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Love that Storm


Jan 28, 2009 by janseidler

I have never had a Blackberry before, and was told if I did have one I may not like the touch screen, being everyone loves the roller-ball. Well, let me tell you I Love this phone. It is the best phone that I have ever had. I have it now for 2 weeks and just love it.

Easy to use
Great screen
Crystal Clear reception
Blue Tooth works great
Navigation was perfect
No lag time

Battery life is not great
Camera is OK

I am still learning all aspects about this phone and I do suggest you put a screen protector on it, I love this phone.

like a little PC


Mar 2, 2009 by inchesabc

Since I bought this device about 2 months ago I haven't stayed on the computer for more then a few mins. Which is usually time spent updating or adding features to my storm. The phone lags are almost non existent and have gotten lot better over time. This phone is really one of a kind. I feel like someone of high power when I pull it out on the streets(brooklyn).

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I've Been In Love Since Day One


Jan 30, 2009 by jenn.esque

As the title says, I've been in love since day one. I was about to use my upgrade to get a Curve, but when I heard wind of the Storm (no horrid pun intended) I had to wait it out - and I couldn't be happier with my decision. This phone is amazingly easy to use, has all the right tools and options. VZNav works amazingly and overall ease of applications is outstanding. I can't wait to see what additional applications come out for this phone.


Easy to use
Click Touch Screen is amazing
Very functional
Easy to adapt to
All around great phone


Camera is a bit of a disappointment.

What's everyone complaining about?


Jan 29, 2009 by freeskier118

I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether to take a chance on this phone. On the balance, I'm really happy with it, and I think this phone has taken a lot of unfair criticism. I'm a business email/heavy user who's already accustomed to the BBerry OS and SureType keypad. I'm running .75.

-Beautiful Screen
-Since I'm already used to SureType from Pearl I can FLY on portrait mode keypad
-Solid build quality. Much sturdier than previous RIM phones
-Digging the clickscreen. Much fewer mistakes than iPhone
-Browser is much improved over previous RIM phones
-Relatively standard BlackBerry OS features.
-Verizon has great coverage.

-OS still a little sluggish, especially compared to Pearl or iPhone. I expect this will improve.
-Landscape mode keypad needs to be better at auto-correcting mistakes.
-Battery life of course.
-What will the longevity of the clicking screen be? Time will tell.
-Listen up RIM: "Standby" mode from previous Blackberries has been eliminated for some stupid reason. If you MUST have a password (my company forces me), this is really, really inconvenient, especially since "Lock" mode doesn't actually lock the touchscreen and it's super-easy to accidentally make an "emergency call" to 911 from this state. Who the heck designs a bar-form phone with no keypad lock!? This is the only reason this phone lost a star.

It's REALLY good!


Dec 18, 2008 by socalsurfer

I read all of the hate mail the Storm was getting, and being the rebel that I am, I bought it anyway. I like Blackberries, and the technology the Storm was offering was intriguing.

At first I thought I had made a mistake- typing errors, lag, etc., all true. I upgraded the O.S. Big improvement, but still not as convenient to use as my Curve. Then as I became more familiar with it I started "tweaking" and customizing the functions as I read more in PhoneScoop and on other forums.

WOW! What a great phone! I now can type as easily as on a qwerty, the response time on the O.S. is great, and I actually enjoy using this device.

Here's my take on the Storm:

Best in the business- I love a large screen- VZ Navigator is awesome on this screen. I don't use it for videos, but the clarity, colors, and brightness are the best I have ever seen. Makes viewing very easy.

I hate suretype keyboards, so I almost always use the horizontal mode. I reset and played with the "hover" and "tap" settings until I can type as well and as fast as ever.

Better than previous BB browsers-more convenient to use than OperaMini.

Voice Quality:
Outstanding on direct and BlueTooth.

Build Quality:
Very sturdy feel, fits comfortably in the hand. The metal back plate is very nice. The external keys and are well placed and convenient.

Some have complained about no WiFi- I have a Bold, and only use WiFi because it's there, and only when I think about it-EVDO is plenty fast for 99% of most applications. Verizons' coverage is much better than AT&T's, so it's not an issue for me.

This phone is a serious tool. Be prepared to learn how to use it, but once you have it under control it is truly an amazing device. And fun to use too.

Love the Phone!!!


Dec 16, 2008 by Franzenjg

I like to nit-pick at things as much as the next guy. However, I see a lot of the complaints that people have had about this phone as just being comfortable with another way! If you love the iPhone, then guess what, you are going to constantly be seeing the differences between this phone and the iPhone. However, you will miss the MANY things that this phone does "Oh, So Well!" This isn't going to be the phone for everyone, but it surely isn't as crappy as some reviewers would have everyone believe. The idea that one phone has to be crap if one is great just doesn't make sense to reasonable adults. Two things can be good or even great at the same time!

1) Beautiful Design! (It really is a beautiful phone! It feels well made, you'll understand it when it gets into your hands.)
2) The UI is excellent! (It isn't perfect but updates are coming continually to refine.)
3) The SurePress screen. I love that you actually click something. (I have used touch screens phones for years and this is the 1st time I actually have had a tactile experience. At last there is some substance behind the pressing.)
4) Blackberry Services cannot be compared too!
5) Great Battery life and a REMOVABLE battery. (I purchased a second for $10.50 on Ebay. This is a point I sorely missed with my iPhone.)
6) Expandable Memory (Out of the box with 9 GBs. 1 GB internal, 8 GB removable)
7) Multiple media types (You are not stuck with WMA or MP3 or AAC, it plays all of those plus many more!)
8) Very responsive screen.
9) Great quality camera (there are some complaints though)
10) Seamless connection to internet! No delayed dialing!
11) Fast GPS Satellite acquisition on average I have 11 satellites in 10-15 seconds.
12) Tons more but there are the biggies.

1) Can get bogged down and slow a bit if you are doing a lot. Nothing closing an app or two can't fix.
2) If you want to catch a clear great quality photo then your subject needs to sit still for a LONG time! There is a huge delay!



Feb 18, 2009 by DeimosX60

Okay people, this isn't my first review of a CDMA based phone. I just canned my T-Mobile Rokr E8 and ported my number to verizon. When I opened the box on this beauty, I was hooked!

-First BB touch screen interface
-Very large and durable display
-The speakers are loud when playing music
-Great Battery life for the price

-The touch interface is rather tricky for people like me that aren't used to seeing it
-It's bulky
-Could use a slightly faster browser

if you're looking for a really flashy, and high end phone that will handle everything you throw at it, go for the storm. you will love it as I do. Kudos to RIM for another genius device.

Worth Another Look


Feb 2, 2009 by chocolateman

I eargely awaited the arrival of the Storm and purchased it on November 21st. Since then, I gone through manay changes with the Storm. In fact, my local store allowed my to use the Omnia for two weeks along side the Storm because I was uncertain that it was the device for me. Well, I can honestly say that the Storm is actually more than capable, all things considered. Compared to the Omnia, I found that the Storm was more reliable (Blackberry Email) and simply more effiecient than the Omnia, or any other device I've used recently (N95, E71, E90 from Nokia, and the phone from Apple). For me, a business user, I have benefited from:

1. Brilliant display
2. Variety of messaging services including email, IM services, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
3. Media options-Connected to my vehicle over bluetooth, over 500 songs loaded so worked out great for long trips.


1. Stablize the OS for more consistent performance.
2. Roll out the App Store a little faster please.
3. Flash player on the Web Browser



Feb 20, 2009 by bcavallo

Ok basically what i would like to say to everyone looking at this phone is chill out. ALL new touch screen pones require several software revisions to fully reach their potential. The storm is no different in this respect. The current approved release (version .75) is light years better than the first release (.65) but still needs to improve dramatically. Funny how everyone forgot the 4 month disaster known as the iphone 3g release. The storm software definitely is laggy and needs improvements but it is nowhere near the disaster that the iphone 3g was. Everyone cut apple slack so do the same for this phone. Here is where is stands now in my opinion fro a power user standpoint: (I am currently running beta verison .103)
Web browser - the best available on verizon but seriously somebody come out with a flash supported browser for Blackberries....
Vibrate Mode - Funny I never hear anyone complain about this but honestly the vibrate is so light you cant feel it at all.
Camera - sharp clear easy to use editing features
Speakerphone - Loud and clear. Excellent for listening to music.
Screen - Screen is bright and clear and scrolling on this particular trial version is very smooth. Movies look stunning on this phone!

I understand the frustration in the storm not being 100% ready to shine on day 1. But that is just not going to happen with a touch screen phone. Worry not RIM is working diligently to improve the software (they have released 8 beta revisions so far) and if Verizon weren't so anal about the software they release .103 would be an official release and this phone would be getting significantly better rating. Bottom line - if you want it to be perfected wait a few more months. If your willing to be patient get it now and be ready to see the storm reach its potential when the software is optimized!

This phone is amazing


Jan 21, 2009 by WanGator

Ok so this is my first blackberry, I have used the a Moto Q, Voyager, and a Dare last year and I finally made the switch this week to the BB Storm. Alot of my friends have BBs so I figured it was time. I was a bit hesitant about it after reading some peoples reviews, but I went for it anyway, and I can say I havent been able to put it down, its my new best friend haha.

Excellent screen- its nice and bright, has great color, and its actually really easy to type on. I actually think its easier then the Dare touchscreen.

Email was quick and easy to set up, works excellent.

BB Messaging is awesome- being able to connect to all my friends with BBs and instant message them is excellent.

The apps are amazing. Anyone that loves Facebook, Myspace, tracking sports on ESPN. there are all the apps to do that.

Cons- I would say that the camera is a bit laggy still, but i havent played with it alot.

no wireless

Overall this is an excellent phone. I never had it when the first ones came out so I cant compare how much better it is now. But it is a great phone. I have already recommended it to a few family members that want to get a blackberry


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