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Rough Start...Great Phone


Jan 15, 2009 by djdalby

When the Storm was first launched I was not impressed. The main problem at launch was a sloooow OS which really gave it a black eye in the reviews. A month has passed now and I finally feel ready to give a review of this phone after it has had some time to get some problems worked out.
First off the pros:

Its fast now!
I have loaded .86 on to my storm and just for kicks I had my friend load .65 to see the difference. Looking back at what launched reminded me just how far this phone has come in terms of speed and usability.

The Internet is great.
It is not the best yet, but with the big screen and third party browsers I see this being a contender for best internet pretty soon.

The Screen is beautiful.
It just is.

The typing is not bad anymore! (quite fast actually)
Typing on this device has been plagued by many factors keeping people from seeing that surepress works quite well. The first reason was a slow OS which has been largely fixed, but the main culprit for slow typing was an overtightened phone screen on some of the storms causing them to be mushy feeling and tiring to use. Now with all the new models I have played with this is resolved and typing is quick!

The Cons.
Still bugs!
The only reason I am not taking points off for this is because all the effort that RIM has put into getting this thing working correctly. I understand that RIM should have had most of these things stamped out before launch but still I don't see many companies trying as hard to please customers after initial failure.

With the next update I can be confident that this phone is "ready." If you have been holding back I think it is finally safe to make that purchase.

Just give it a chance


Jan 14, 2009 by bequi

I don't know if the latest software release has done the trick, but the Storm doesn't deserve the storm of criticism (pun intended) it is receiving. I won't disagree with those that were probably the first adapters of the device in that the phone, when it first came out, was full of bugs. Most users wait until a few bugs have been ironed out to purchase a new gadget. BlackBerry's reputation was key in helping me make the decision to get the Storm, except that I have waited two and a half months before I made the plunge. Don't want to bore you all. Enough has been said about the Storm but, although I have NEVER written a report of any kind, I feel impelled to speak up for this phone. I was afraid it was going to let me down but it didn't. I knew it wasn't going to be perfect (which phone is?). I use the Nokia E71 which is GREAT, but the BlackBerry Storm is a touchphone and better than the iPhone which cannot even cut and paste (no cut and paste for texting, MMSing, emailing, etc.? Hard to accept.) Anyway, all I am saying is give it a try. You'll lose $35 if you return it after 30 days but, in the meantime, you may discover the best BB so far. Besides what everyone has said about the screen, etc.:

- Super customizable. You can customize almost everything to suit your personal needs.
- Fast.
- Reliable.
- LOTS of features.
- A real world phone.

- The camera is a disappointment.
- No Wi-Fi.

You don't have to live with it but give it a try. You might like what you discover.

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Nothing special..


Nov 6, 2009 by davinny

I've had the storm for about two to three months give or take. While using the phone within that length of time, I have grown to love it. At first I learned that the phone was able to do alot of things that the iphone can and I had no problem with that. But over all the phone is good it can't hold a lot of apps because it drags. And they did a good job if I can say so myself on verison 5.0 than the 4.7 blackberry o.s. but other than it's a good phone.

Pros: Can do just about anything as far as the web, e-mail, messaging and multi-media goes.

Cons: Can't work all to well with too many apps, even on the new verison 5.0



Aug 8, 2009 by yourmomma27

I really dont understand why this phone could be rated higher then average.

So I purchased this phone at the end of December. I have used most of the leaked updates a long the way and of course have .148. This phone was created by Blackberry for the sole purpose of breaking into the touchscreen era and trying to come out with something hip slick and cool.

Was it a success? Yes it was!!!!

Lets forget for a second about all the bugs, complaints, negative reviews. Everybody wanted a storm and lots of people got a storm. From that standpoint it is a success.

Now to the PROS and CONS:

Surepess screen: Great for typing if you have patience and get used to it. I type in suretype mode and can type faster then anyone with a keyboard or other touchscreen. I dare anyone to challenge me. I came from the pearl so I can type insanly fast.

Memory: Has tons of memory buily into the phone that I will never use.

AppWorld: I am so glad there are not hundres of fart applications on this device, lol. The apps are very good and very easy to find.

Reception: The voice clarity and reception on this phone is amazing.

Sound: Sound is very loud and clear on this phone.


Software: The software is very slow on this phone and buggy. For example to unlock my phone it usally take 2 to 3 seconds from the time I press the unlock button for the phone to respond.

Hardware: The Hardware could be a lot better. For example the tour has better hardware specs and the storm is a more advanced device.

Overall I think the software is to blame and I am excited to see what comes in the future for touchscreens from blackberry and more improved softwares. Maybe blackberry should take notes from palm and hire a retiree from Apple.

BlackBerry Storm For Me


Jun 7, 2009 by bigbopper

I've owned this Storm since it first came out, November 21, 2008. Had problems then. But since i got the last update, it works real fine. I think i'll keep it!

Great for certain Blackberry fans, but not all


May 31, 2009 by he11fire

I have had the Blackberry Storm 9350 for just over a month now (using it unlocked on AT&T), and am discouraged by all the negative reviews, so I decided to post my own.

It is true that this phone is not for everyone. If you do not consider yourself a "techy", I would probably stay away from the Storm. Reason being, the .75 operating system that comes on this phone (.148 will be released later today for VZW users and hopefully that will correct some of the major flaws with the original OS) quite simply sucks. So, if you feel you are unwilling or unable to tweak the phone's OS to your liking, I would just go with a Curve or Pearl.

Now, for me, I am a techy, and had no problem updating to one (actually all) of the leaked operating systems from other providers to increase the phone's capabilities. There are tons of "hybrid" and otherwise modified OS files out there on the web that work far better than the included OS, but you have to do some reading and pick which one is best for you (IE: one will have better radio files but will display color banding on your icons; or one will eliminate color banding but uses an older keyboard layout, etc).

Now that I've gotten all that out of the way, I love the Storm. I'm currently running leaked OS .148 and there is next to no keyboard lag, all the apps (that I use) work just fine, my email shows up way faster than it ever has before, and my GSM signal is usually a solid 4-5 bars. I do occasionally miss having a "real" keyboard, but I love this phone and can't see myself upgrading to anything else anytime soon.

So, buyer beware, but if you know what you're getting and what you're in for, I'm of the opinion that there is no better phone on the market than the Blackberry Storm.

Insane phone!


Apr 24, 2009 by fonemaster77

I got the Storm a couple of months ago and let me tell that this phone is one serious piece of hardware.

screen resolution is better than most phones out there
email, email, email!!
I like the click!
more and more programs available everyday for it
Its not an iphone thank god!

slow software out of the box. update it with more current software found easily on the web and you will like it better
Forget the phone if you can't spend more than 10 minutes learning it.

Simpletons beware, its not for you.

very nice phone


Mar 5, 2009 by dat guy good

i like this phone.the only thing bad about it is. it LAGGS sometimes when your texting but i got use to it.overall very nice phone.

From Curve to Storm


Feb 13, 2009 by HelloMotto

This is my 4th Storm.

1st. Bad Volume rocker button
2nd. Bad voice quality, end users sounded electronic
3rd. Burned out pixel just off center of screen

So I guess you are wondering why I got a 4th Storm. Well this phone is just awesome. The screen is like a mini HD plasma. The click screen is wonderful. I can surf the net with ease. Plus all of the usual goodies BB offers. You can customize almost everything on this phone.

The only con was lag, not in the touch, but in the click there was a 0.5 second delay. I was able to speed up the phone by deleting all the trial and unused applications (i.e. flickr, facebook, documents to go, etc). If you decide to get this phone you have to really go through and turn off all unused features and delete unneeded crap. To date the latest official release is .75 and I am not having any of the problems I saw in some of the previous post.

great smartphone


Jan 21, 2009 by panos42

This is a great smartphone its just amazing i got use to the keyboard to be honest with you i was not to thrilled with the keyboards that other blackberry's have as for the
-call quality rf
-emial,the feel of the phone
-Screen is fantastic
-you can customize
-The UI is excellent
-bottom line its a RIM
-believe it or not who cares if it doesn't have wifi as far as i am concern if it did have wifi than that would be a con thank you.

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