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There's a reason all the others try to "kill" it


Jun 21, 2009 by gilbert_marcoux

Quite simply I had an iPhone 3g and 3g was not supported in my area. I sold it. I spent the next year trying to make a touch diamond, a touch pro, an LG dare and an Instinct into an iPhone.

I never came close because say what you will, the guys at apple have thought long and hard about how to make the perfect phone and they have come the closest.
Sure they didn't always have all the features but they are constantly releasing updates to correct it.

I can't count how many times Apple has released updates to better their phone.
I got one official update for my diamond and that was it. I had to rely on custom roms and tweaks from regular users in order to better my phone.

This phone is smooth, fast full of features and constantly improving.

Sure it has it shortcomings but so do all phones.

Good job apple! keep it up

worth the wait


Jun 20, 2009 by cwa4ever

I have been holding out on purchasing the iphone till apple upped the memory and lowered the price.. the 3gs 32g @ $299.. hit the price point and the storage space I have been waiting for.. so glad I finally "wiggled my big toe"..

the iphone is a huge upgrade from the sony ericsson 580i that I was using.. the net speed blazes and I had no problem setting up wifi and pairing it with my car's navi system..

the apps set this phone set it apart from all the others.. sure other may do some minor things a little better (apple really closed or vaulted that gap this time).. but apps like pandora make the iphone worth owning..

I am still playing around with all the features.. but so far.. I do not regret for one second my iphone purchase..



Jun 20, 2009 by Robbieb

this phone is fast. i loved me iphone 3g and this blows it out of the water the added features from 3.0 update and the new hardware this is a bigger update then last year when the iphone 3g came out. if you have an iphone already or are looking for a great phone this is the way to go

My favorite so far


Jun 20, 2009 by crispeto

Got my 3GS iphone today and I'm very impressed. Video camera is great as is the regular still camera. I printed some pics and they look really good. When in a 3G area the internet is fast. The overall functionality of the 3GS is much faster. Apps open quicker and smoother and even wifi is faster. Love the new cut/copy/paste and the new voice control of my ipod songs. I do wish Apple would allow us to open email attachments within other apps like Documents to Go. As of now, no multi-tasking, tethering, or MMS (though that's coming). ATT's coverage could also be better. But I still give it a 5 for its functionality and fun factor. I'm really liking it.

Could have been better...


Jun 21, 2009 by gooshjkc

First of all I had every iPhone since it came out in 07. I am disappointed with this one. Am I going to take it back? Hell no. The reason of why I'm disappointed with it is that is not that much different than the previous one. Yes, it has a faster processor, better camera and some extra functions (things that should have been since the first one), but that's about it. The design, even though, it has worked for them is getting boring. In my opinion, Apple only came out with this one is for two reasons: 1) they wanted to keep the momentum going (Apple has brought a new version every year to current and prospective buyers to keep on coming back-very smart); and 2) Palm Pre (the first true competitor to date to come along to dethrone the iPhone). On the last point, will the Pre (which I have one as well) dethrone the iPhone-absolutely not. However, it give Apple something to think about. Hopefully, Apple will learn and come out with a new iPhone next year that is cutting edge as it did with the first one.

Iphone 3G S....


Jul 20, 2009 by sport7

I am a long time blackberry user and recently switched over to the Iphone when my blackberry's charging port broke after 2 years of serious use and abuse. I felt it was time but really it wasn't...


The screen really is amazing, the voice control is phenomenal, the app's are great, the duality of having a phone as an ipod is splendid.

The cons though ohhh the cons.

The keyboard sucks. Yes I said it. It is flat out awful. Not only is it terrible at predicting words but I find myself having to look and analyze it like a puzzle to write out emails and text messages. I am extremely tech savvy and should not have had a problem with this but do. I think apple really needs to go back to the drawing board with the keyboard and streamline it, which I do not see as possible at this juncture without making the screen bigger.

The phone has bad reception PERIOD. A phone is a phone and if you can not receive and make calls properly there is serious flaws at play. Not only does it get no reception in my office while every blackberry has 2-3 bars of reception but it constantly drops calls.

The battery life is weak, if I surf the Internet for 10-15 Min's the charge will be down by at least 10%. It is unacceptable to have to charge a phone throughout the day while my Blackberry 8820 could sometimes last me well over a day and a half before dying.

These are the gripes I have with the phone from personal use. While this is the 3rd release of the iphone it certainly does not feel like it. Hopefully the 4th generation will be an actual new phone instead of adding a "S" onto and calling it revolutionary...

Great, But Overrated


Mar 13, 2010 by ozzy33

I know many Apple fans will hate me for this,but, I think the iphone is overrated.Yea,it stores a lot and runs many apps,which are mostly nonsensical apps that you use once then never use again. And it slows down over time, after you download many apps and media. And once you use up all your 16 or 32 gb of memory,that's it you can't download any more because there's no memory card slot.And if you drop it,it's broken,that's it. And AT&T stands in the iphone's way of being perfect. At&T has terrible coverage.Believe me, I know. So the iphone's web browser is pretty much of no use because you never have a signal. It is a great media and fun phone, though.But I have a feeling that the Microsoft phone with windows mobile 7 will be the phone that trumps the iphone.

OK, so they were Right


Aug 21, 2009 by G Man 21

I was one of those guys who just didn't want to fall into the Apple-pack and go all gaga over the iphone. I had a BB 8330 (which I loved, by the way), but when it was time to renew my contract I decided to go to the ATT store "just to check things out". Well, an hour and a half later I came out with my new iPhone 3G S.. This phone is simply like no other. It is intuitive, it is actually a beautiful piece of gadgetry and it's downright fun to use.
I've never spent so much time on a cell phone (is that a pro or con?) and have never enjoyed one more. So now, after all my protesting, I AM one of those iPhone guys who wants to tell you all about it..LOL.

Almost Perfect now


Jun 23, 2009 by dequardo

Great phone and web device. Battery life definitely much improved over the 3G. Camera also much better. Cut and paste finally-yea!

Phone RF overall seems the same as the 3G-that is flaky. Signal meter varies all over the place in both Edge and 3G service areas.

All in all very pleased so far. Judging by the 1M units sold the first weekend I'm not alone.

Well worth the wait


Jun 20, 2009 by TruBlue Communications

Faster processor
camera upgrade
voice dialing and commands (works great)
wi-fi is faster
apps load quicker

Network issues cause dropped calls

Overall this phone is great. Works great in my area. Love the landscape texting. Looking forward to in message MMS. Apple is doing a great job moving forward in my humbled opinion. Soon synergy will occur across platforms not just the pre. Still a very intuitive phone, i have had the opp. to jump ship several times but i keep coming back to the iphone.

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