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A Solid 5


Feb 13, 2009 by Underground

I love everything about this phone with one exception... it is not 3G capable (so what). It is probably the best Blackberry on the market today. It feels light in hand but built solid. There is no rattle at all in the keys. The track ball has been revamped. The screen is awsome! After a week of playing with it, I can't find anything that would make me change my mind. I give it a FIVE.. You better go get one F-A-S-T

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Nice 8900


May 26, 2009 by iMotion83

I recently got the new Curve 8900 for the AT&T service. To me this is a upgrade from the previous curve, but a lower model BOLD. This is a really nice looking phone, its basically like the original curve, but looks nicer. It is plastic and has a cheap toy feel, the back is really flimsy. The 3.2MP camera is really nice. The only downfall is it does not have 3G. The phone sometimes lags and slows down. If your just looking for a texting and or email phone this phone is really good. I like the phone, but I need 3G.

- Screen
- 3.2 MP camera
- Emailing
- Texting

- No 3G
- Sometime lags
- Plastic feel

Overall, its a really nice phone and I recommend it to people who dont need the 3G, but its 2009 and 3G is a must for me.

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Nice with a few issues


Apr 25, 2009 by oddibe

So I've had my 8900 for a couple weeks now. All the previous reviews are correct. It has an awesome screen, not so great battery life, and overall the quality is superb. My few vices are: the reception is not good. My 8120 would have no issues either with calls or WiFi whereas the 8900 gets fewer bars and loses both WiFi and data connection frequently. The internet is faster than on my 8120 but the WiFi is slower for some reason. Guess that's no prob if you are paying for the BB plan. I like how TMo doesn't require a data plan for this. The 8900 has a full keyboard, but not predictive text. At least I can't find it. So even though there's a custom dictionary you have to type out the whole word. So despite the full keyboard typing takes longer. The keyboard jiggles a fraction and the back feels kinda cheap. I kinda preferred the keyball sticking out a bit more, too. Oh and the changing from what I thought was a standard microUSB was stupid, IMO. Now I have to carry a charger specifically for my phone. Why BB did this I do not know.

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May 23, 2009 by skyedog1

I don't know what these guys are smoking or has T-Mobile brain washed them not to see the difference in 3g over edge.There is a lot of difference 3g is much faster and who wants to wait till they get to a wi-fi area. I think the 8900 is a nice phone don't want people to think different, but I see other reviews on here trying to say that it does not matter edge is still fast enough.WRONG!!!!! 3G is much faster and I don't have to wait until I'm in a wi-fi area either. The BOLD still is a better phone do a side by side comparison!!! If you have small hands yes the 8900 might be better for you that's all. APPLES FOR APPLES same phone just better to have 3g.....Sorry T-Mobile keep trying one day you might get there.Don't brain wash these people out there with your wrong reviews!!! Get your facts straight. 3G is fater than EDGE you sold your self you didn't sell me. I tested both phones your wrong!

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Not Worth It....RUN


Dec 25, 2009 by ladymjk

MP3 player
Gorgeous display
Stylish look
Good camera
Mute & Lock keys

Not 3G
Poor reception – I expect more from a device in this price range, gotten better reception out of devices much less expensive.
Speaker – In call must set in up its screen to be able to clearly understand the person you are talking to.
Themes – Only 1 - 2 if you count the color variation, just sad.
Trackball issues
Software Issues (v4.6)

I have had this device for almost a year, when it works like its supposed to it is awesome then there’s the other 90% of the time that I want to hurl it across the room. It has been sent back twice for warranty repair and is about to go again: 2 months after purchase the track ball did not want to work most of the time – repaired, 4 months later crazy software issues that would not allow for software reload – repaired, it’s 2 months since I got it back and it has to go again for the same software issues and the trackball is going – I’m less than impressed and wish I still had my old 8310. Other people have had great luck with this device I am just not one of them.

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Slow slow slow, lag lag lag


Sep 2, 2009 by Austexan

I upgraded from the curve to this and what a disappointment! The only positive gain is the display - clean and crisp. Everything else a major disappointment. This phone lags terribly when switching between apps, and hangs on the most ridiculous of tasks. Try changing your background image and periodically the phone freaks out with the hour glass going as if it were performing some difficult task.

Inetnet on this - WORTHLESS. It is slower than my first 1200 baud modem. The internet is essentially a useless feature. Getting around a page, once it opens, is much more tedious and nerve wracking than with most phones. And without 3G face it - the internet is not really a viable option on a cell phone.

It is going back today. Thanks T-Mobile for having the foresight to give us a 15 day return period.

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May 29, 2009 by chazrjr

I have had the phone now for over a month. I had one other BB it was the Pearl 8120 from T-MO...This phone obviously is far superior to the Pearl...There has been a big debate about this phone NOT having 3G. IMO 3G is overated, at least where I am...I have been sitting right beside a friend with an I-Phone in Nashville. This phone loads pages JUST AS FAST as the ATT I-phone does...Now, is that a fluke? Dont know...But a lot of people have been seduced into thinking that 3G is WAY better than the Edge that t-mo has....In my experience it just is NOT the case...This phone will do just about anything that you could possibly want. BB's to me, are very user friendly as well....If I have ONE complaint, it is call quality...I have owned the RAZR2 and the MOTOZINE, both Motorola's..They have the "crystal talk technology" and I have to give them credit. Those phones have the BEST call quality I have ever heard, hands down...If the 8900 had just a little bit better background noise cancellation, it would be about perfect. Oh yeah, this is a great looking device too.
Very happy here.

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Great Blackberry!


May 15, 2009 by sexyzoe05

This phone is awesome! First off i do NOT underdtand why people are saying that you have to delete your texts one by one, that is absolutely NOT true at all. You can erase multiple at a time or even some from just certain days!! The camera is way better now. The battery life is great mines never die on me as quick as other phones i have dealt with in the past! (Actually went 2 days without charging and used my phone through out both days and it still didnt die)

The only complaint i have is when i have to hit the "retrieve now" to view my picture messages. Other than that the phone is awesome!! (i have had the original bb curve and pearl in the past)

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Note to people complaining about multiple message delete


Apr 4, 2009 by sprawk

You CAN delete multiple messages. If you're in the text folder, scroll the date of the texts you want to delete (most recent date). Hit the blackberry key and choose delete prior. Everything before that date goes byebye.

For call logs, email or anything else, go to the texts section, hit the blackberry key and choose view folder, pick what folder you want to clear out, highlight the date, blacberry key again and delete prior. Byebye!

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8900 Rules!


Jan 26, 2009 by m0bilechic

The 8900 is a great device. It is smaller than the Bold and the Storm, but still boasts a full QWERTY keyboard and all of the usual functionality that you'd expect in a BlackBerry. The 480 x 360 pixel screen looks bright and sharp, which is perfect for watching movies or emailing contacts.

It's disappointing that it's not a 3G device, but I guess RIM wants us to give us a reason to buy the Bold. Check out my video comparison of the Bold, Storm, and 8900 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Shm5T0zL0hQ

I love the 8900 and I'm sure you will too!

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