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Jan 7, 2011 by muchdrama


--Uh, you can make calls on it.


--Insane auto dimming feature that leaves your screen constantly flickering.

--Sure press technology is absolute junk.

--I don't care what people say about Suretype. It sucks.

--Little glitches in the software that drive you bonkers.

--Tiny number/letter keys in landscape mode; it's impossible to type on.

--Deleting an app? Be prepared for it to leave an icon behind you can't get rid of.

--Archaic, and I mean Jurassic menu system that takes a PhD to decipher. Android destroys it.

--Creaky (due to the screen being one giant button) hardware that shifts in your hand. Awful.

--Having to pull the battery constantly because of shoddy engineering on Blackberry's part.


--Excellent. I'm on Verizon in South Florida.

My Storm ran OS 5.0.328. I had it for a week; wouldn't foist on my worst enemy.

Terrible phone


Jul 22, 2010 by tgr1310

I have had service with Verizon for about 15 years and this is by far the worst phone I have ever had!! In fact, I have two of them and both of them have been replaced by Verizon two times each due to non-working phones. The one I currently use was initially replaced after only 4 days of service and then about 6 months later. The one my immediate superior uses was replaced twice in about 8 months and this last one is just as bad.
I love the "thought" behind the phone, but the actual working of the phone is substandard at best. It has been fully upgraded, I remove the battery every evening to reset it and it still freezes up 5 or 6 times a day. The keyboard goes crazy and puts #9 where #3 is, and #1 where #0 is supposed to be.
The phones shut off for no reason other than they hate me I guess. The keypad is difficult to operate for me, but then I am a bigger guy (6'5"/265), but my better half says it works great for her and her small fingers.
I have spoken to Verizon numerous times regarding my issues and they have been nothing short of great. The only thing they can do is to replace the phones with two more of the exact same phones which makes no sense to me as I have no desire to ever own another one!
On the bright side, I have decided to suck up the cost and just ordered two Droid X's to replace these two Storms. One of which will get thrown as far into the lake as possible, and the other one is going underneath the tire on my truck!!

Get an iphone


Feb 5, 2010 by jaywonger

This phone i had gotten a few months back. I've already had to replace it twice. It lags a lot. The touch screen does not respond(at which point you have to get a new one). I pay 30 dollars extra to have this phone and it is not worth it at all. I suggest switching to AT&T and getting an Iphone cause that is what i am in the process of doing

Cool Apps
Email is good

Battery life sucks
Touch Screen None Responsive
No options for when you are on a call
Screen lags
Constantly have to do a battery pull
slow, stop&go software
bugs, bugs, bugs
freezes often
Awkward interface
Did i forget anything?

All and All save yourself the money and get an Iphone. Its well worth the money because the software is way better.

I love My Storm


Oct 7, 2009 by monkey040507

I don't Know what any of these people are talking about with there bad reviews. I have had my storm for a few months now and never have had a problem with it. It's actually one of the best blackberry's on the market right now

Huge touch screen
World Phone
Decent Battery Life
Fast Internet(Verizon)


I don't think there are any of those

Should you buy this phone yes for 49.99 with a new contract you def cant go wrong

Love mah Storm


Sep 26, 2009 by jiggaman2g

Pros: The screen size,The speed of the new OS leak.The vivid colours...I can go on for days,really I can.

Cons: I'm drawing a blank. lol

Where do I begin? Let me start by addressing all the Storm haters out there...YOU QUIT TOO SOON!! I mean sure there have been units with defects and what not but what phone is perfect?

OK steak and potatoes time! I have had this phone since December 24th 2008, it came with the .76 OS which was quite slow but at the time I was so mesmerized by the thing I didn't care. The Storm is a getaway from the plain bb's that have been out and that are out now, 1st touch/press screen bb ever!

Checking emails on it is a snap and you don't have to back out of the email to review the next one just swipe your finger across the screen to the right and your there. Not to mention that the emails are huge and easy to see via the screen of course.

Typing: For me I love the suretype i can type as fast as I did when I had a physical keyboard on previous bb's, and if that doesn't float your boat you can flip the phone to the side and have that full keyboard if you wish. See that? Options!!

Browser: quick,large,vivid and easy to navigate by swiping the finger across the screen and selecting.

Camera: Forget about it! It's perfect!

My fingers hurt so I'm signing off

I love Storms!


Sep 20, 2009 by BBFAN73

I cannot give a techy review but I use this for personal and work so I'll stick with what I know. After reading some of the reviews on here and Verizon I was nervous about this phone but I got it anyway and have never liked a phone more than this one.

The screen is big and bright and I find easy to use. Typing in landscape mode is much easier but if you have acrylic nails forget it. I got rid of my nails because I love this phone. Having used a blackberry before I found it easier to make the transition than someone who has never used a blackberry at all. Yes I charge the phone every nite due to heavy usage but I expected that. A few times I have had to do a battery pull. I've had no problems with freezing or running slow. Calls are actually very clear. And I love verizon customer service.

I am totally satisfied with the storm, top of the line in my opinion.

Be Objective


Aug 31, 2009 by ajs253

Here's why I gave it a very high score. After owning and still using the iphone, and many many other touch screen PDAs, there are only manufacturers that have the ability and the technology to make them unique Blackberry, and Apple. I am not going to compare the Storm to the iphone because it has some very unique attributes. When it comes to emails, Blackberry stands alone. Although multimedia is great, but needs improvement. Emails and attachments are easier to read because of the large 3'2" screen.

The best part of the Storm is the magnificently large and vibrant color screen. I have become accustomed to the screen, but still not my favorite. I enjoy the software and am looking forward to the hardware enhancements.

Cons, are the battery life is short, the screen although wonderful and vibrant takes a little time to get used to typing on. Having said that if you like Blackberry, and have the patience to learn to use this phone, you will get hooked. Although I carry both the iphone and the Storm, my main phone for business is the Storm.

Good luck with your selection.

Great So Far...


Jul 27, 2009 by KevinN727

*Purchased at VZW Retail 7/13/09 2 weeks ago. This is my first Smartphone, I've carried PDAs for years. Many mention that the phone locks up or lags, but as an experienced PDA user, multiple applications running in the background of any similiar device will cause the PDA or Smartphone to crash, it's not a PC and even I forget. Many times applications pile up in the background using processor resources. This is a PDA with a phone built in, more or less. I find myself pressing the BB logo button to bring up "switch application" to view which apps are running. Once I close a few apps the hiccups seem to go away. I try to always be mindful of that, and close any unused apps showing when I press switch application.

*The SurePress is good, though, it takes some practice, just as learning to use regular BB keys. I tested both for over a hour in the store and I found that the learning curve for both was about the same. I'm used to a stylus, so new to both Blackberry input types. Many people may relate better to the keys because of using a qwerty for years. I notice in the corners of the SurePress Screen that a little bit more pressure may be needed when selecting items near the perimeter of the screen.

*My phone has the ( update installed, likely pulled at VZW or Rim, updated, and repackaged. It had new seal sticker placed on the same spot, and new software version sticker over the old version. The software seems to work well, occasionally twitchy, I did have to pull the battery since activation. Likely too many apps running in the background and didn't realize it. This is a common reality with any PDA and Smartphone, they all have limits.

*Pros: Software easy to navigate, endless apps, easy email and media. Compared with the BB Tour, I still preferred the form factor of the Storm.

*Cons: The battery life is decent, yet in a perfect world, it would last forever. Longer battery life usually adds weight, so there'll always be a trade off.

great phone


Jul 8, 2009 by kmcgee123

this is possibly the easiest touch screen phone to text on, the safety feature of the click screen makes what you push a lot more accurate....

this phone has a wonderful camera and vdeo recorder
holds 4000 songs
etc and so much more great things to say

except the battery on the phone is definately disappointing i have to charge it mid day a lot if you are just texting or listening to music you are fine but messing with the setting etc on it all the time just drains it...you can talk on it for a long time so thats good however also sometimes errors occur often while plugged in to the computer you have to take the battery out and fool with it for a while to get it working but honestly i prefer this phone over the iphone but only as a phone like internet and games they make the iphone have the advantage but regular phone use with less media but acceptable amounts makes the storm way better

great phone


Jan 21, 2009 by wayneknowles

I have had this phone for about 2 months now and i must say it really is a good phone/device. I enjoy the all touch concept it really is fast and enjoyable to use. There was a learning curve to this phone if you get it give it time, then it is hard to put down. If you want a blackberry and you are on Verizon i would recommend this phone, go and get it give it a try.

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