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Great phone for whoever knows how to use it


Dec 14, 2010 by WolfCR13

If you ever get this phone: 1st. It lags and freezes up a lot because YOU MAY HAVE LIKE 3000 APPS OPEN!
2nd. If you get this phone, c'mon! Don't you know about something called SOFTWARE UPDATE???
3rd. How can you expect comparing this phone with an iPhone??? Can't you see that this phone has like a million more apps that that phone???
4th. If you don't like this phone... Could it be that it's 'cause YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT???
5th. If you complain about this phone's lags (due to non-software-update)... HAVE YOU EVER TRIED USING AN IPHONE WITH iOS 3.1.3???

BOTTOM LINE: This is a great device, for any person that knows how to use it... If you are a basic user, please discard it... It may be TOOOOOOO DEEP for you...

iphone is way better!!


May 23, 2010 by kiloboy76

This phone isn't all bad but I am missing my iphone right about now. The storm freezes up alot, and you have to remove the batt to reset it. It lags alot and sometimes the touch screen doesn't work at all. I never had a problem with anything on the iphone. Can't wait for the new one to be released, I will drink the iphone cool aid once again.

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Phone is good, when you first get it...


May 18, 2010 by dcollin4444

I was so excited to get my BB Storm last year however I found out that its not all what its cracked up to be. The OS is awful. It freezes up way too much to the point where you have to take your battery out to reset the phone. Not sure how much better the Storm2 is (don't know anyone who has it), but apparently the best thing out there is the HTC Incredible if you are looking for a phone like this.

I like the look and the fact that you have to press down on the face (like a button) to make your selection. I haven't found that many great apps for it, but then again I haven't really looked too hard as I will upgrade my phone when I can.

Hopefully Verizon will see a 4G iPhone by 2011 or I'll go with an android when its time to renew. Won't go with a Storm...

Great for first touch device


May 14, 2010 by skywalkershawty

I would say this is probably one of the best touch screen devices business wise.

-Looks very professional
-Runs smooth (if you update to 5.0)
-Battery life is great
-Click feature, I love that lol
-Fast (when updated to 5.0 lol)

-No physical keyboard, and that's what blackberry is famous for lol.
-No trackball or pad, again, what blackberry is famous for lol

Nice Phone.....


Feb 10, 2010 by Boeing20

I don't Have this Phone rigth Now, but I'm planning to buy in few days, but the few times that i see this phone i think is good, i have a Droid Eris, and I don't like, That phone i don't recommend...
i have a Question, Is The BB storm 9530 i know that is not coming with wifi what's the diference between Data Plan, and Wifi???? can Anybody explain me that... thanks



Jan 24, 2010 by tinkerbell1458

This was one of the worst phones I have ever had. I bought one last March, and then went out of town and already was having problems with it. First it wouldn't charge, then the touch screen would just stop working, it would freeze up for 30 minutes at a time sometimes longer. You have to take the battery out every few hours to even be able to use the phone at all. I have had two already and both have been horrible. There is no screen lock while on the phone, so you constantly push buttons while talking. It drops calls, and had horrible service. I would not recommend this phone.

Storm I never want to experience again


Jan 24, 2010 by what_the_hell

I have no idea how people can actually call this a good phone. This phone had me quite literally in tears. It was my first blackberry and what a terrible introduction to the blackberry world. I was extremely disappointed. This phone should never have made it out the front door.
You will miss important calls... u will not be able to send or read text messages. Your browser will free daily...your keypad will not work ( even after they have replaced the handset 3times),and that will be on a good day. Do not buy this phone

Nice size screen

Pretty much everything else

BB Storm is decent.


Jan 14, 2010 by wilk9250

Pro's - Internet access, screen quality, external speaker volume, good clarity when talking on phone, BB network.

Con's - Frequently locks up and requires a battery pull, JVM 102 error, mediocre camera,

This is the 1st gen storm with the 5.x upgrade. I've had this phone for a year and am less than impressed. While it is good at many things, it is great at none. Each system upgrade has been helpful, but not removed any of my complaints.

The camera isn't as good for me as some of the reviews I have read. Unfortunately it is slow to respond and it quality on mine is so so. After presing the shutter there is a delay before the picture is taken. Good for a sunset, bad for any living thing.

Recently I noticed a white screen with "JVM error 102" and the phone would not work. BlackBerry support at Verizon requires an erase and reset that wipes the phone with no back up. I discovered a way to back up my info cruising the internet. This error is unacceptable and apparently not an isolated incident with BlackBerry's.

Sometimes when the phone rings or I try to dial, the Storm locks for an undetermined amount of time like it is thinking. It almost always gets through it, but a cell phone should at least be a good phone. This is frustrating.

The internet looks great. Apps like facebook work great, and email works great. The email is the best working thing on this phone. The internet is still not a true full access, but it is good (unless locking up).

The screen is beautiful and quality video looks great.

I haven't loaded the phone with a lot of apps for fear it will work slower and I don't use the Storm for games. I keep a schedule that is important to me and like most people a lot of numbers and other information that I can't afford to have "wiped" from the phone.

Due to the the issues with the Storm and the serious JVM error, I'll be leaving the Black Berry behind from something else like a few of my coworkers have.



Nov 24, 2009 by SonofKrypton

When I got my storm with 4.7 firmware it was a painful man/pda relationship.It was constantly freezing up, and most of the apps I downloaded from BB app world failed to perform properly, and I felt the whole thing was a waste,until I downloaded 5.0 version and it was a digital resurrection and now it is fine,only a few minor issues now. My rating went from an F to a A-

Great for casual use


Nov 4, 2009 by rapaleeman

Been a BB user for quite a while off and on. Had an old school BB pager back in the day all the way up the recent 8900 and 8520 units so I can tell you the shift in RIMs ideology from business to casual is a welcomed addition. Bringing that reliable, first class e-mail and backend to the casual user wasn't a smooth transition (initial bugs on this unit and the Flip Pearl still isn't perfect) I think with the latest 5.0 update, RIM got it right.

I thought the 8520 was a great starter berry for the casual music listener. I think this is a great device for the tech-savy and the multimedia user that that wants to get an average amount of e-mails and do moderate texting mixed in with some phone calls and web browsing. Mainly use this device as a multimedia phone sorta like that other device.

While not perfect, audio syncing with iTunes is quite simple due to the media software and the playback interface is decent enough. Videos look amazing with the gorgeous screen too and make viewing them a pleasure. Defiantely better than on the iPhone in terms of clarity.

The screen is what sets this device apart from other BBs and Touchscreen devices alike. The screen clicks down to select something or type on the screen. I thought it was quite smooth though it looses points for being a little slow to "reload" so that I can hit the next letter. This is why it is for casual users.

Banging out long e-mails on this thing isn't fun. Short messages though are quite simple and very tactile. Just a little slow.

Therest of the device is typical BB. Good battery life, solid device build (metal battery back), and a scratch proof screen. I've seen people take a sharp knife to it without leaving a single scratch or mark.

All in all this a good multimedia device with some BB specific features for e-mail. The interface works pretty weel and again, typical BB so love it or leave it. For the casual user this the device to get.

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