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best BB


Apr 20, 2009 by carmrod

ok the phone is great i don't know why people say you cant erase multiple txt or emails at once hit cap key then wit the ball scroll to the one u don't want or if not hit were it says date then delete i over this phone telenav gps is great only thing i hate is i have to carry two different chargers for blue tooth and the BB over all the phone is great I'm truly a blackberry girl i have had 3 blackberry's and i will never go back to any other once you go BB you never go back

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BlackBerry Curve II


Feb 19, 2009 by PhilSoGood

Just let me tell you, take this from a person whom has had the T-Mobile Wing & The Storm. This Blackberry Curve (II) is the best on that I have seen thus far out of all of the Blackberry's that have been made. I have know someone or, another that has owned some form of the previous Blackberry's that have been made in earlier generations. It's just like the Storm Minus the touch screen (over rated) for that device. Apps out of this world. Tele Nav is bannaz. Don't need Tom Tom, Garmin or, any other GPS unit I'm good. Comes with a 256MB SD card don't be cheap just go get your self a larger SD card & don't complain (that's what I did). I you didn't like the Storm, you will love this joint. I purposely waited to come back to T-Mobile for this device so that I could get it under the new customer price :-)), & it was truly worth every minute of the wait. The screen is wonderful, the phone is light.

1. You can text multiple pages (unlike The Storm).
2. The feature of knowing if the phone is in the holster or, out the holster is great.
3. The camera is great for pictures & video.
4. For corporate use for those whom use the Blackberry for company use, it is great, (unlike The Storm).
5. Facebook App especially for the Blackberry is great.
6. Easy to personalize if needed.
7. Easy to lock the phone so you don't push buttons by mistake (just like The Storm).
8. Easy to sync with Microsoft Outlook (this should've been no# 1)
To sum it all up really, this unit is truly great & is everything that they wanted The Storm to be but; better & a lot more simple.

1. You do have to delete items one by one & that can be annoying but; not so bad.
2. Kind hard to conform video to it's proper format from you PC to Blackberry or, I just don't know what I'm doing. LOL!!
3. Took to long to come out LOL!!

I highly recommend this phone for any whom might be looking for a phone to handle your schedualing, E-Mail accts, & etc.
Much better than The Bold & Storm.

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I love this beauty


Feb 12, 2009 by bbchick

i bought the phone the day it came out and i can officially say i love it!!! its great and more than what i expected. the camara is great that is the first thing i checked out when i got it! and also i love the top unlock botton it looks amazing!! the phone is sexy as well as is has fast working the internet it is way faster than a G1 (hahaha!)

pros : the camara, amazing video player, excellent sound, great speaker, picture text messages look nice! over all its great.

Cons: just 2 one it wont let me set multiple alarms to wake up. and 2 cant delete muliple messages. but thats all!
i recomend this to everyone!!

i love my bb8900

god bless

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Feb 12, 2009 by tmobileandy

Ok here's the deal. First off this phone is the nicest phone I've ever seen. Its light, small, fast and sexy. I fully endorse this phone for anyone to own.

I want to clear up this EDGE/3G thing, this blackberry isn't 3G. It isn't tmobiles decision to have it not be 3G, we're not dumb enough to release a new blackberry in 2009 and have it not be 3G speed. RIM actually decided to not call it "3G" because of something they would have had to do with the software that would have been pain staking and costed big $. Its using what's called expanded EDGE which, anyone who has web browsed on it knows that its very very fast. I believe it to be faster that the G1, which I'm writing this review from right now. So I don't want to see anymore reviews saying that its not 3G and you can "thank" tmobile for that. The processor in the 8900 is double that of all blackberries before it.

There is nothing about this phone that I don't like. The high resolution screen is amazing. The camera takes amazing pictures and its by far the best looking blackberry I've ever seen. I'm not saying this because I work for tmobile. I'm saying this because RIM really out did themselves on this one. Thanks for reading my review and enjoy your 8900 I sure as hell will

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Feb 12, 2009 by nate_6365

just bought it and LOVE IT!

the software is great...i switched from the pearl to this. and absolutely love it

the camera is great
love the youtube
love the way the media player is set out

it ia a lot different but still i can see how this will be easy to get used to

well the only con
is that when i bought the phone the girl working broke my back of the phone so i had to get another one haha
but i still think it will hold up a lot better then the pearl

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I like it, even if it IS older.


Nov 8, 2010 by tgc1980

This phone is awesome. Coming from an 8320, anything's a step up.

I wish I could get Blackberry 6 on it.

Good reception
Excellent camera
Little-to-no slowness.
E-mail doesn't miss a beat.
Everything else......

I'll cherish this till it breaks or I can afford the upcoming 9780 Bold for T-Mobile. I'm sure this will be more than fine until then.

God Bless

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It WAs NiiCE!


Aug 4, 2010 by ii.LOvE.AnDRoiDz

When I first got my BlackBerry Curve...I was in love with this phone. I never had any problems out of it until like almost a month later...people said I sounded muffled. Then after that...they couldn't hear me! But other than that SMALL thing...it was great!

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compact and responsive


May 23, 2010 by jameshar

This is my first Blackberry and an initial review after 2 weeks use.
PROs: Sleek and excellent size and weight. Camera gives good results, especially close ups. Importing calendar, notes and contacts from Palm Treo worked. Phone functionality is good and responsive (so far). Network connections and options worked well internationally.
CONS: I would have preferred the new track sensor in place of the trackball, however I've had no major problems with the trackball; still adjusting to the amount of pressure needed to click. Camera and video do not handle back-lighting well, just learning how to lock in and hold focus and exposure, then move to frame the picture.
I have not installed any APPS yet.
FYI: I turned in an iPhone (after 2 weeks) to get this phone and am glad I did; my Windows PC and the iPhone just did not speak enough of the same language. Nor did it like my Palm data.

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One of my favorite Blackberries ever


May 13, 2010 by skywalkershawty

Next to the Bold 9000, this is my favorite blackberry device.

-Nice & little; most blackberries are bulkier and I like that, but this one would work wonders with a female user or anyone who wants a phone that "fits in your pocket"
-Very stable
-Works like a charm, hard any problems ever with this device
-PUSH email was in Real-Time

-No 3G, that is all

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Great phone.


Dec 2, 2009 by remi

I will write a review about my mother's cellphone.

-Great, great camera. Has an automatic lomo effect.
-The keyboard is easy to use; soft and easy to push.
-Slick and thin looking.
-Internet shows the full site layout rather than using a mobile layout.
-Cool games come with it.
-Has a lot of timer/clock options.
-Great flashlight in the dark!
-MSN is fun to use with it!

-Using the cursor on the Internet is sometimes boring and takes long.
-Feels too epic, you might drop it.
-The screen is like a Windows Vista. Be careful with it. No glass cover.
-Butt dials a lot but what doesn't?
-The main layout is boring.
-Semi heavy.

Overall, I really like it!

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