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Good Device


Oct 29, 2009 by ads1525

so i had this phone for about 3 months and i enjoy it very much. it is my first smart phone and and it did take about a week to get used to it. i do love the bb os however the browser is a little slower than i was expecting. the lack of 3g really bothers me, and wifi just doesnt make up for it. the screen quality is fantastic, and call quality is great as well. i love the magnetic case that comes with it, cant make pocket calls. battery life is good and everything else other than lack of 3g is great!

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Oct 11, 2009 by Smzo

I finally understand why people are so big on wifi. I didn't get regular reception inside my house and was a lil upset but I switched over to wifi and loving it. The phone is simple and not overly complicated to use. Finally a BB I'm satisfied with.

Pros: WiFi and battery life
Cons: Haven't had it long enough to figure it out

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Oct 5, 2009 by patwin2008

I've had a lot of phones (BB Curve 8320, Bold, Tour, iPhone, iPhone 3G, G1, Tour, and many lower end phones), but the Curve 8900 is by far the best phone I've ever owned!! The interface is flawless, the screen resolution is immaculate, it has the best camera quality I've ever seen (aside from the Memoir), and its incredibly reliable. The only gripe I have about this phone is the inevitable lag. (I guess I can add 3G as a gripe, but 3G is never as good as people make it out to be...completely overrated). Once you get passed that one (or 2) problems, this is a great phone. BEST T-MOBILE PHONE TO DATE!!

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New Blackberry Curve Rocks!! Best I Ever Had


Sep 11, 2009 by gerryrules73

This Blackberry is the best one I ever had. I was at an AT&T store at a local mall and a customer highly recommended it to me and I am impressed thus far.

I switched from Verizon Wireless to AT&T due to the reception I was getting at my basement apartment and in my new area that I moved to. I also get a 10% discount on my monthly phone bill as opposed to 6% with my employer. With Verizon, I had the Blackberry Curve and EnV touch. I did not like the Verizon Curve but I did like the EnV Touch. Unfortunately, I switched due to the reception and dropped calls in my area w/Verizon.

Here are my pros:
* Ease of access to both of my e-mail accounts and Facebook accounts
* Crystal clear calls. No reception problems thus far. (even in a basement apt)
* Nice camera-3.2 MGs
* QWERTY keyboard is better than the old Curve that I had.
* Battery life is much better. I get a good 2-4 days of mild usage. (The Verizon Curve I would have to charge every day)
* Plenty of apps
* Good calendar

None thus far

Trust me, you will be convinced w/this phone. I'm liking it very much.

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Awesome phone!


Aug 3, 2009 by tekneeq84

I previously owned the blackberry bold and it was a really good phone however I like the form factor of the blackberry 8900 a lot better. The phone fits in your hand nicely and still has the same sex appeal as the bold.


-Nice form factor, sleek design, fits well in hand

- very nice camera at 3.2 mp, with flash

-screen is very hi def looking, very crisp

-very powerful yet lightweight phone


-I have experienced a few automatic resets with the phone, the phone blacked out a few times but reset the phone and now works fine.

-lag time in camera operation. about a 3-5 second delay from the time you click the camera button from the time it actually takes a picture

other than those few cons the phone is great, a definite must have for business people. I prefer this phone over the bold because the bold is big and bulky, and honestly i like the keypad better on the 8900 than the bold, seems to give better travel and feedback.

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BB 8900, T-mobile - 2 week review


Jul 24, 2009 by dgarise

The first thing you notice about this phone are the looks, the screen, finishing, everything -- its beautiful and it is one of the lightest smartphones out there in the market. There were some complaints about how the back cover looks cheap.. not really, I think its fine.

The UMA feature where the phone uses WIFI instead of mobile network is great. I found the signal quality to be pretty good in south San Jose.. no dropped calls or dropped packets and voice quality is excellent (FYI: I was with VZW for 2 yrs).

Battery is very good. Only hardcore users with continuous BT, WIFI and media usage might have to charge it every day.

Browser is good.. flash is missing I guess but overall it does a good job. Other features such as Camera (pics look very good), email, IM, texting, overall Set up etc are up to mark.

Also I'm a first time BB user and its not really big learning curve.. its fairly simple to use.. you only learn a few shortcuts over time.


Be wary of the ringer.. sometimes u get a call but the phone doesn't ring or vibrate. I was late for an appointment like that.. alarm was on but there was no sound. Later I found out that it is in fact a problem with BB8900. Not a recurring one.. haven't had that problem again.

My main issue is with the vibrate profile... it is very very weak and it only vibrates 3 times with the original firmware. One can download a software to remove that limitation but the vibrate would still be very weak.

There is no external button to switch profiles between loud, vibe, silent etc... although # or Q key allows switch between just loud and vibrate.

Speakerphone has some distortion when on high volume setting -- problem only while driving.

3G is missing but its not that bad.. I don't miss it.

Other minor issues include Camera lag, lag when you click on media icon, SD card slot is annoying.

Overall I think the pros easily outnumber the cons. I love the phone and I would definitely recommend it.

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Curve 8900 After 3 Months


Jul 3, 2009 by L7jr

I have had the Curve 8900 through T-Mobile for the past 3 months and have been happy with it for the most part.

This is my first Blackberry and decided to get one because most of my friends had one and told me how great they are.

I now know why people become addicted to their Blackberries and I have become one of those people.

For what the phone is supposed to do it's excellent: messaging (love bbm), email, internet, wi-fi (uma), gps, etc.

The reason I only gave it 3.5 stars is that there are some quirks I find with the phone:

-My trackball doesn't like to go to the left sometimes and I'm a neat freak when it comes to my phones and I've heard that dirt gets in the ball sometimes

-My internet connection will get stuck on dormant sometimes and I have to make a quick call to my voicemail to get my internet connection working again...could be T-Mobile and not the actual phone

-Keyboard took me like 3 weeks to get used to and I still have spelling mistakes after 3 months of everyday usage and my hands are not big

-Reception seems weaker than other Blackberries on the same network - I see SOS a lot of the time and I've had a good amount of Call Failed and a few Dropped Calls

Would I buy another Blackberry...probably but next time I'm going to really play with the keyboard.

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Another Blackberry...


Jun 16, 2009 by Joshinsea

I was very hesitant on purchasing this phone. I really didn't want to use my up-grade on a blackberry that wasn't 3G. But I did. I honestly really like the phone. It is very beautiful. The screen is amazing on it. I had earlier this year switched to AT&T just for the BB Bold. After 25 days of dropped calls I switched back to T-Mobile. I am just a bit annoyed that T-Mobile has yet to release a 3G blackberry. The 8900, in my opinion is a great phone. But, it has some flaws...

**The reception on this phone is terrible. I drop calls in my bedroom all the time. In the many years I have lived here I have never, until now, dropped calls. I am usually running on 3 out of 5 bars. I am in the Seattle area where the signal is usually great.

As soon as I can I will be getting a different phone just for this reason. Its very annoying..

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NIce Phone


Jun 11, 2009 by blam

I have used a number of different smart phones. I must say this is a very nice phone.

This phone is a BlackBerry which means this phone has great messaging capabilities. The button pad is very comfortable to use. It has great screen resolution. I really think the quick lock/unlock button is sweet. The sleek design is great

And while the design is sleek it does not feel as durable as a few of the previous models. I am not a fan of the new trackball design. I can't get the trackball just right. The ball is either a little too fast or a little too slow. I think the lock/unlock button is really sweet but I wish that could use the mute button for something else. The GPS is lame. The apps aren't as cool as other phones.

This phone is nice for professionals. The phone is easy to use and very reliable. I wish the phone was as fun to use as some of its competitors.

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Same price as iPhone (after rebate)


May 31, 2009 by CrazeeATT

So my store finally got the new RIM 8900 and we got a chance to use the phone. I must say that the increased resolution, WiFi, and 3.2MP camera with auto-focus is a definite plus. Compared to the 8310, the 8900 has bigger keys without increasing too much overall volume for the phone. Call quality is great and battery life is pushing around 5 hours of talk time even with wifi and bluetooth on. Edge access is reliable and no, not all smartphones need to have 3G in 2009 (for you 3G elitist). 3G network coverage is a big factor for battery life, therefore the 8900 is mainly for professionals who want email (html) access, organizer, calender, and the occassional internet access. Overall I am impressed with the 8900 except for the price.

To sell the 8900 for 299.99 with a 100.00 rebate is simply ridiculous. For 199.99 you can purchase the iPhone. I am fully aware of the flaws of iPhone battery/reception issues but I simply do not believe that Blackberry should charge this much for their new phone. Our Blackberry rep commented that they will still keep 8310 around so they have three different pricing brackets (79.99 for 8310, 199.99 for 8900, 299.99 for Bold). The 8900 is the really the 8310 wih Wifi with it's shell and display revamped. So you gotta wonder if it's worth paying the 120.00 for the 8900. In addition, if Apple can push out the new iPhone 3.0 for the 199.99 price then it will really make people's think twice before buying the 8900.

If you are willing to pay for it, it really is a great phone. My opinion is to that the 8900 is slightly overpriced and should belong in the 99.99 category and they should just get rid of the 8310. Great phone, just bad price.

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