Storm, iPhone, iPhone 3G, Blackberry Curve, AT&T Tilt, Palm Treo 750 to name a few. The iPhone 3GS really seems to have a leg up on the competition.

The reason; Applications. True, Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile, and Adroid all have a decent selection of apps. But the integration and ease of obtaining them is far easier on the iPhone. The recent additions in the iPhone 3GS just make the experience that much better. The games seem to look and play better. Opening apps is also much quicker and seems to just operate like it should.

In terms of functionality, the 3GS excells. The phone and voice quality is excellent. Web browsing is phenomenal; on Wi-Fi and 3G, the browser is snappy and renders the web page accurately. The camera and video camera work well. There is not a better touch screen on the planet, so there is no need to even touch on that; typing is far easier with the faster processor as there is no delay when buttons are pressed.The addition of the compass improves the ability of Turn by Turn GPS and other GPS related apps. The addition of landscape keyboard, makes typing far easier!

I highly reccomend the 3GS. Both to new users and to people upgrading even from a 3G. You will find the performance and upgrades well worth the money.

Pretty good phone


Aug 9, 2009 by elegant

Very nice phone, except for the flaky At&T data network, and Apple's closed app store that doesn't allow cool applications. Here are the pros and cons.

- Large screen is better compared to similar phones that have the same resolution display, as it reduces strain on the eyes.
- Loud earpiece and speaker volume
- Very good call quality compared to iphone 3G
- Pretty fast, and not sluggish
- The oleophobic (?) coating does make a difference in reducing finger prints and other sticky materials on the screen.
- Google maps w/ GPS and compass is really useful
- Better battery life compared to iphone 3G

- AT&T data network is pretty flaky and inreliable
- Apple's app store acceptable policy is whimsical and capricious thereby disallowing really cool apps (such as Google Voice).
- No LED notification. This is something that I like in the Blackberries and the G1's.

Happy DC iPhone user


Aug 7, 2009 by rbbeachbum

I've been with Verizon for over 10 years and was quite happy with the network. I've wanted to replace my Blackberry 8830 but I was not happy with any phones offered by Verizon.

I really wanted an iPhone but was scared by the posts about how bad the ATT network is. A few weeks ago, I decided to try an iPhone for myself. I'm very happy I did. I left Verizon this week.

Reception in my home in NW Washington DC is a solid 5 bar 3G signal. The same is true of my work location (Rosslyn VA), and in Rohoboth Beach DE. I've not had one dropped call and have used the phone walking in the city and driving including driver over the Bay Bridge (have lost calls on Verizon there). One caveat: At a friend's house on Capital Hill in Washington DC the signal strength was poor. He says that it was because his house is old and has lead in the brick. If reception had been like that at my house, I would have returned the iPhone.

Happy for me, reception is great because this is the best smart phone I've seen. Sound quality is much better than my Blackberry 8830. I can hear better and people I call say that they can hear me more clearly. The user interface is intuitive and really polished. You have to see it to believe it. And of course the apps! So many great apps! Battery life is typical for a device that uses wifi and has a fast processor. I've never had a problem making through the day on one charge. All comparable smartphones have the same complaint about the battery. (Read the Palm Pre's reviews or the Samsung Omnia's reviews.)

I only gave it 4.5 stars because I'd like to see these improvements:

- Add themes (please!) I miss being able to see upcoming appointments on my home screen.
- Add more usable ringtones.
- Let ringtones be used for text messages, Voice messages, calendar alerts, and mail.
- Sort note by titles, not just by dated modified.

I love this phone! I'm so glad that I gave the ATT network a try. Rollover minutes a big plus for ATT!

I finally made the swtich and drank the Koolaide...


Jul 1, 2009 by JeffdaBeat

The iPhone's reputation is known to everyone not living under a rock...and even some of them know about it. For me, I didn't want the past two iterations of the phone. I'm an Apple guy for life, but I love a physical keyboard since I almost never talk on the phone and prefer text and email. But the new iPhone 3Gs intrigued me. It was faster and had video record. I waited for the reviews to post and everyone said it was worth the extra $100 to get the 3Gs. I did and here is my review.

The phone itself is phenomenal. The screen is gorgeous and sharp. The battery life is long lasting and something I thought I'd only see on a Blackberry. Only now does it truly baffle me how phones with smaller screens and bigger bodies have lower battery lives. The horizontal keyboard almost types for me. I am still not a pro with the virtual keyboard, but my iPhone gets what I want to say and corrects it for me. I touch response is accurate and fast...

I think what I love the most about the phone is the camera and camcorder. I think we've all seen a cell phone video before...but these videos are not cell phone videos at all. I've not seen this quality on a phone and I work in the industry. Pictures come out sharp and in focus. What more could you want?

My only gripe with the iPhone 3Gs...as is everyone else...is having programs run in the background. I feel like Apple doesn't want that to happen because the last thing you want your iPhone to do is lag. And there are certain idiots out there that will run twenty programs at once and complain. But I'd settle for one or two programs running in the background if it were possible.

So if you are thinking about buying an iPhone...do it. This one is quick, responsive, and everything you've ever heard about an iPhone.



Jun 22, 2009 by maverick96

Only con I can think of really has nothing to do with the phone but with ATT.. Network could be a little better.. This is by far the absolute best device on the market to date PERIOD.. App store alone is unbeatable.. Updated camera with camcorder is fantastic..SPEED on this thing is unreal!!!! A must have for anyone who wants the best...

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