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After 4 Years !!!


Sep 1, 2007 by pocketchange

New Here, so bare with me.
I'm not to the point of wanting to deal with the outlay
($'s) necessary to get into a newer cell phone.
No contract is a positive (to me anyway).
My VX4400 has had a rough life and other than using up batteries on a regular annual basis, I have no problems with this very nice cell phone, it takes a licken and keeps on ticken.
It lives in my shirt pocket and has lived through hitting the pavement on more than a few occasions.
The 4400 is a simple to use, good basic unit and I'm on the lookout for another one.
Thanks to EBay, finding whatever you need is out there and you don't have to deal with the service provider.
Oh! how nice !!!
The LG VX4400 fits my needs very nicely.
Thank You,

No phone is perfect....but the 4400 minus a few flaws is a great phone!


Dec 5, 2003 by Maximus

I have this phone with Verizon service, and have to say that I don't have too many complaints. Living just outside New York City, I have no problem picking up a signal. In fact I live in a basement apartment and the phone works fine. That says a lot about Verizon's service as well as the 4400.
Pros: -The phone is very stylish. It looks sleek.
-It is light and just the right size...not too big or small.
-The numeric buttons are easy to use and light up a cool blue color.
-I must say that the 4400 is very rugged as well. I feel I don't need to worry too much in case I drop the phone.
-If you want more choices for wallpaper, just download them from Get It Now for a cheap price. The selection is pretty good....you can also download a personal pic if you'd like.
-Voice quality is very good, excellent reception, and the ringer is very loud. Also the menu is easy to navigate through and learn.

Cons: -The ringers are horrible!! Not even just one normal business like ring. I'm embarrassed at times when I'm in public and my phone rings.
-The vibrate mode is a joke!! If you carry your phone in the plastic belt clip or the leather case I guarantee you will not feel a thing!!
-The headphone jack is placed in an unusual place.
-The side buttons are too sensitive when you are holding the phone on a call. Also the OK button is tough to press at times if you have large hands and fingers.

All in all, like I said no phone is perfect. However, this phone I feel has a lot more going for it than the few shortcomings. LG has once again put out a great product in the 4400 and I would recommend this phone to anyone. I forgot to mention it's also tri-mode and on the best provider network....Verizon!!

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Best phone for Verizon


Oct 17, 2003 by mkl4466

I've had the 4400 for 9 months and absolutely love it. Reception is excellent across the east coast, hardly ever switch to analog or drop a call. One of my coworkers has a 9500 and another has a T720 and we fight about which phone is best. The inside display is slightly smaller than the other two, but the external display is superior; much easier to see at a glance than the puny display on the 9500. Picture quality of the interior display is higher than the 720. Speaker volume is excellent, easy to hear in loud environments. When I'm at home I can set it down on the table and use it like speakerphone. Convenient side buttons for voice dial (very reliable), vibrate mode, volume up/down, and ignore incoming call. Custom ringers for individual callers, know without looking who is calling. Great phone book, easy to navigate and use groups, one person can have multiple home, work, and cell numbers with a voice dial for each number, not just one voice dial per person. One button access to phonebook and message menu. Love the text recognition. With usb cable, download bitpim you can upload photos for caller id pics and wallpapers. Midi ringers sound OK, though T720 reproduces higher pitch melodies better. Compared to 5300 and 720 the ringers are much louder, easier to hear in noisy environment. Sturdy and able to take a severe beating. After dropping it in a parking lot a few times I have scratched the faceplate, but other phones would have shattered. Pros: Cheaper than the 730, simple menu navigation, sturdy construction, loud earpiece, bright external caller id, voice dial, tip calculator, 2 day standard battery life, cradle lets you charge spare battery, good size and feel in your hand, buttons are easy to see with bright blue back light. Only cons: small inside screen, no difference between manner mode and silence all, high pitch on midi ringers sound whiny. Recommend the 4400 to anyone who wants color screen and easy operation with great reception, sleek package.

Very strong phone


Oct 20, 2003 by Marcel

I'm a manager for Verizon Wireless and one question that is always asked by customers is, "what is the best phone?" My representatives always feel confident in selling the LG4400. This is a phone that very rarely gets returned. As we all know, we can't satisfy every customer and the needs of the customers vary from person to person but, for the most part, the LG4400 is a great buy for the features and size. The numbers are big on the key pad and screen. It also lights up very nicely at night. Extremely user friendly. Above par battery life for a colored screen phone. I've used many phones working for this company, some great and some were just horrible but I am extremely pleased with the LG4400.

Great Phone, especially for price


Jan 27, 2004 by Getitlater

I think that this phone is an excellent phone for the consumer not looking for a camera phone. It has a great color screen, loud ring tones, an alarm, this phone has everything except the camera. The only complaint I have is when the battery is dying it says change battery now. At first I thought that it needed a brand new battery. When I went to the store they told me it just needed to be charged and that was it's alert. The Battery life in general on this phone is AWESOME. I get around 2-3 days from mine. A color screen phone with that kind of battery life is hard to come by! It is also very light weight. It could however be considered a little bulky. If you are looking for the camera feature then go for the LgVX6000 otherwise stick with the 4400.It's a great phone for the money!



Jan 10, 2004 by chilimike159

I just purchased this phone yesterday and i am already amazed by what it can do. I had originally wanted the Lg vx4400 or the Samsung Sch-a530, and i chose the Lg phone. What the main feature i wanted was the Tri-mode, which the samsung didn't have. I wanted a very tiny phone so it could fit inside my pocket and this phone easily matches the requirement. It has a vibrant color screen and the speaker on it is very powerful. I also like the many settings you can choose, so you can set the phone to exactly how you like it. The only problem i have with it is with the "Get it Now" program, this phone doesn't have any ringer tone programs, and the tones the vx 4400 comes with aren't that good. But that is really the only con. The rest of the phone is just plain great.

vibrant screen
easy to push buttons
many settings
battery life (3 days in stand-by mode!!)

no good ringer tones
no wide selection on default backrounds

Very nice phone


Feb 16, 2003 by no2gates

This is one of the best phones I've seen. The screen is fairly bright, the numbers are easy to press (the navigation OK button is a little hard to press with big fingers though..). It has a good solid feel to it. Sound quality is very good, although it can distort if turned up to max volume. I also have a T720, and like the sound of the T720 better, although the VX4400 will go louder that the T720. It is rock solid in holding a signal. As far as looks go, it is one of the best looking phones that Verizon carries (Only the V60 beats it IMHO).

1. Nice LOUD Ringer.
2. Good at holding signal.
3. Very good sound quality.
4. Nice screen and intuitive menus.
5. Keypad buttons are excellent.
6. Good battery life.


1. Poor selection of ringers.

A good, stylish phone that gets the job done


Dec 11, 2003 by Dancedance

After a lot of comparison I ended up purchasing the LG 4400. My other top contender was the Samsung A530…a hard choice, considering my other two Verizon phones have been Samsung’s, which I have really liked. (I didn’t consider the Motorola 730 since the old 720 had such bad reviews.)

What made me decide to pick the LG?

• I really liked the color of the LG - a nice two tone grayish color vs. the obnoxious gold color of the Samsung.

• The LG physically felt better. The keys are big and have a cool rubber like feeling and grip. The key pad lights up cool bright blue.

• A better outer display. Even though the Samsung’s outer display features color graphics, it is too dark to see it along with the time.

• The button on the side which controls ring mode (sound/vibrate/silent) is a little too convenient. I often push it while carrying the phone. Luckily the first mode is vibrate which I feel right away and can change it back.

• This phone doesn’t have a message reminder alert. It will flash/beep only when you first receive a message but won’t remind you and you are forced to always look at the display for the little envelop.

• I rely on the alarm a lot. It doesn’t now have an indicator on the display to let you know that the alarm is on. The alarm is easy to set, so that’s a plus.

• The vibrate feature could be stronger. It is hard to notice when it vibrates.

Feature wise I feel that both phones are pretty much equal. My choice came down mainly to the look and feel of the phone. The final deciding factor to purchasing the LG is that the Samsung is all digital and I would have had to upgrade my plan to a more expensive one.

I recommend the LG if you are looking for a fun and cool phone.

One helpful hint: The call timer that shows up after each call and will flash for about 10 seconds and freeze your phone. You can bypass it by pressing end twice.

Great All Around Phone


May 19, 2003 by Robert Sullivan

I have had this phone for two weeks now. I chose this phone on my recent "New Every Two Years" upgrade with Verizon Wireless. It was highly recommended by the salesperson.

Pros: I like the beautiful color display & cool blue numeric keys. This phone is easy to use, mobile web is a breeze, as is text messaging. I really like the tip calculator. The phone book is quite extensive, and I like that each person can be assigned a different ringer, vibrate, etc. Voice dialing is quick and easy. Switching to "manner mode" is extremely simple & quick. The sound quality is exceptional. I've had many comments on the clarity of this phone.

Cons: I HATE the ringers on this phone. They are so annoying. They seem geared toward people 13-20 years old, not professional adults (who also enjoy cool phones). LG could make this a perfect phone if they would make available a couple of "mono ringers" via "get it now."

The standard battery life seems short, however, I purchased the extended battery and that has solved this issue.

A USB office kit would be nice, but doesn't seem to be available - yet.

If you are looking for a new phone, I would recommend purchasing the LG VX4400, it is a great phone.

A Competent Color Flip Phone


Apr 10, 2003 by Wilson Rogers

This phone is well built, has a substantial feel, and good ergonomics overall. It feels natural as a handset with the flip open, and it has a nice profile when closed. The keys provide a good tactile feel and the layout of softkeys and screen menus are straightforward, if not simplistic. The main screen and keypad have superb backlighting and excellent contrast in all but the brightest sunlight. This phone can even be used as a rudimentary flashlight because of the brightness of the keypad and screen illumination. The only real annoyance I have found on this phone, and it is a minor issue, is the location of the headset jack. With a headset plugged in, it is cumbersome to hold the phone and dial with one hand.

I have been a Verizon customer for two years (this is my third phone with them), and the "America's Choice" network has been available nearly everywhere I have been in my travels (mainly major cities and suburbs). I have found that in those few places where Verizon has no footprint, there is typically no signal from any carrier, digital or analog. Verizon's customer service has been good but not stellar. I have had no problems with the accuracy of their billing.

PROS: Excellent voice quality on transmit and receive; Bright, sharp, color screens; Intuitive menus, easy to navigate; Phone book holds 200 records with 5 numbers each; Loud ring sounds; Quick access to voice memo recording function.

CONS: Headset jack in awkward location; battery life only so-so with standard battery (much better with extended battery); location of side buttons makes it possible to inadvertently select vibrate or silent mode; Main "ok" button is touchy and can be difficult to press precisely with large fingers; No way (that I am aware of) to change the limited selection of background pictures.

None of the minuses mentioned above are significant. If I were to do it over, I would most likely select the LG LX4400 again. I recommend it.

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