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BlackBerry Storm 9530


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Great addition to the Blackberry Family


Jun 22, 2009 by huny409

I have owned the Blackberry Storm since January 2009. Since then I am very pleased with the overall functionality of the phone. In addition to the major functions of a Blackberry it also adds a beautiful, high resolution screen and touch screen navigation.

The software update to .148 has greatly improved the functionality. There is less lag while navigating, accelerator is faster, and the greatest improvement would have to be the camera. The 3.2 MP camera snaps when the picture is taken and displays immediately after giving the option to send, delete, and rename.

Call quality is excellent and during the call gives the option on the screen to mute the call, activate speakerphone and add another caller.

I am a heavy texter and emailer and battery life is acceptable. If location is E911 only, I get a couple of days out of the battery without recharge. If it is turned on for VZ Navigator, I definitely have to charge it daily. While using VZ Navigator, I have it plugged into a vehicle charger at all times because that is a battery killer.

*Screen is incredible. Plays .3GP2 beautifully.
*QWERTY keyboard is placed nicely. Once you get used to SurePress, it will be a breeze

*Still some bugs. I have to do a battery pull at least once a week. Pretty normal on a lot of PDAs, but doesn't make the annoyance go away.
*Battery life. I wish Verizon sold an extended battery. I feel it's acceptable for the amount of texting and emailing I do, but it's an annoyance to have to charge mid day if I have my location on.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the Storm. When I hear the complaints I believe it is a lack of understanding of the phone and patience. It is more of a multimedia based Blackberry instead of business.

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Not great but it is definitely good!


Jun 22, 2009 by hucworld

I read all the reviews on here and began to get very nervous about purchasing this phone. I went to darn near every phone forum and website I could to see what was really wrong with this phone and why people were bashing it. Well to my surprise it was not as bad as everyone made it out to be. I switched over from Sprint this past Friday from a Blackberry Curve 8330 which began to lag and respond very, very, very slow. This phone I can honestly say hasn't given me much or many issues. Yes the phone does freeze and lag some but hell its a touch screen phone and the first of its kind. I think that any smart consumer and for that matter anyone who knows anything about cell phones would and or should know that it would have these issues. No matter how many software upgrades or patches they come out with, the inevitable is bound to happen and that being flaws period. Nonetheless the phone is cool. The battery itself is suspect at times when used a lot but what phone isn't. People I believe put too much hope and expectations on phones and when they don't stay charged for 24 hours until its bedtime or open and send text messages for us we tend to cry and moan. This phone is a good phone none the less. Purchase it knowing that it is a phone, its packed with tons of things that it can do. Bare in mind that it supports a CDMA and GSM network, is touchscreen, pushes email, and supports many Verizon applications. Knowing is half the battle.

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Great Phone update to OS .113


Apr 15, 2009 by mobilemaniac

This phone is great Blackberry wise. The lag issue is resolved in the upcoming OS update release. I did the update online the other day , and the speed has drastically increased. The lag with the accelerometer has been fixed.

call quality
Battery Life
Web Browsing

Camera a little slow, but hey its a blackberry


~Mobile Maniac

Also stay away from metal/Aluminum cases
I purchased one on ebay and posted a youtube video about it it really effects the
reception http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G75QXruEuGc

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Jan 10, 2009 by tino13

I received this phone about 3 weeks ago and at first i had a hard time getting to use it but after a week it is the best phone i ever had and my last phone was a iphone, i only paid 149.00 new and no activation fee.

pros: very easy to navigate and use, battery life is the best, charge will last 4 days with daily use, sending a text is just getting use to it and pictures look better than the iphone.

cons: the camera does take time to take a picture but i spoke with verizon and very soon there will be an update on this.

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The second time around


Jan 8, 2009 by klinger1108

I orginally got one of these the first week it came out. I must admit after using it for less then a week I returned mine because i was so frustrated with the problems it had. But after reading all the new reviews after the software upgrade I decided to try it again. I must say its like night abd day. The lags are minimal in just about everything, camera could use a bit more firmwae but very useable. There are no problems switching from portrait to landscape, both keyboards are more user friendly and mistakes a minimal when not trying to speed txt. All things being equal, my only issue is still the battery. I have tried to adjust the settings but I can barely get a full 24 hrs out of the phone with no heavy useage. I bought another battery from seidio which says it has 15% more power so we'll see if it helps. I have a curve and the resolution compared to the storm is incredible. The storm is still a bit bulky but I can live with that considering what you get for the extra size.

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Best Blackberry yet!


Jan 6, 2009 by pcoppock

Best Blackbery Yet.

I’ve been using blackberry devices since they first came out. This is my 6th one. The Storm is HANDS DOWN the best device they have put out yet. Some complaints I have seen is the touch-push screen, but I got used to it in minutes. The navigation is a LOT better with the touch screen that the old click wheel, or the roller ball that they started using a couple years back.

Some users have complained about the camera. Sure, my pocket Olympus does better than the Storm by far, but are you buying a phone, or a camera? I was able to get some GREAT candid shots at Christmas that were actually BETTER than my sister’s full-time camera. Take your time and experiment with it, if you care about taking good shots.

I don’t use it at all for the music feature, so I can’t comment one way or another on that.

Specifics LIKES:
-Browsing. Navigating web pages is REAL easy with the zoom in/out for viewing images or text, and for picking links out. If a guy with club-like thumbs like me can click on a link buried in text, ANYONE can.
-Touch Screen. The Storm’s is so much nicer than just plain “touch” screens. Having the press-click makes navigating and launching more intuitive.
-Sound profiles. When holding the storm vertically (like for phone use), there’s easy one-touch access to your sound profiles. That makes it a lot easier to go silent, or activate tones.
-Media Management. It is a LOT easier to move files (pictures and ring-tones for me) to and from the Storm. When you have it plugged in to synch, you can access the memory like it was another USB drive.

Specific DISlikes:
-Power Adapter. RIM went with the micro-USB, instead of the mini-USB that the last several generations have used. That necessitated buying all new power equipment. A related PLUS though, I love the desk cradle for it.
-Navigation. This is really a dig on Verizon. They cripple the on-board navigation so that they can sell you VZNavigator for $10/month.

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Nice phone!!-coming from a Blackberry rookie


Jan 6, 2009 by vinnie0324

At first, I wasn't real crazy about it. But once I played around with it, the more I got to like it.

Pros: Solid built phone
Navigation is fairly simple once you

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Excellent Blackberry!


Jan 2, 2009 by hwg00

While taking some getting use to, this is a great phone and overall device.

Making and receiving calls is very easy and intuitive. Some times there is a lag time when "answer" is pressed but I haven't missed a call once.

I find the keyboard and choices excellent and fun to use, with very little difference from my earlier blackberry keyboard. Again, it's different, but I think ultimately better. Sending e-mail and text messages is very easy.

My main reason for switching to the Storm was to combine my phone and blackberry in one, while maintaining global capabilities. I don't use music or camera much so can't comment on those. I do use the Internet and it is fast and functional.

Great phone
Good blackberry email
Great Internet
Easy to text

Some minor lag time on some features

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great phone


Jan 2, 2009 by sedona12

I dont understand all these reviews complaining about the storm I went in to renew my contract was afraid to get the storm so I got the samsung omnia boy was that an annoying phone and the screen for such a high tech phone was horrible and win mob awful went and gave it back waiting a week decided to try the storm the person who sold me the phone did the correct settings in the phone she said so there wouldnt be any lag she says a few people have returned phone for this reason when they correct settings for them they are amazed at the phone as I was I think the phone is great there is no lag and I would not trade it in I am very happy with it I also had the Iphone and this phone is so much better that the iphone take your phone into verizon have them put the correct settings in the phone you will also be amazed I also have the newer os but that is what happens when people are in a hurry for a phone and need to be the first to get it Pro: The screen internet music videos phones calls are like talking on a land line and there is no lag Con: there is a lag in the camera but so what its a phone also its a little heavy but I can deal with that also....otherewise I love the phone

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Conformist Iphone users beware


Dec 30, 2008 by john_jjpny

I just got the Storm and it has exceeded my expectations. After reading some of the reviews, it became apparent to me that you should not base your decision on your next phone purchase by some of the people who complained that this phone isnt a phone that everyone has, aka the iphone. I have been using smartphones and Blackberries for the last 2 years so I know my way around a smart device.


Appearance: its a beautiful phone
Operating System: Love Blackberry
Touch Screen: Very responsive and intuitive
Carrier: Verizon
Resolution: Videos are amazing and crisp
Browser: Zooms on the internet, any iphones want to race?


Its not an iphone......wait...maybe I should put this in the PROS section

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