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Best Blackberry EVER!


Dec 29, 2008 by DrDrock

In the past I have owned the 8800R and 8310 (Both on the Rogers network). Just the look and feel of the 8900 makes it worth the switch with the rubberized sides (just like the 8310) and the glossy piano black finish (though finger prints are a nightmare on this!). Even the battery cover finds itself with a chrome-look Blackberry logo on it, and the camera now has a glass cover which is nice to keep dust out.

Right off the bat, I noticed a speed difference, the 8900 loaded up from power down to home screen in about half the time that the 8310 and 8800 took. The High-Res screen immediately catches your attention, especially if you like throwing up 3D graphics as your wallpaper.

Functionality is just about the same as previous models, although with the updated 4.6 software, common applications, downloads etc... are all grouped together in folders for you and if you're a neat freak like me, this was a very welcomed organizational perk.

The only thing I'm not too fond of on this phone is the micro SD slot... It's nice that RIM decided to leave it accessible without removing the battery, but taking the memory card out, even with small hands is quite the hassle.

In conclusion, the Blackberry Curve 8900 is a fantastic phone with a beefier processor than its predecessor and is definitely worth the upgrade.

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Dec 27, 2008 by dubstar0ck

lucky enough i got the 8900 before the official rogers release.
FYI ive owned; HTC TyTn, BB 7290, BB 8310 and the new BB BOLD(9000)

BY FAR THIS IS THE BEST BB IVE OWNED, ive owned the bold for 2 months i got rid of it because of the size and bugs ive experienced with it.

the 8900 has the same exact features as the 9000 minus the 3G. on paper the 9000 has a faster processor honestly you cant even tell.

over the bold id take 8900 in a heartbeat only cons it has is camera option is a tad slow and the fact this phone uses MICRO usb connection instead of the traditional mini usb.

ive owned this phone since dec 3/08 dropped it once, had no problems/bugs to report. regarding in size id compare it with the first gen curve probably thinner. comparing with the bold, the battery life on the 8900 seems longer i can get a full day without charging it in the evening.

i tried the CDMA storm but sadly report that its nowhere near the 8900. i hope rim fixes the bugs it has when they release the GSM version

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Best Blackberry yet


Jan 28, 2009 by Jnizzle

Unlike the genious above named Prelag who tried to write a review about how he jumped from carrier to carrier paying termination fees and talking about how all the half a dozen bad curves he owned in his time were no good. I can give you a real review of this phone (which by the way the t-mobile version is not EVEN OUT YET). I was lucky enough to get a pre launched version.

Most blackberry users already know what your getting here are some pros and cons.


1.Faster proccessor
The operating sytem is just faster in general from apps all the way to the response time on the track ball. (which they have changed by getting rid of the ring so it will no longer stick).

2. Smaller slimer & Sleeker thant the curve. Its slightly smaller, ligher and overall just a better feel in your hand. The phone visually just looks more professional and high end. Screen is amazing.

3. The key pad is spaced out a little better with slightly larger buttons on it than the original curve.

4. Unlike the older blackberrys that require a software update. Out of the box this phone can hold up to 16g of memory with an sd card.

5. Improved battery life (which is impressive considering the battery life on the old curve was already above most phones).

6. Camera is much better. It has a automatic focus and flash and is 3.2 mp and video rec!


1. The only problem I haev is no 3G, but that is T-mobiles fault not Blackberry. Tmo finally launches a 3g network and they have yet to put it on any of there blackberry devices.

2. The browser- It's improved but bb still has a long way to go if they want to catch up to browsers you see on the I-phone and G1 Android OS. You have people paying between $20-$40 for a data plan for what? E-mail and a crappy web browser that loads web pages the wrong way and at very slow speeds. Tmo needs to bring back the 9.99 for just email!

Overall I would still take this phone over a bulky blackberry bold even without the 3g its just a perfect size. Must buy for bb users.

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Not a bad BB


Feb 21, 2009 by 2wdsux

I have used many phones and many BlackBerry devices over the past few years, and I have to say this one is the perfect size and style for me. I am using a Tmo branded device unlocked for at&t and have had very few issues with this phone.

There's many...the phone is seamless as far as the OS and such.
Camera is great
Screen resolution is incredible, absolutely flawless.
The browser is fast even without 3G, I downloaded the BOLT beta browser and it is definately much faster than the BB one.

My battery life SUCKS. Even with WiFi off, the backlight turned to 10% brightness and moderate use, this phone doesn't last me half a day. I just installed the firmware update ( platform and am hoping it may help with battery life. It might just be a battery defect so I won't take anything away from the phone.

Overall, I love it and will deal with the battery life as it is overshadowed by the device itself. I would absolutely recommend this phone to anyone!

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Wonderful phone!


Feb 20, 2009 by mattwas6

The Blackberry Curve 8900 is a wonderful phone for T-mobile! As a current employee of T-mobile I believe this will be a top selling phone in the future. The new Curve has many vast improvements over the last one

3.2 MP camera with LED flash
Screen is phenomenal in resolution with light sensing technology.
BB immediate e-mail receive/ send always a plus.
Durable phone
Blackberry's are RELIABLE!
Documents to Go (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
E-mail setup all automatic even for a university e-mail address.
Comes with 4 preloaded games
Slacker radio download!! Internet radio on the BB.
Browser has improved but Opera is still better.
New OS is smooth, very fast, and good looking.

Camera has delay.
Battery life good...But not as good as my old NOkia E71
Cannot delete multiple messages quickly.
Still have to load each image in e-mails even with HTML support.

This is an amazing phone. I personally go through a new phone every few months. Have had an iPhone and it is nothing compared to the blackberry. THIS IS A MUST HAVE FROM T-MOBILE!!!

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A really nice Blackberry!


Feb 14, 2009 by Americanstud1987

I had the Blackberry Curve, and I really enjoy the 8900 Curve 2. It has a larger screen, and it has a lot better resolution on it. Its brighter, and just better than the Curves. The start up speed, and over all speed of the device is much faster than the Curve which lets me do more in less time, and not lag like the Curve did. The camera on the device is a little better but I really can't tell much of a difference with the new one except that it is a little lagged on taking the actual picture. I also really like the built in GPS, but it takes a few days to get used to. I like the extra large clock, and the bedtime mode option which happens instantly when you plug the phone into an energy source. The phone is also smaller, and more light weight than the Curve.

Overall, great phone from Blackberry.

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Feb 20, 2009 by shender

Pros: This phone is simply gorgeous from the moment it's turned on. It's display is STUNNINGLY amazing, and very smooth and easy to navigate. The sound is very crisp, video playback is ultra-clear and smooth! The new layout is simply dazzling, I can barely find anything wrong other than....

Cons: It's sort of slow! MAYBE it's because I haven't fully charged it as of yet, but it takes a good amount of seconds even to lock or unlock the phone, also when opening up media or the camera. It's just a few seconds behind, but it's enough to frustrate you while you're trying to show off the phone to your friends.

Signal is perfectly clear [Miami, FL (Tmobile)]

I have found nothing wrong with this phone in terms of glitches or bugs. Also [for cons] the backup and restore function from my 8320 to this one was astounding [using desktop manager], EVERYTHING was transfered exactly as I had it before, in configuration and settings. All my ringtones, myfaves, contacts, profile settings, even all the way down to the font style and size!

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NO 3-G is AWESOME Because.......


Feb 26, 2009 by RachelFay81

Almost perfect! Those that complain about this phone not having 3g have not realized yet what it would mean for the phone to have it. T-Mobile's 3g capable phones are phasing out the use of your phone as a modem. Luckily blackberry did not let that happen. There is a new touch screen that is thought to be perfect well with 3g nobody can connect to the internet.

This phone with its improved speed serves as well as a dsl modem. It is fast and very functional.

This phone does about everything except cook your dinner and allow you to move multiple pictures at one time. < My only complaint!

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Very Good Choice


Feb 18, 2009 by bobby36

Well considering this is my first Blackberry, it took me a little time getting used to. The more time you play around with the features and use the blackberry desktop application, the easier it becomes. Works great in the Chicagoland area with T-Mobile (I had to get away from Verizon's money trap and crap service in the suburbs). Many people I know expect it to be a touch screen, however I feel this works better than the Storm's I have seen around.

-Camera (auto-focus 3.2 mp)
-Screen is incredible
-Sound quality of calls and the speakerphone
-Ability to upload material from a computer
-Processor Speed
-3.5 mm headphone jack
-The GPS is fun to use and accurate
-The pouch that comes with it is very convenient
-Keys are great shape and do not rattle
-Very professional looking
-Calendar is handy and email sync is very useful

-256 MB SD Card is a joke
-Battery Cover seems cheap
-Speakerphone is on back so it takes away from the sound if the phone is on its back
-Using the roller ball during texts doesn't work right all the time
-Can't delete multiple messages
-Support for the phone is good, but does not go into detail on more complicated actions
-The steps to connect this phone to a computer (for use as an external modem) is ridiculous
-The lack of 3G, however t-mobiles 3g network is nothing special and you will have absolutely no issues with the EDGE network
-Battery does not last long if you use this phone as if you have nothing else to do with your life otherwise it is fine

Coming from a rookie BB user, it will take time to get use to the million functions this thing is capable of. If you have not owned one before or have had an iphone, you will not be disappointed with the apps or browsers. It seems overwhelming at first, but eventually it will be very comfortable to use. Plus, why buy a BB if you won't use all of the functions?

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Very awesome


Apr 28, 2009 by Andres2005

-Thin and light-weight size
-Quick texting with easy to learn keyboard
-Cameras' great
-Two brand new app worlds
-Highly personalizable
-Pic messages open w/out waiting to load

-Browsers okay
-Mis-clicking sometimes with trackball
-Sometimes the key board feels too cramp
-App world sorta is limited and too expensive

This is my first smart phone and I have to say that i like very much. For the first few days I could hardly set it down nor keep it in my pocket. With that said I could barely feel it when its in my pocket. As are as the service goes, the area where I live is great. The only place I haven't gotten any signal was at work, and that was only when I went into the freezer room.

This is a great phone and I would recommend it...atleast to anyone who is computer literate/


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